Yep, Bob's been a wantin cartoons. :)

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by GreenOnions, Apr 3, 2009.

  1. GreenOnions

    GreenOnions New Member

    He kept a makin me lose when I was a playin BFV with Walter. :) It's a mite bit tough to play a game when ya can't see the screen. :) N the whole time I was a tryin to play, Bob was a squawkin, acause he wanted cartoons. :)

    When me n KK n Socky headed fer bed, Bob sat on the keyboard, a squawkin acause he wanted cartoons. :) I ain't got no idea how long he sat there afore he went to sleep. :)

    KK woke me at 5:00 this mornin, by stickin his nose in my face. :) Soons I got the coffee outta the percolator, n me n KK was enjoyin our first cuppa joe, Bob comes a swaggerin into the kitchen, sits in fronta the refrigerator, n starts givin me the look that says "Gimme!" :)

    I finished up my coffee, n give each a the kitty crew a taste a sausage, n then me n Bob went into the office, n turned on the computer. I played a cartoon fer im, n then put on my boots, n headed fer the barn. :)

    That fool kitty sat in the barn a squawkin acause he wanted cartoons. :) I told im I were workin on the rockin chair, n he told me "Mrowr!" :) I figger it either means "Iffen it ain't Bugs or Yogi, I don't care." or "Iffen ya ain't a feedin me, ya better be a playin cartoons fer me, or yer keyboard is a gittin piddled on." I'm a hopin it's the first one. :)

    My back is a twingin me a mite bit, acause a the humidity. N yer right, it's a gray kinda day.

    How are y'all a doin? Did ya git enuff sleep last night?
    Jerry, Beep Beep. :)
  2. GreenOnions

    GreenOnions New Member

    N I'm right glad it is. :) N I'm right glad yer a doin okay, n laughin. :)

    Me n Bob been a sittin here, while he watches Bugs Bunny cartoons, n I eat lunch. :) He was a makin me laugh purty hard. There's a scene in one a the cartoons where Bugs walks offen the screen, to the right. Bob leaned forward to try n see where he went. :)

    I'm a headin out to the barn again, so's I reckon I'm a gonna git an earfull from Bob while I'm out there. :)

    Did ya git yer tea? :)

    N ya oughtta tell Kevin he's gotta bake is own bread. :) Or are ya plannin on beatin up on some more baked goods? :)

    N I was meanin to ask ya, acause I can't remember. What does "lol" mean? :)
    Jerry, listenin to Bob complain while I'm a typin. :) I reckon as I'm a gonna start a cartoon fer im, n head fer the barn. That'll gimme a couple a minutes afore he starts a squawkin. :)
  3. GreenOnions

    GreenOnions New Member

    N he's right glad he could make ya lol. :)

    I reckon as beatin up on that there innocent bread dough makes it easier not to whomp Kevin with a fryin pan, most like. lol

    Bob weren't interested in no chicken casserole while the cartoons was a goin. He'd deign to take a bite or two a chicken while I was a gittin the next cartoon started, but while Bugs was a playin, he weren't interested in nothin else. :)

    I got all four legs fer the rockin chair turned, n I started workin on the cross pieces. :) Bob was providin commentary the whole time. :) It were funny, the less attention I paid to im, the closer e got. :) Iffen I asked im what e was squawkin about, he'd sit there n squawk louder. :)

    Did ya start beatin up yer dough yet? :)
    Jerry, a wonderin iffen the dough's ever a gonna beat you up? lol

    PS: I reckon ya must be right busy a fightin off that dough, Diane. :) I done finished up fer the day in the barn. :) I figger I'm a gonna fry up some sausage n put it on a frozen pizza. :) My arthritis is actin up a mite bit, n I reckon as puttin a pizza in the oven is easier n cookin from scratch tonight. :) Y'all have yerself a right good weekend, n I'll talk to ya Monday. :)

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  4. GreenOnions

    GreenOnions New Member

    I was just a gonna start a cartoon fer Bob, n saw yer post. :) I reckon as it's a right good thing ya been nappin. :) Ya need yer sleep. :) N I know what ya mean about tryin to wake up after a nap. :) Here laterly, I have a dickens of a time wakin up after I take a nap. lol

    N I been thinka askin Tobey to make one a them playlist things, a cartoons fer Bob. :) That way, I can start it up, n he can sit there n watch his cartoons, while I git to work. :)

    I hope ya can git a good night's sleep tonight, my friend. :) Y'all have yerself a right good weekend, n I'll talk to ya Monday. :)

    Jerry, who'd best git his behind in the kitchen n turn that sausage, afore it burns. :) N Bob, who's a wantin to thank ya fer the cartoons. :)

  5. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    I see Jerry started a new thread awhile ago. I have been so busy and have had problems with the puter that I haven't been on much.

