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    I'll have mine with wine, as Rock says on the Lounge 114. Actually, it's
    the apron that says it.

    Off to a new week!

  2. Mikie

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    Well, it's no secret; I'm a whiner.

    Linda, maybe it's a FL thing, those stand-up lawnmowers. I'm glad the new/old phone is working. There is nothing going on here either but one of my good neighbors/friend is back. She lives here year round but has been off to see her kids. She called me last night. We'll go for lunch soon. I'll see her at the condo mtg. tomorrow. She's the president of our POA. We lost another resident this last week. She had cancer. Her husband is in chemo with the return of his cancer. It's heartbreaking.

    Also heartbreaking is that my older daughter and her husband just lost the wife of their best-friends couple whom they've been close with for years. She died of a massive heart attack in her mid-40's. My daughter is beside herself with the pain of loss. I am feeling totally inadequate to comfort her. Words seem so feeble at a time like this. I hate to see my daughter hurting so much. We are starting to think that we should just skip July after the 4th. My birthday was on the 7th, but Marie died on the 8th, yesterday. A friend of my same daughter lost her daughter to murder on the 8th some years back. My Mom died on the 11th. Even though it's been 10 years on Wed., I still miss her every day. My DGS's birthday was on the 2nd, so July starts out well but quickly devolves into sadness.

    Sorry, don't want to depress everyone but I know you all are friends and will understand our grief. I'm glad you are here, not only for me but for all of us when times are painful. The sun is up and everything is beautiful outside. That helps. Thanks for letting me talk about this. My best to everyone.

    Love, Mikie
  3. Ranigar

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    That's a lot of bad things to happen over the yrs. in one specific month isn't it.40's is so young with so much life to miss.The poor neighbor losing his wife and cancer therapy for him a second time.Truly sorry Mikie that's a lot of bad things.

    Glad you got that phone working Linda after how much you had to go through to get it.Still stck with my junky one.

    Turned on computer to see if mine had been infected but as as you can see no problem.We did nothing again yesterday not even leaving the house.Felt so lazy I cleaned out a bedside table to feel I did something.Now I have drawers all over the house with stuff in them that I couldn't throw away but not sure what to do with it.A big box of junk?Thinking at some point I'll make another pass through them and see what else can go.

    Humidity left yesterday.Can't laze around another day getting sore and stiff.GS came yesterday so they could borrow the truck.He was so happy!Living with my DS and his mom as a family has really made him happy.He checked out all my empty rooms and we talked about all of it being in his new house.
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    I appreciate your caring concern. I knew Marie because I worked with her for a short while in sales before she married my SIL's best friend. I got two sympathy cards today, one for her husband and one for my kids. I know that just being there for someone is a comfort but at times like this, we all feel that words fail to convey our love and concern. But, there's little else we can do. My daughter, who is a nurse, is upset because she said had they recognized the symptoms of the heart attack, Marie would likely still be alive. I think that's normal to do. My daughter wasn't aware anything was wrong and Marie's husband didn't know that women often have different symptoms than men. She had been vomiting and had a pain in her back. No pain in the front on the left side, no pain or numbness in her left arm.

    There is almost always vomiting with heart attacks but not every time. If there is vomiting and even one other symptom, it should be checked out. Women often have pain in their jaws or shoulders. I hope everyone doesn't beat themselves up because she didn't get help in time. The same symptoms could be stomch flu to a nonmedical person. Her death seemed sudden but, evidently, she had been having a heart attack for several days. If too much damage had been done and they managed to pull her through, she might have been a cardiac cripple. I know she wouldn't want that. My aunt was one for three years and my Mom told me never to let that happen to her. I guess that "woulda, shoulda, coulda" is just part of the grieving process. A very good friend of mine lost his daughter to a bad auto accident and the family got grief counseling. The therapist told them it's normal but to shut it down before it gets going because it's not helpful and just prolongs guilt and grieving.

    Again, thanks to you for caring. I really appreciate it.

    Love, Mikie
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    But want to add my sad thoughts about Marie going before her time. Sigh.
    Yes, all the woulda,coulda, shoulda things can really go around and around
    in the brain. I think that was wise advise by the therapist. I hope they are
    able to do that. ((Hugs))

    Leah, fess up. You are a trained counselor, right? And you look at sentences
    and words in a sentence backwards and forwards and all turned around and
    come out with very interesting insight. Huz duz. haha. That's the way it
    is around here. One kind of difference is that he is out in the yard before
    I wake up. I think it is looking some neater. He mopped the kitchen floor

    Ok, must stop carrying on before everyone is jealous. LOL This LDN is NOT
    making me more energetic yet. Much less,if anything.

