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    Hi Ladies, I usually hang out at the Fibro board but since I have a new occurence I felt my questions were best placed here with you. I went to the doctor a month ago for what I thought was a yeast infection. He said nothing there, everything's fine. Well it came and went with the itching and burning and last week the dreaded white discharge. I treated myself with Monistat 3 and all was better for 2 days and back it came. I made another appt. to see my doctor today and he took a look and said looks like yeast. He took a swab for testing and it contained some blood. Is that normal? He didn't seem overly concerned but did mention it. He gave me a prescription for Diflucan 150mg. today and another in 10 days. I have also noticed that for the last few months I wake up with my sinuses full each morning and seem to have chronic little cuts in my nose although it's not dried out. The mucus in my nose is clear in colour and seems to disappear during the day after being up and about for about 2 hours. Could this be yeast also? I guess my main concern is that little bit of blood and since the test results won't be back until next week that leaves me the weekend to get myself into a dither over this. If any of you can be of any help I would certainly appreciate it. I also thank you for listening to this long first time post here.

    Keep well, Brenda
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    Welcome Aboard!
    Since my major weight loss in Dec. & Jan. and Hundreds (ha ha) of tests since, I have become a candida nut! I also have chronic sinus stuffiness. I have FM/MFPain,CFS/IBS etc. In Dec.I came down with 2 yeast infections, and Thrush. 2 weeks ago I finally convinced my GP to put me on a week of Diflucan, and now Nystatin for the rest of the month. So to your Q's- yes, I believe your problems could be yeast connected. I think I am doing better on the week of Nystatin. Do you have any other health issues? You can go to the HOME page, and type in "yeast" and take Dr. Crook's test for candida- that might help...
    Fibromiester :)
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    Thanks for the response. I've had a diagnosis of Fibro for three years now and a costochondritis diagnosis 6 months previous to that. A year ago I was tested and found to be borderline Hypoglycemic. I went and took the test you recommended and scored 246. I am not on any meds for the Fibro but do go to massage therapy and take supplements daily. I used to be on meds but the IBS was so bad from them I could never get out of the house. I am trying to decide if dental work I've been having done is related to this yeast business or at the very least contributing to it. I have a tendency in the last few months to slam my jaws shut in the night and have cracked 9 fillings and have in the last 3 months had them all replaced. Amalgum ones of course but I haven't read enough yet or know enough if this could contribute to this recent problem. I know it hasn't helped the fibro any although that could be the stress (I hate the dentist). I was doing really well for so long. Since last Easter I have lost 50 pounds that I needed to lose. I found through trial and elimination what foods I could tolerate and the ones I should avoid. I don't eat dairy, wheat or red meat or pork or lamb. My plate is basically 70% fruits and vegetables. My main concern really was that little bit of blood that showed up on the swab my Doctor took. You know how the mind tends to wander and panic. I haven't been able to find anything on the net that says sometimes blood is present during a yeast infection. If you know anything about this I would certainly appreciate your input. Thanks again for the response and welcome to this board, Brenda
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    I have recently been clenching my teeth! Birds of a feather...! Now the Dentist is making me a mouthpiece so I DON'T break my fillings!
    I would wonder if you breaking those fillings is doing anything...Anyway-
    I don't want to worry you- but obviously He HAS worried YOU by mentioning the blood! I never heard of blood in a vaginal swabbing- but you haven't had any bloody discharge have you? I would Call him Tomorrow and ask him about it, and tell him you're upset! No good worrying all weekend!
    You take care!
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    Thanks again for the response. I have to finish getting the fillings replaced and then the night guard will be made. My doctor did prescribe a very light muscle relaxant for night but I don't find it has helped much. I'm under a great deal of stress right now (recently seperated and raising my 6 and 11 yr. olds) not working and going to school. I find myself clenching during the day now as well as slamming my jaws together in my sleep. To answer your question, no there is no blood in the discharge. I took that Diflucan this afternoon and I must say I do feel a bit better this evening. I don't think it's my imagination but my sinuses feel as though they are drying up. I guess the test will be if I'm stuffy when waking in the morning. I hope this stuff works. That would be great. I will take your advise and call the doctors office tomorrow and ask him if I should be freakin' and peakin' about that little bit of blood in the swab. Thanks again, Brenda
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    Hi Everyone -

