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    To all women that have implants or have had them removed, I had mine for 2 years, I became fatigued with other symptoms 5 mths after they were implanted, I had them removed 2 years after that, with many doctor trips, research and told it was all in my head back in 1990. The removal was the best decision, i truely feel i would have died if they were left in me. I have improved some back battle chronic fatigue almost every single day along with muscle pain, multiple problems, too many to mention. I get very angry with the thought of what i have done to my health and life just to have bigger boobs for 2 years, It ruined me, i am suffering today to the point of barely functioning. I was fine, healthy, active, energic woman until i had the implants (silicone, by the way) when removed the left one was filled with strep bacteria and my breast was severly infected, the infection is probably what brought on the autoimmune disorders..... Please, get them out, it's not worth to damage your health and life over, If you are sick, get them a.s.a.p in hope you can restore your health somewhat, no cure but stop the damage before you end up bedridden and in alot of pain. Hope this helps, hope you listen..
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    I'm so sorry about what happened to you.

    If I remember correctly, I believe years ago it was actress Sally Kellerman that also had trouble with her breast implants and had to have them removed. I also remember another female Hollywood star talking about trouble with implants and having them removed, but I can't remember her name.
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    I have a friend, who's daughter had this done a few years ago. Actually both of her daughters had it done. Then one of them a few weeks ago, noticed an issue. The implant had moved, and was causing her a lot of pain. She went back in for surgery and instead of having them removed, she had it repaired.

    She is in a lot of pain, can't lift, stretch, or do much of anything for 4 weeks. She is bruised and battered, and only 2 weeks into her recovery.

    I totally understand the WHY of having it done, but I really can't understand actually doing it.

    I was always small breasted, then after getting pregnant, I was HUGE? Now, well lets just say that it ain't a pretty site, but at my age, who cares............I will just stick with what I have.....