    Ok, I won't go into too much here cause I am leery of breaking the rules.
    I am really just telling us how the NIH is spending money for CFS research.

    "If you have chronic fatigue, you're invited to participate in a study funded
    by the National Institutes of Health TO LEARN FATIGUE SELF-HELP SKILLS"

    "You must have internet and Windows XP or later version of Windows required"
    "Participants will be paid UP TO $498. No in person visits requird".

    I can already tell you what that means. Answering a bunch of questions and
    then being 'cheered on" by the staff to keep improving.

    Been there and done that (but wasn't paid) and I was given a t-shirt. (Old
    saying I know).

    Stuff like that is pretty discouraging. I so wish they could come up with a
    new name for CFS that didn't include fatigue.

    I guess I will start calling my problems Neuro, Immune Illness. There will be
    no insurance code for that name but they can figure one out.

    But since taking the LDN, I no longer feel I can make it to a new doc so the
    point is mute. Filling out the medical really?? So over it.

    Pam, I sent add Huz an email to contact Fran and get the doc's name. He
    thought I had sent the email to Fran and "copied" him. Well, I don't know
    Fran's email AND I don't know how to copy. I think he grasps now what
    I mean but will email him again tomorrow :)

    Yes, I have found the Angry Birds on my computer. Plz forgive me if you love
    this game but, to me, a 5 yo could do it. One the first level, the Angry Bird
    is in a slingshot and you shoot 'pig faces in bubbles'. And for every one you
    hit, you get 500 points. Just fascinating. (sarcasm here).

    But I suppose if you want to take you mind completely off
    being ill, it might help.

    Nite dear ones. ALL of you!!!!!


  6. Mikie

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    I'm so sorry you aren't better. Fatigue doesn't even begin to describe the bone-crushing exhaustion from which we suffer. I just read that sitting to much is a big health risk. I wonder about lying down. I do get up and move around, if only to pee, but I am as sedentary as I've ever been. That fall just threw me into a flare. I get another injection on Mon. If I don't get any benefit, I'm going to reconsider this treatment.

    I think your Huz is a keeper. Yardwork and mopping? I'm impressed! Around here, housework just doesn't get done. At least, until I'm good and ready. So far, I'm not good and ready. It's awfully hot to be outside working. All I have to do is water some plants which aren't getting enough and I come inside sweating like crazy. We are getting a lot of rain but in our stairwell atrium, it doesn't reach a couple of the plants and our sprinkler system isn't working.

    Tweety cries to come in when there is thunder and lightening. I had gone to bed last evening to watch TV. Instead of settling down next to me in bed, she headed for the glass-top bedside table that she knows is off limits. I told her "no" but she just ignored me. So, out she went. Time out doesn't seem to work with her but I didn't have the water bottle in the bedroom. Now, all I have to do is show it to her.

    I need to get into the shower so I can go to the condo mtg. at the pool. They want to install a community wi-fi so people at the pool can use their computers, tablets and smart phones. They can play Angry Birds :) I actually enjoy mindless activities to take my mind off more important things. What totally puzzles me is that people enjoy owning virtual farms on FB. Actually, FB puzzles me. But then, I'm an old fart.

    Loungers, I hope you all have a wonderful day.

    Love, Mikie
  7. Ranigar

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    DD showed huz how to play Angry Birds and he chuckled as he played but I haven't seen him do it again since.I looked but wasn't interested.I still get FB requests from friends and family to play games but they should know by now I'm not interested.Lots dropped me as a friend since I don't come help them farm and that's fine with me.

    Thinking of taking a load of DS stuff over to him today.He wants to come get patio set tomorrow but huz said the junk in the garage needs to go first.You know how that goes.It's the stuff he doesn't have room for and doesn't know what to do with.We don't want it either.

