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Discussion in 'General Health & Wellness' started by deathwillfollow, May 13, 2004.

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    i think i may have a yeast infection but i'm not sure.I know i should just go to the doctor, but i just want to see if that's probably what I have, before i go. I don't have any kind of burning or discomfort down there. But I always have a semi thick, white discharge. It's not like "cottage cheese" or anything. I've had this kind of discharge for as long as i can remember, and just kind of ignored it. Is this normal? Or have i had an infection all this time that's been untreated. If it is a yeast infection, will there be complications because i've left it untreated for so long?
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    There are many different kinds of discharge but you really need a professional to determine what kind you have. And yes, some if left untreated could cause complications.

    Just call and make an appointment, you will feel better knowing that you are taking positive steps in your health care.

    Wishing you a better day, Amber
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    1) Go to a doctor; ob/gyn.
    2) Try diet change.

    I had similar problem; asked my ob/gyn if this was normal and she said yes. Now that I have been off sugar and most carbs that are not complex ones, I notice a difference in any discharge. It is much less and maybe will leave for good bc of my change in diet. Not easy or feeling good to be off sugar but at last, for health, I have tried. Hope you try too and see if it helps. Good luck.