    Jerry - that is the funniest thing about Bob liking to watch cartoons. I guess he thinks he's people too. I think they all do anyhow (-: ! Hope you didn't get your keyboard piddled on !

    Diane - I see you have been busy baking bread again. You always make me hungry when I read your posts, Jerry's too. You all sound like such good cooks. Our weather has been beautiful the last few days and today w e spent the day weeding and putting in plants. Now my back hurts more than usual- great !

    Well, I just wanted to check in and say hi. Have a wonderful weekend I will check back later. It is almost beddy bye time for me.

    Granni - going off to bed. May not watch much TV tonight in the bed.I amso tired !
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  6. ckball

    ckball New Member

    I haven't been able to come here often lately and saw a new thread about Bob watching cartoons and had to read it, Best laugh I havd had in a long time. I loved it when Bugs walked off the sceen and Bob was like where did he go??

    I had a cat once that liked nature shows, esp birds and such, she would sit in front of the tv and do those little mrmrms where their mouth quivers but nothing comes out. It was so funny. Yep you need to get him on youtube-Diane that was too funny.

    Hello granni I see you another day- I have half a roof on my house now-yeah the other half tomorrow- so carla and girls headed for bed and cuddles-Carla

    Well I hit submit and went to bed and got up this morning and my post was still sitting here. Imagine that. Have a great day and thanks for the laughs-Carla eating oatmeal then out to work-
  7. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Diane - How much fun they will be for sure. I look forwards to seeing their pics. I'll bet they are soooo cute !! So, what are Heather and Sally thinking about these little new comers?? A big congratulations to you and Kevin on these new fur babies !! Hope you both get some rest tonight (-: !!

    Jerry - I am still laughing at the thought of Bob sitting there and watching the cartoons. Which are his favorites??? Do you have his list fixed up yet ??? Hope you all had a fun weekend including your kitties. Now Diane and Kevin will be compairing notes with your kitties and theirs. Like who is getting into more trouble - tee hee (-: !

    Well, it is late but I am glad that Diane and Kevin now how have their little fur babies to share their home and love with.

    I will try and check on you all tomorrow.

    Hugs to all (inc those new little kitties),

    Granni - finally going to check on some of the message boards. Oh, our son fixed our computer from his house ( and the puter is at our home). It is realy interesting how he does that.. He cleaned it up really good.. So, now it starts and stops quickly and doesn;t take forever to do anything. He also put on a new antivirus/ antispam program. Yippee !!
  8. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Those pics are so cute of your new fur babies. Good luck and I hope they will behave themselves (-: !! I know they will love their new home and visa versa. Have fun with those kitties. They are too cute !! Where did you get them, at the animal shelter or what?

    I have to run to my line dance class so need to go. Sorry that your other post disappeared. I have had manyy of those - very frustrating. Hope to check in later today if I can. To much happeneidn and DH has me doing something with him. Hope our new impatiens survive the possible frreeze we may have tonight, that I alanated the other day. Gee whiz !! We'be been trying to work on the "grounds" and clean up the old dead stuff.

    Granni - off to my class. Hope I do not freeze this morning.

  9. GreenOnions

    GreenOnions New Member

    Ya must be mighty happy with two such cute kitties! lol

    It might take Heather a mite bit to git used to em. I seen it take a couple a days, n I seen it take a while. :)

    Bob's a wantin a word with ya. He's right happy ya give me the idea to git im a Bugs Bunny DVD set. :) N he's a mite bit put out with ya, acause yer picture made me spit coffee all over my keyboard, my desk, n myself. I didn't git any on the monitor, acause Bob was in the way, so I got it all over him. :)

    Jerry, a gonna go git a dry shirt, n a smilin about yer new kitties. :)
  10. GreenOnions

    GreenOnions New Member

    Iffen ya see a cantankerous fat kitty a comin yer way, ya might wanna duck into the storm cellar. :)

    N Faith n Tabeet was shelter kitties? Yer an uncommon good person, my friend. :) N rescuin kitties who lived their whole lives in cages? Yer a saint, my friend. :) Me n Brenda've rescued a few in our time. Givin everyone some space is a right good idea, too. Has either a them let ya pick em up yet? Iffen not, or iffen they's real skittish, what ya can do is git em in a closed room, n just sit on the floor n play with em. :) A course, iffen yer back is stove up like mine, yer a gonna need someone to help ya git up offen the floor. :)

    N speakin a my back, it's a tellin me we're a gittin snow. :( I ain't none too happy about it. :) I'm a havin some trouble watchin TV, acause Bob shows up right quick, n starts a squawkin about wantin cartoons. :) I'm a gonna be right happy when his DVDs gits here. :)

    How was the mousey chasin?
    Jerry, who has the urge to toss a mousey fer KK n the Kitty Crew. :)
  11. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Diane - It sounds like Heather was rather upset at you if she was growling at bringing two more kitties into the house. I know she will get used to it and sounds like she might e staraing to "thaw", if she is not growling any more (-: !! Sounds like they are having a ball running around and getting all the freedom they never had.