    House buying has slowed down since the 4th.It's summer and hot.I think we're priced ok and we're not in a hurry so we'll wait it out.It's been 30days.City Council rezoned and 72 rental units will be built down the road from us.Politics.
    Huz and I are just really wore out.I can barely move around and wonder if it's from laying around for three days.I cleaned the house but energy is low.Even after all this time you tend to beat yourself up and think is it my fault.That's not helpful so I must rethink.

    Thanks for you're effort Linda on that Dr. DD sees a Neuro today.It's a process so she'll be busy with tests from him for a bit.

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    my huzn'tnt duzn't. Being a farmer, as long as there's more dirt outside than inside, he simply doesn't see I do have to say that when I was first sick he would vacuum for me. Then he had to have a rod placed to stabilize his vertebrae, so he can't do that anymore. On a rare good day, I can do the floor of one room. Some days my vac sits in the middle of the room for 4 days while I do it in sections. Oh well.

    Pam, the 'I can't get rid of, but don't want keep' is a real problem for me. I've decided the next time my kids are all here, they can take a lot of it with them. I've hung on to so many of their things through the years...a few school papers each year, special cards they've made, baby shoes, school yearbooks, etc. And with 5 kids it's added up. THEN being the smart person I am, I started in with the grands. (Yup, some of us are slow learners.) Kept copies of their special pictures they'd color or draw and put on my fridge, programs for school performances, programs for graduation and musicals, etc. Good grief! You'd think I'd learn. But my mom did this also, and when she died we had lots of good memories as we sorted to lighten the load.

    Mikie, sorry to hear about the loss for your DD. It's hard at any age, but at that age it seems to really throw the reality of death in your face quickly. And close friends are not replacable. My BIL died of a heart attack at 42, and it leaves you reeling for sure.

    Not wanting to leave anyone're all so very special...but will have to come back later. Hugs..Jole

    Love the humor on here with all of you. The bright spot of the day!
  9. Mikie

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    Pam, you are right; we shouldn't beat ourselves up over what we can't do. I just feel embarassed if someone stops by and the kitchen is a mess or my newspapers are all over my coffeetable. I tend to nest on the sofa when I'm sick or tired. I hope you aren't overdoing it and you get some rest. Praying that doc can help your DD. Also praying house sells just when it's supposed to.

    Leah, I actually don't want a huz but I'm always impressed when men do anything. I know they don't "see" what needs to be done and they don't "hear" when told it needs doing and could they please do it. I actually like men and have male friends in the hood, along with women friends. I just enjoy the freedom that being single offers. It's harder with only one income but I get along. I still get along with my ex. I think a long-time loving marriage or relationship is still the ideal but being single has it's up side too. I make the best of it.

    I went to the mtg. this morning. Nothing much going on. It was hot. I came home and cleaned up the kitchen and did my laundry. My pain is finally getting better. I'm not doing another thing. I've been watching HSN; it's an all-day jewelry sale. I didn't realize it til 3:00 p.m. EDT. Oh well, I can't afford anything anyway but I do enjoy looking. I get ideas for making my own jewelry. I'm wearing a necklace and earrings I put together when I had my cold. The pendant and earrings look like little lacy bronze petals curled up. I put crystals on bronze pins in the middle of the petals.

    It's been threatening to rain all afternoon but so far, nothing. Tweety is asleep on the soft throw on the loveseat; that's where she nests :) She likes napping inside in the A/C and is afraid of the thunder. God dropped her and her brother in my lap just when I needed them. In fact, He dropped them in all our laps and we all share in the delight they provide. We didn't even know we "needed" come cats. Who knew?

    Dear Loungers, it's so good to see everyone posting but I miss those MIA. Hope everyone is doing well.

    Love, Mikie
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    Oh, what a waste of time. OF course, that is only some of our opinions. I had
    one friend I met here on the other board. She "saved" me a farm next to hers!!
    She is 10 years younger and one son who lives a long way away (sounds like
    Leah) but I have noticed that she loves all kinds of games. She's a gamer!

    I only joined FB under duress of Twin. Will have to say I know more about
    the DS's because of it. Only benefit for me. Twin is over FB now. Too boring
    for her. I cannot see why anyone paid $8 billion (was it) for FB. YIkEs!

    Boy, Mikie, that fall was NaSty!!!I want the shots to help you so much!!
    I want everydobby here to have something that helps!! Yep, bone crushing
    fatigue is more accurate.