    Saw my doc on Tuesday - listed all Candida related symptoms I am experiencing. Also mentioned the standard spit test, Dr. Cooke's questionnaire, many of you folks, blah blah blah. He completely dismissed my suggestion that it may be candida related. He does not believe in systematic candida! He did however mention that symptoms may be caused by another type of parasite. I have provided stool samples and will get results in two weeks. Now I know we are not doctors here but we all have too much in common to dismiss candida as a coinfection of our illness.
    Here is a list of my symptoms: (candida related)
    IBS - mostly diarreah
    weight loss (lost 30 lbs in one month)
    numbness & tingling (especially in mouth,tongue,throat,face)
    mouth sores/lesions (breakouts due to sugar intake)
    sinus stuffiness/post nasal drip
    sore teeth/inflammed gums
    severe tmj pain (yes I cracked two teeth from jaw snapping at night - feel like a crocodile - even though I wear a splint to relieve TMJ pain)
    vaginal yeast infections that never go away - monistat every few weeks
    and the list goes on.

    Sugar makes it worse. Am currently taking OLE, grapeseed, grapefruit seed, garlic, yogurt. Think I will also go back to probiotics.

    I am anxiously awaiting results but I do not think my doc is testing for candida.
    Will keep you all posted. I love this forum - we learn so much from each other!