    Where did you get the name Tabbeth ? Is it a fancy word for Tabby or Tabetha or something? It sounds so exotic , maybe French (-: !!

    Jerry - it sounds like time to get your Robo mousey out if you haven't already !! I am sure KK will love it.

    Have to run for now so have fun playing with your kitties and mousey's !!

    Sorry your weather is getting cold and snowy Jerry. It was cold this morning and will do so also tomorrow, frost and such but no snow that I know of. Sorry your back is so sore. Hope it feels better soon. I can sympathize with you !!

    Granni - DH is back so I will probably end up doin some more weeding or something. It is feeling a bit warmer than this morning. BRRR !!
  12. GreenOnions

    GreenOnions New Member

    Don't kitties fill a house with happy sounds? I love walkin into the house, n hearin all the happy little sounds KK makes, n Al's purrin when I walk in the room, n Hercules' trillin when e sees a birdy outside the window, n Samson's warblin purrs when e smells bacon, n Bob's squawkin when e wants is cartoons, or attention, or anything. :)

    Sounds like Tabeet is a gonna be a lovin little kitty. :) N it sounds like Faith might end up bein a lapcat, one a these days. :)

    Is Heather still a growlin at Faith n Tabeet? Or was she just growlin at you? :)

    Bob's DVD's should show up tomorrow afternoon. :) He's a waitin with bated breath. :) Or a buncha squawks, anyhow. :)

    RoboMousey were out, a playin with KK fer a while. Then Bob come out, n sat on RoboMousey, n let me know he weren't a movin till he heard Bugs or Yogi. :)

    Did ya git Sally out n back in without any kitties a makin a break fer it?
    Jerry, a wonderin iffen I oughtta pick up Bob, n rub is belly while he's a watchin Bugs? :)

    PS: Ain't a third cup a coffee gonna keep ya up all night?
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  13. GreenOnions

    GreenOnions New Member

    One a these mornins, yer a gonna wake up to the sight a a kitty nose right up agin yers. :) Or git woke up by one a the kitties a cryin somewhere, just acause it's lonely, n wants ya to pick it up n cuddle. :) Bob used to do that with Brenda. :)

    Sounds like Tabeet's got some KK in er. lol

    Iffen ya don't mind my opinin, Heather's feelin threatened. Kitties is territorial critters. Give er a mite bit a room, but pet er when she asks fer it. She'll settle down in a couple a weeks, most like. When we got Bob, Henry VIII hated im. He'd growl n hiss n spit iffen Bob was on the same floor. The first two-three days, Hank'd growl even when Bob weren't anywhere near. It took four or five months, with a mite bit less growlin every day, exceptin fer a couple a times when the growlin got worse, n then Hank n Bob was casual acquaintances, n then a few months later, they was best buddies. :)

    Bob liked havin his belly rubbed, right up till he didn't. :) I got me a scratch on the back a my hand, now. :)

    How was yer tea?
    Jerry, thinkin another cup a coffee'd taste right good. :)
  14. GreenOnions

    GreenOnions New Member

    Kevin can take Heather in the office n feed er, while you feed Tabeet n Faith out in the livin room. Do it that way fer a couple a days, till Heather don't growl when the kittens is in sight. Then one a ya can feed the kittens in the livin room, n the other one can feed Heather in the kitchen. Every couple a days, move the plates a foot or so closer to where the other kitties is eatin. When they git to where they can see each other eatin, stop movin the plates closer till Heather stops growlin. When Heather stops a growlin at the kittens eatin, move the plates a foot closer again. It's kinda slow goin, but it gives Heather time to adjust, n lets er git over feelin threatened. :) Me n Brenda went through this every time we rescued a shelter kitty, like Bob.