    Ok, Pam here are the two docs that were recommended by Stacy, the patient.
    No one is a woman and both are in Tampa not Brandon. They are not together.

    Joel Silverfield (813) 879-5485 - rheumatologist -- good dr but treats only
    with pharmaceuticals, if you prefer that (Stacy's words).

    I looked him up one place he only got 3 out 5 stars but another 4 out of5 and
    everyone would recommend him to a friend. Cons are he is 61 AND there
    is a 45 min wait in the waiting room??? Pack a lunch?

    Ron Shemish, MD (813-964-6804) MD that moved to practicing holistic
    medicine and treats with supplements. Personallly, I have had much
    better luck with this route (Stacy).

    Looked him up. He is "Mind, Body, Spirit Care". Gave some interesting
    remarks about how Budism, Judism (Help me spell checker!) and the
    Holy Spirit have words that emphasis air/spirit/breath. (me, sorry,
    I am not doing him justice but I have seemed to have read that oxygen
    is good for us....anyone else?)

    I ordered a couple of Dr. Shemish's supplements online to see how I liked
    them.I know I am paying top dollar when the manufacturer puts Dr. Shamesh's
    name on them. But at least I didn't have to pay for an office visit.

    So DD is have neuro testing. Poor baby! Doctors, doctors, doctors. Whew.

    Speaking of which, I have a dental appt Thurs at 1:30 which will require
    me to be in 'outside' clothes and on the road by 12:30. Think some good
    thoughts for me!!

    Leah, our counselor, poet and wordsmith. Similar to Rock but very different
    cause one is Rock and one is Leah!

    Rock, I have been forgetting to tell you. I had some friends in my 20's that
    I liked, really better than my high school chums. I was more interested
    in keeping up with their lives than they were of mine. They had no interest
    in all in keeping in touch with me. Ppl are just like that it seems. At least
    some. So, I gave up :)

    I know it is early for me today. Will see if I have more to report at the 11pm
    news :)

    Yes, we must take care of ourselves!! as Leah admonished us :)


    PS Gordon does not care about the state of the cleanliness of the house.
    I get that from Rock's posts about the number of flowers and record albums.

    Richard, I do not know much about. Barry???

  11. Ranigar

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    DS is coming today to pick up our wrought iron patio furn.SIL had given it to us so we are passing on to son.We dropped off a truck full of stuff yesterday.

    DD called yesterday so happy with her new Neuro.Thanks for those names Linda I'll keep them handy.The Dr. listened to her and ordered an EMG and said he would be her Dr.He ordered an antidepressant and she was so encouraged.After a long day at work and tired she said what did he really do for me so different?He listened.She isn't crazy about the med making such a difference.I told her it's all a process and she has to find what works for her We've all been on that journey and still are aren't we?

    Future DIL son is so happy in his new house living with his mom and daddy my son.His eyes are so bright and seems so so happy to be a family living all together.Son had service guy out for cable and service is dial up slow,next washer dryer installed.Washer wouldn't fill right and they took it back to order another for next week.I told him he's having no luck.Welcome to home ownership right?

  12. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Leah, good to see your post. Hope you're feeling better and up to posting more. We all enjoy your posts.

    Linda, good luck at the dentist. I'm not looking forward to seeing mine again. Also hope the doc can help your DD. I can see the benefits of FB for keeping up with friends who are far away. I went once or twice to read my DSIL's poetry years ago and still get requests to be liked for friended or whatever the hell it is they do on FB. I ignore them. I read that FB is one of the most frequented places for identity theft because people often post too much info about themselves. I know that people who virtually farm love it but it's not for me. I worked with a woman who had a husband and child and worked full time. She loved the v-farm. I wondered when she had time to do it.

    I don't have what it takes to be a gamer. I have a Wii I got for exercising inside. Haven't used that lately. I do have some games but with two controllers, one in each hand, I simply lack the dexterity to play and always get killed or crash the plane or whatever. I get so tired of starting over each time. I can't even get through "Where The Wild Things Are." Thought I'd start out easy and move up. I haven't even tried "Avatar" yet. See why I like Angry Birds! It's more my speed.

