yeast or skin rashes sympton of fm

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by catsii, Aug 8, 2003.

  1. catsii

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    I was dx'x years ago with fm but have just now determined that the so-called chronic yeast problem i have may be connected. Is it ? Does anyone else have rashes..that itch and seem to stay no matter what?

    First dr i went to several years ago said it was yeast and treated it with rx..flagell. Then i moved to another state and the gyn prescribed diflucan. Then i went to dr who has become my regular internist..he says it was yeast but is now just an irritation from constant scratching, drying etc. and suggests i use powder or drying agent one week and moisturize the next week. I'm in real quandry now. This has also accured now in other places and is acting same and no relief ! Please ! anyone ? !
  2. Iggy_RN

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    they seem so severe, that I usually go to ER and have to get a shot of something and take visteral and sometimes prednisone. The more I read, Rashes are a symptom of FM, caused by what, I wish I knew!!!!!! love and blessings, Iggy
  3. deenapooh

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    I get rashes too. I started getting them under my arm pits about 9 months before I got fibro symptoms. They never knew what it was, but i think someone finally told me it was a yeast infection. They gave me a Nystatin and Triamcinolone cream. I put it on about three times a day and it goes away after a week. I also get it around the corners of my mouth.

    I have also had a vaginal yeast infection for about two years that i cannot get rid of. The doctors just shrug it off and keep giving me Diflucan and vaginal creams over and over and over. It goes away and then comes back again.

    After being on this board i am convinced now it is related to FM.

    I am a little confused about how i can get rid of it probiotics, or some of the different homeopathic methods.
  4. catsii

    catsii New Member

    You know, after blaming any little or big malady on fibro over the years, never ceases to amaze me how i can overlook
    a symptom this long !
    The first rash has lasted about 6 years. It is better sometimes but never goes away. It has interfered with my sex life quite a bit, even thought it's on the outside, it is so irritated and sometimes even swollen and makes having sex very uncomfortable.
    Now, i have same type rash on my waistline at small of my back. First thought it was irritation by a tag on my clothes but that was eliminated. Now it is moving higher up on my back. I gave up on dr's dealing with the first place but think i should try again with them since it seems to be spreading to other parts. Thanks for your input !
  5. chelle74

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    But they're not yeast, they're eczema. However, twice when I've gotten vaginal yeast infections (these were before I was *diagnosed* with FM), they went completely rampant on me, and spread into my cervix causing pelvic inflammatory disease.
  6. Sunshyne1027

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    Yes, get skin rashes constantly. Some have never totally gone away. I get them on my arms alot.
    Been prescribed antibiotics for the rashes, but they don't go away. Its left some scars too.

    Corner of my mouth.. Like one other mentioned. I get that too now and then.
  7. tulip922s

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    Did the Flagyl or Diflucan work for you before? If one of them did, it could be a good indicator what is causing the rash. Tulip
  8. Clevertoes

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    Hi! I have recently been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. For approximately a year before my diagnosis, I got a systemic yeast infection so bad that my Dr. did a sputum test and it was full of it. She told me at that time they usually don't see yeast that bad unless someone has an autoimmune disorder. She has me on 150 mgs of Diflucan two times a week. If I don't take this, I get it back. Never have it vaginally, but as previously mentioned, I start itching toward the front of my armpits when I get it. I do not understand the connection between the autoimmune disease and yeast, but she told me she absolutely doesn't want to give me any steroids unless it is a very last resort, because steroids make yeast a lot worse.

  9. klutzo

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    I live in hot Florida, and if I don't put Tinactin creme under my breasts and behind my knees after every shower, I will break out in horrid, painful red yeastie beastie bumps. I can go without the Tinactin for the four cool months, but during the other eight, I only have to forget once, and the first time I do something that makes me sweat the rash attacks me.
    I believe that a no sugar or grains diet, with a good probiotic supplement and some Olive Leaf Extract or Caprylic acid will kill them, but unless you can stay away from sugars, they come back.
    We have a dysregulation in our immune systems where the side of the immune system that handles allergens and chemicals is turned on all the time, called TH2. This is why we have so many reactions to things. While TH2 is on, the other side, TH1, which controls viruses, cancers and fungus, is turned off, making us more susceptible than normals. So, we can't get away with eating anything that feeds yeasts.
    I eat right mostly, but blow it with ice cream sometimes, and that is why I still get the rash. Tinactin works well and is sold over the counter.
  10. Clevertoes

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    Thanks, catsii.....I did not know this. Too bad we don't have an automatic switch we can push to switch back and forth!!!! I actually have more problems with my systemic yeast in the winter, but I think that is because I drink more hot coffee.. I get it in my mouth some, kind of like thrush. I imagine I eat more baked goods during the winter months too. Dang it. I just don't think I can give up my one pepsi at lunch time!!! lol!!!
  11. mjgkennedy

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    Catsii, I also suffer from terrible itching and rashes and I suffer from Candida. I am very bad at present . I am not great on dairy products and chocolate gives me hives, unfortunately I seem to turn to it for comfort. I am taking zirtek for itching and I find it helps and I have just started taking it. Rubbing on E45 for itch also helps. I have started on Three Lac for Candida but it will not work unless you cut out sugar as it feeds it. I also think there is a connection between Candida and Fibromyalgia. I blame H.R.T. for my Candida being so bad as I have been on it for 10 years and it is a side effect of it. What we have to put up with.

    Mary K.