    Is there somewhere Heather's used to eatin her evenin meal? Wherever it is, don't feed the kittens there until Heather is eatin right next to em, like I figger she did with Casey. :)

    I tole Bob he was a gonna have to pay fer scratchin me, so's I started playin "Oi, Oi." Bob lit outta here like his tail was on fire, just as soons the first notes come outta the speakers. :) He sat at the toppa the stairs, a squawkin somethin fierce. Soons "Oi, Oi" was done playin, I started a Bugs Bunny cartoon, n Bob come down them stairs fastern he went up em. :) He's a sittin on my lap like the kitty in yer picture, a watchin Bugs in a window, while I'm a typin in this window. (Thank ya Tobey, fer tellin me how to do that.) :)

    Jerry, wonderin iffen I oughtta play "Oi, Oi" again. :)

    PS: Just saw yer PS. Ya ain't woke up till ya've woke up covered in dead spiders. :)
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  15. GreenOnions

    GreenOnions New Member

    Anything ya wanna know, ya just go right ahead n ask. :) N iffen I think a somethin I reckon as ya oughtta know, I'll pipe up. :)

    I'm right glad I could make ya laugh. :) N didn't ya say Kevin was a havin pizza on Easter Sunday? :) Tell im to be real careful. :)

    It's been snowin here, on n off, fer about n hour or so. :(

    I was a gonna play "Oi, Oi" again, but I just couldn't do it to Bob, when he's reclinin so fat n happy in my lap. He's a watchin another cartoon now. :)

    I reckon as I best disturb im, n git myself some supper, seein the time. Y'all have yerself a right good evenin, n good luck sleepin with yer kittens a roamin around. :)
    Jerry, a wonderin what was in fronta the couch this time. :)
  16. GreenOnions

    GreenOnions New Member

    How are y'all a doin?

    Me n the Kitty Crew is a doin okay. My back is whingin me a mite bit, but my arthritis ain't a botherin me. :)

    Bob's all fat n happy, acause his DVDs is here. :) He's a sittin on the couch in the office, a watchin his cartoons on the 19 inch TV in here. :) He ain't got no popcorn, or a plate a chicky, or nothin, but e's right happy. He's a trillin at the TV, watchin Bugs n Marvin the Martian. :)

    I'm right glad I could help with yer kitties' feedin last night. :)

    N it sounds like Heather is adjustin a mite bit quicker n Hank did with Bob. :)
    Jerry, who a gonna go read Kevin's post now. :)
  17. GreenOnions

    GreenOnions New Member

    I read yer post, n ya done made me spit coffee on my monitor, my keyboard, my desk, my shirt, n KK n Socky, who was a sittin on toppa my monitor. lol

    Sounds like yer Tabeet is a gonna be a right handful. :) She sounds like a right affectionate kitten, too. :) N it sounds like Diane's got a way with kitties. :)

    Did ya git any sleep last night?
    Jerry, who had some cleanin up to do afore he could type a reply. lol
  18. GreenOnions

    GreenOnions New Member

    N Bob is as happy as I ever seen im. :) He's still a tryin to figger out where Bugs goes when e walks offen the side a the screen. He just jumped down a mite bit ago, n walked around behind the TV, a lookin fer Bugs. :) Now, he's parked his fat behind back on the couch, a watchin like e's hypnotized. lol Every time Bugs stops talkin, Bob starts talkin to im. :) I'm just about fallin down, I'm a laughin so hard. :)

    Ya may need to git yerself some earplugs, or shut the bedroom door, or somethin, when ya go to bed, so's ya can git some sleep. :)

    I'm right glad to hear Heather is adjustin a mite bit quicker n Hank did. :)
    Jerry, a needin another cup a coffee. :)

  19. GreenOnions

    GreenOnions New Member

    N yer in trouble with Hercules fer it. lol I went n looked at yer picture afore I read yer post, n spit on my monitor, my keyboard, my desk, my shirt, n my Hercules, who was a nappin on my lap. lol

    I got all cleaned up, n read yer post, n almost spit coffee on im again, readin about Heather a sittin in the bathtub. :)

    It's a right good thing Heather's a venturin out n about a mite bit. :)

    I'm a wonderin iffen Kevin's a gonna need to eat standin up. :)
    Jerry, who just got a call from Ted. Yer in trouble with Mary, too. :) She's got cream in er ear again. :)
  20. GreenOnions

    GreenOnions New Member

    N naw, Hercules is a dryin out over by the Ben Franklin. :) He's a watchin Bob watch cartoons. :) Bob hops down, n goes n gits a bite a kibble, or a drink a water, or goes n uses the litterbox, then ya hear im a runnin back into the room, n up on the couch. lol

    N ya made me dribble coffee on my dry shirt! lol Kevin went to work in is undershirt? lol

    Yer a makin me laugh a whole lot, my friend. :) Thank ya kindly. :)

    Where's yer hidin spot a gonna be?
    Jerry, a needin a dry shirt. :)

    PS: I just saw yer PS. I wouldn't go worrying too much about Heather's hissing. She's trying to establish that she's the dominant kitty. She may smack the kittens, but unless she gets really violent, it's all just part of her establishing her dominance.
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