    Yes, the fall was bad but am glad to be so much better now. Still not great, but better. The last injection must have helped because no Sjogren's symptoms (knock on wood). The Sjogren's is the first thing to return when the shots don't seem to work. Other than that, I can't figure anything out because of the fall. Speaking of Sjogren's, isn't that what Venus Williams supposed to have been diagnosed with? She said she didn't even had the strength to lift her racquet. Here she is, winning the women's doubles at Wimbeldom with her sister. Either she was misdaignosed, it was an SS flare which went away, or she got some kind of treatment. I wish she would say. I may go online to try to ferret out the truth.

    Yesterday was the anniversary of Mom's fatal heart attack and today is the 10th anniversary of her death. It does get easier even though I miss her every day. Last night, I had a drink and toasted to her (Irish tradidition). I put a pink flower next to her ashes and picture and left a battery-operated candle lit all night. These little rituals help me each year.

    I hope to get some neatenin' up done around here today. I need to go down to water the few plants that the rain can't reach in our stair atrium. The sprinkler system needs to be fine tuned but not until the spare well is dug deeper and they get the zones redone for the two wells and pumps. Whoa! Just looked outside and realized it's getting read to rain early today. I ran down and did my watering. I'm going to go out on the balcony for my second cup 'o joe. It's not often it's cool enough to use the balcony anymore.

    Wishing everyone a wonderful day.

    Love, Mikie

    PS: There was a beautiful rainbow outside. I know the Bible says rainbows are a sign that God will never destroy the world with floods but to me, it was a Heavenly sign of love and comfort. The cats are all frisky with this cooler weather. Tweety was running around at warp speed with her tail in a high hook. She climbed up our Cashia tree and sat there surveying her kingdom. Both of them are inside now, wrestling and yowling at one another. They are high on catnip.
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  13. spacee

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    Mikie, how wonderful to have had a mom that you had a wonderful relationship
    with! I think the little rituals can mean so much. My mom just didn't have
    it in her to be nurturing except to plants, grass and animals. When she passed,
    she opened her eyes and had such a serene look on her face (says my younger
    brother). She was also one who constantly was on the look out for someone
    in need. I guess having lived through the Great Depression.

    Maybe the Rainbow was for You on the date of her passing.

    Pam, your family has such exciting things happening!! All the moving and
    distributing of goods. So sweet the little boy is so happy to have a home
    and a family. And thrilled DD had a good appt with the Neuro. He listened.
    Wow. That is rare.

    The LDN for the first days gave me a "good" 5 minutes each am. Meaning,
    not that I did anything but felt better. Today it was an hour. Hoping it
    continues to lengthen. Just to feel better would mean a lot to all of us,I

    Knocking on wood with Mikie that the next injection helps!

    Oh, I did play more angry birds last nite. I seem to need something easy
    to do for a bit before bed. I had played solitaire again for the last few
    days but grow tired of it that I never win. haha I do appreciate that the
    computer does all the shuffling and handling of the cards! So, Angry Birds
    might be my game for awhile.

    I can remember a game online for children where they did something which
    I think involved buying a small toy and then using the "number" and you
    could 'build a house and furnish it". My nephew who was about 5 or 6 said,
    "I wish I could afford shrubs". That seemed so funny to me at the time.

    At the wedding, the DN and his sisters came with parents. One of the girls
    was so sweet. Twin said to me after we got home "when did she become
    'sweet'? She was such a little instigator of bad will toward the DN for years.
    It seems she changed after being home schooled AND having along time
    with her mom. Mom being the Girl Scout Leader and daughter the scout, of
    course. Nurturing. Sometimes we have to stumble into what the child

    Off to the races!! (haha)

    Check in later.

  14. jole

    jole Member

    I use to have a lot of friends years ago. We belonged to several card parties, had dinners together, and did lots of spur of the moment things also. But once I got ill, it came to a screeching halt. Only two have remained the sense of an infrequent phone call or email. If they only knew how lonely it gets sometimes. But, on the other hand...without living our life, they simply can't understand it.

    Sorry you're losing your neighbor, Leah. My mom lived alone and had a Lifeline with two of her neighbors to be notified if it were set off. She was frantic when one passed away and the other moved, so I understand your loss and anxiety over this.

    Farming on FB has not interest to me...get enough of the real thing, but do have to laugh at the people who enjoy it. I don't do FB games either. Do enjoy keeping up with nephews/nieces, etc. But I also agree way too much info out there.

