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    yellow skin 06/07/04 01:02 PM

    Hey...anyone out there ever have yellow skin inside and between their fingers, between their toes and on the bottom of their feet. This is something new to me. My eyes are totally is not my naturopath thinks that I'm getting too much caroteen or Vit. A in either my supplements or food. I've checked both and can't come up with an excess. One article that I read on the internet said that there may be a problem metabolizing carotene into Vit. A...that would be more likely for body doesn't do well at metabolizing much!!! This morning though I may have had a revolation. I've been taking an herbal anti-inflamatory the last several week at maximum dosage that has turmeric in it...that is very yellowish orange. I'm waiting for a call back from the DR. but in the mean time my H suggested to me that I ask any of you if you've ever had this weird phenomena before....To any other yellow skin out there...heeheeheee Terri
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    I know yellow skin can sometime be a liver problem or a sickless.
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    . . if you haven't had one to evaluate your liver function. You have stated that you aren't jaundiced; however, you state that you don't metabolize well (?). I'm hoping that the doctor did a liver panel to rule out problems there.

    I'd still look at your vitamin A or carotene intake. Do you eat a lot of carrots, drink a lot of vegetable juice? Your doctor may want to do a serum (blood) test for carotene to see if your levels are high. If you are taking large amounts of Vitamin A and also having a diet high in products with vitamin A, you could be overdosing on it.

    Carotenemia is usually harmless unless you are "overdosing" with vitamin A. That's one vitamin that you can get too much of. Kids around a year old may look yellowish because they eat yellow vegetables and don't metabolize carotene as well. Adults only get yellow palms if they eat a lot of yellow vegetables.

    Another possibility; the palms and soles may have gotten thicker. That would give them a yellowish cast.

    Maybe you should have a dermatologist check your palms and soles out. In any event, be sure to follow up with your doctor on this.

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    I'd have my Gallbladder checked because when I had yellow skin --I found out I had Gall Stones and had to have surgery. It's nothing that you should put off
    Hugs Shirley
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    Everybody had good suggestions. Let me add one more---the turmeric.

    I know that some producers of chicken for human consumption have the chickens eat (I think) marigold seeds to make the meat yellower. Also, some zoos add a type of seed to flamingo diets to make the feathers turn pinker.

    So maybe you are on the right track when it comes to the turmeric.

    Turmeric is one potently strong dye. Anyone who has tried to get a mustard stain out or a turmeric stain off of wall knows what I'm talking about.

    I would DEFINITELY have some bloodwork done to rule out some medical problem too.
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