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    What would we do without each other!- and I feel the same on the FM/CFS board, we relate so well and learn so much from each other!
    2girls- How about going to a Gyn? and explaining about the Yeast infections(vag), and presenting a case for systemic? I have heard of someone being treated for Systemic Candida this way. She was given the Rx, etc. It may be worth a try if your other Dr. won't look the facts in the face!
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    What if the blood was simply the result OF the "swab", itself? Maybe just a little irritation? I don't think you should worry. Did you get in contact with the Dr. today?
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    Thanks for checking on me. I didn't bother calling the doctor today because at about 1 a.m. lastnight my period started. A week early so I guess that's what the blood on the swab was about. He said it might be starting and I said no, not for another week. I don't know why I was so adament as I'm never on schedule. Anyhow, I'm also feeling a lot better today since taking that Diflucan yesterday. I was just as stuffy this morning in the sinuses as I've always been but sneezing like crazy. Oh well, I'll fight one problem at a time and surely I'll get somewhere!!
    Have a great weekend and thanks again for checking on me.
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    You know I actually thought about this - great idea! I think I will make an appt after Mar 21 (get results).
    Thanks -
    keep in touch
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    Welcome Brenda! I have had the sinus problem and the nose problem exactly as you described. The bleeding that I had is by the annal when the rash appears. You can read my post under tingling and numbness and see how I am being treated for Candida. Hope this helps! Right now I am in my second month of taking meds and supplements and the face thing is still there. However, I was told that it would take time to go away! Anyone else out there with an update on tingling and numbness, would appreciate an input. Thank you. Jocyn
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    Hi Brenda et al,
    I'm new to immune support's chat rooms. I was disgnosed 15 years ago with Systemic Yeast Syndrome "Candida" I was treated by a holistic physician (hard to find, since most main line MDs, DOs, and DCs still don't think Systemic Yeast is a real diagnosis!) I did better for several years, but my lifestyle declined with my health and now I have CFS with the Yeast. There are several contributing factors chronic mold exposure, (The house we rented had a leaky roof and we had visible mold.) and therefore decreased immune function- causing chronic sinusitis and ear infections, recurrent urinary tract infections, Frequent antibiotic treatment, depression, muscle tension and pain, foggy brain, etc and very very tired. I always eat yougurt both during and after antibiotic treatment.
    I wasn't sure until recently that I had chronic fatigue, but after searhing the web I have no doubt. No doctor has to tell me, I meet 99% of the signs and symptoms.
    Thank God I was recently watching a show I hadn't seen or heard of before "Your Health" with Doug Kaufmann. It's on FamilyNetTV, here in Florida it's on daily from 12noon to 1PM. (For time and local channel go to or .com) He is a nutritionist and was a medical coreman in the service. He has been reasearching fungal diseases since he came back from Vietnam with an undiagnosed illness. It is his belief and numerous well informed doctors that one of the primary causes of CFIDS is candida, he also believes that Candida causes RA, MS, most Cancers, IBS, Diabetes etc...
    He has coauthored several books including "The Fungal Link".
    He recomends several Antifungal meds but lists many Over the counter products, see his website for more info and sponsor links of products he recomends at
    I'm taking Grapefruit Seed Extract- liquid and bitter but really seems to help, plain yogurt, probiotics- I'm ordering a new one from Primal Defense, it's the best one I've read about- we need to repopulate our gut with the good guys, Fungal Defense (has probiotics and other anti fungals)also by gardenoflife for 1st two weeks, then start the Primal Defense. He recomends Olive leaf extract,and broccoli garlic capsules from Seagate, Organic non pasturized Apple Cider Vinegar, fresh organic carrot juice daily. Baking soda for head aches 1/4 to 1/2 tsp. His book has a special antifungal diet- Phase 1 (then Phase 2) Alkaline foods- low carb, grass fed meats and eggs (most animals are fed antibiotics this encourages candida growth) no milk except yogurt; no corn,peanuts,potatoes or grains (these are high carbs and most have mold toxins in/on them, initally little or no fruit, noni juice for chronic pain (Phase 1 Noni), coconut meat and milk *Not Hydrogenated has caprylic acid an anti fungal. regular aerobic exercise preferably outside. I hope some of this helps. Isaiah 40:31 God Bless You! Renee
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    Brenda-I don't know if this is any help to you-but you mention losing weight. I lose 3 fillings while losing weight last year. I blamed the sweeters especially anything with phenylketonurics; contains phenylalanine. If you look at shakes & bars for dieting you are very hap to see these. Its really scary when you see all the problems that can develop. Metro
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    Thank you so much for all your input, suggestions and of course personal experiences. Metro, the broken fillings are I believe stress related as it's only been happening (the jaws slamming shut in my sleep and clenching during the day) since my seperation from my husband last October. Divorce is never easy but I never thought it would be so hard and stressful. I have never had any success with the diet bars or shakes for any length of time and am now an avid label reader. So many things can cause a flare for all of us that I've found to eat as many fresh foods as possible. I eat very little carbs as they bloat me as does dairy and red meat or pork of any kind flares the ugly IBS. It was all through trial and elimination that I found what I could tolerate. After taking the first dose of Duflican I had steady improvement in my yeast problems. I have now completed the second dose 10 days later and I'm happy to report the yeast infection is gone and my sinuses have not been stuffy for about 6 days now and all the little cuts in my nose have healed up too. I went today for a follow up check at the doctors and he said all looks very healthy. I am very fortunate to have a doctor that believes in FM and I bombard him with literature from the boards and he willingly takes it all and reads it and reports back to me. He's learning more about it as I learn. He's not seen a lot of cases of it but is most willing to listen, will advocate supplements and herbs over traditional meds since that's what I can tolerate better and even gave me a doctors referral for massage therapy so it would be covered under my medical. I know that I am one of the fortunate ones to have a doctor so compassionate and understanding. Now if my dentist would just move a little faster and get these last two fillings replaced I could be fitted for that night guard!! Thanks again everyone and keep well. Brenda
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    I am temporarily living in Fla and seeing a alternative medicine doctor in Longwood, Fla. Would you mind e-mailing me at jocynry@aol and let me know the name of your doctor and where in Fla. I do have an appt. on Monday with a Naturopath in Lake Mary, Fla with a great reputation in the healing of candida. Thank you, Jocyn
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    I recently figured out that I may have a problem with candida and am starting an anti-candida diet tomorrow and should receive some supplements later this week. I am in FL also (Palm Coast b/n St. Aug and Daytona Bch) and would love to know of someone in the central FL area to see.

    ReneeRN - I have a lot of terrible headaches and was wondering what you do with baking soda to help with your headaches, I've never heard of using baking soda for them.

    Any info either of you or anyone else can give me would be much appreciated since I'm new to all of this. You can send a personal email to

    Thanks much! Christy