yes i did just look up ambien being not covered by medicare and i

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    it is not good! they mentioned that congress past that bensodienes are potentioally addictive they did not approve any of them for the formulary for medicare...

    well i guess on monday i will be putting the call to my primary doctor that i need mirapex because of my restless little legs...that one is covered by medicare..

  2. 69mach1

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    it comes down to the state of california and the pharmacist said if medicare won't cover it then medi-cal won't


    i was trying to do some steps to get rehabilatated and go back to college....i am just feeling like i am getting kicked in the teeth again...

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    Like so many other pwd here in California I got put into this "new and improved MediCare plan," HealthNet Orange. The propaganda stated we would be paying less, the system would be more efficient, blah blah blah.
    Side note: Here in CA, valium is charged to the patient unless he or she is a paraplegic. Apologies to paraplegic people, but why does HNOrange think that we without that particular challenge do not get stressed?
    Back to the subject: prior to the so-called improvement, I had no share of cost MediCare and MedicAid. I'd better take this moment to send a big Thank You to the taxpayers who support me on these programs....THANK YOU!!
    But: The only ones who are doing better after the change in MedicAid/MediCare are the pharmaceutical companies.
    I just picked up an order for 100 tabs Maxide. The pharmacy, under the new HealthNet rules, is allowed to provide only 45 tabs per month, not a 2+ months' supply, at a time.
    So. I "get" to hire someone to drive me back to prescribing docs, then many miles in the opposite direction to drop off the prescription orders, then still more miles to go home...EVERY dang month. I "get" to pay a share of cost for each of five prescriptions. I "get" [expletive deleted] and don't even get a kiss first, lol not funny.
    The system wasn't broken. Why was it deemed necessary to fix it??
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    my memory is not so great...yes i was told about the valium and other meds last night...i just can not believe this...this is sending me into a deeper depression...

    i was just at the unemplyment office on wednsday i believe that was the day? can't rember for sure...
    anyways i was talking to a women down there that will help disabled people get rehabilitated thru the state of whatever our needs are, she mentioned dragon talk for me because of neck/elbow/carpal tunnel issues...she said sign up for a class for assessment stuff on march 7, she runs it...she said and call marin independant living about the benefits and such..i was chekcing into the ticket to work program...

    how the heck am i going to function if i can not get any sleep...i have been there done that...i just was feeling like my antidpressant was helping me w/pain and was not making me gain weight..infact i lost 15lbs i amonth..

    this is depressing for me to think our great state is treating us this way...i feel like they want us on ssi/ssdi...

    well we'll see what will happen...on monday i have a busy day i need to work out the sleep med issues...i will try the other stuff mentioned here...i took benedryl last night and nothing...i can not even sleep a couple of hours straght...

    disocuoraged here,

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    I just posted this on the other thread also.


    Will your plan D pay for Lunesta? or Requip?

    Lunesta is also a sleep med and works much better for me than Ambien.

    Requip is for Restless Leg Syndrome and If I take it an hour before sleep it makes me very relaxed.

    Just a thought.

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    Hi, Jodie:

    Well heck there seems to be something odd going on with my computer this a.m., maybe it's sleepy lol?
    Was trying to post a reply to your post where you said you were trying to get into a college program...congrats to you for your courage!!
    And: I totally agree that we who are "low income" seem to be doomed to stay that way. It's outrageous what has suddenly happened to the cost of living, rents skyrocketing with no end in sight, etc. Should I send a note of thanks off to AhNahld, the bad actor/governor?
    Sorry to read you didn't get any rest from the Benadryl; 50mg not only clears congestion for me but I also get a 3 or so hour chunk of sleep, lovely sleep. Everybody's different though.
    Best of luck to you re getting through the fog that lack of rest means; it would be great if one of us had some semblance of a life!!
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    trazodone had a bad reaction that one is out for me...i am either allergic to them or they make me into a zombie etc...weight gain...list goes on and on.

    to alonebut not lonely, i amsure lunesta may fall in the same category as the ambien
    and i have not tried requip....i was on sinet..the wried me and mad me feel really good on top of the world, almost scary...couldn't sleep if i wanted to...

    to leaknits...benedryl i have the same reaction as you, a few hours of some sleep..then up, i have been taking that since last week and it just isn't working so hot at all...i used to take this nightly for sometime then it got to a point it just wired me i had to go off it altogether..

    i will be busy tomarrow contacting dr's and kaiser membership office to see what the heck they can do...if anything...


    thank you to you all for replying

    i will keep all your tips in mind...but right now my hands are tied just like medi-cal

    the sad thing is this is not just happening to me but others as well