    Linda, Mikie, I think of you often with your injections, etc. and wish you the very best. I'm still waiting on my B12 and Vit D to make a

    Pam, it sounds like your family has lots of changes going on. All the stress would have me camping out by 'our' new house I know you don't feel well and it's a challenge, but am so happy you're able to be a big part in all their lives.

    Rock/Barry....thinking good thoughts of you.

    This is our weekend to spend at the lake with all our kids/families. I've been taking a few things a day over to our camper, and think I'm ready. Will relax in my lounge chair and enjoy watching the kids/grands swim and play. Going to the lake is my only form of 'getting away' so even if I don't do anything there, the change of scenery is wonderful! Kids do the cooking :)

    When we get home, I'll start the scrapbook for my sis. I'm excited to do it, although I haven't had the concentration to work on my But have no doubt this will go well and be the best one ever, simply because I know I'll be having help from Someone. It's probably the last gift I'll be able to give her. She had her ALS appt. yesterday and the doc told her the muscle loss she now has (moderate range) is exactly as he expected it would be for where she is in the process. Unfortunately, this time she had a drastic reduction in her breathing capacity. And as hard as I try, the right words to say to her are getting harder to find.

    Love ya all.......Jole
  15. spacee

    spacee Member

    Thanks, Leah for explaining the way the same words are spelled differently. I
    have to say, I thought they were separate occasions. I learned something!!

    Oh, why do the neighbors have to move away! Can't there be some kind of
    law? Just kidding but it is very scary. I think the Mexicans will be
    across the street as long as we are here. Course, they don't speak much
    English, well one does but he works 7 days a week. This is such a small
    town, I might just call the Fire Dept if I needed help. A couple of the firemen
    know one DS. Or 911.

    But just to have something done or be driven some place. I don't know of
    anyone to call. One might think Huz. Work is all important to Huz. He will
    leave it for no reason. Doctor's should treat their patients as well as
    he treats his client :)

    Jole, I am very happy to hear about your up coming trip to the lake. It
    sounds heavenly to be under a tree on a lounge chair. I have a pic of
    my family growing up. We are outside and more presentable than usual.
    And there is a cake on the picnic table. It finally came to me that it was
    my brother's 16th birthday. We were outside cause it was cooler than the
    house (no a/c in those days).

    I hope the scrapbook is lovely. I can imagine what you are going through but
    that's all I can do...having not gone through it. It must be so hard. (Hugs)

    I wanted to end with a somewhat funny story. When my granddaughter age
    4 has a 'time out'. She has to go sit by the front door for 3 minutes. Her
    brother age 1+ will crawl over to her and sit near her looking at their mother
    with large soulful eyes until the 3 minutes is up.

    It reminds me of little doggies that are buddies and if one 'gets in trouble'
    the other will stick by him/her until help arrives.

    We will stick together!! No moving away, except for Pam who knows where
    to find us!

    Enjoy the Lake!!! Hello Rock and Barry!! Love ya all too!


  16. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Linda, I'm so sorry for your lack of nurturing from your Mom. My Mom's Mother never showed her any affection nor did she show affection to Mom's sister. Before my Mom died, she had dreams about her dead relatives. She said her Mother came to her and said, "I know you think I didn't love you but I did." I think some people just have a deficit in some areas of parenting. I wish we all could have had two loveing and nurturing parents. It seems we have to learn to nurture ourselves. It's sad. When my Mom died, she reached out her hands to someone or something I couldn't see and she had such a look of happiness and wonder on her face. She grabbed my hand and hung on til she was gone. I think she wanted to take me with her.

    I hope and pray the LDN keeps working longer and longer for you. Thanks for your good wishes for my upcoming injection. I got invited to a Margarita party at 4:00 but aren't going. I just don't have any enegy in the afternoons/evenings and the one drink I had the other night about did me in. Love the time out story. How cute!

    Leah, so sorry you are losing a friend. I have a couple of friends who live here year round, like I do. We all depend on one another for rides to the doc if we can't go alone. Friends like that are hard to come by. Many retirees in FL come from somewhere else so we all try to help each other out because many of us don't have family here. What I was wondering about Venus Williams, other than a misdiagnosis, is whether she is doing the peptide injections. At her age and in her condition, the shots might work really well right away. I can't think of any other answers. I think if there were something better than the peptide injections for SS, my doc would know. He keeps up on everything. He reads something once, or hears it once, and he remembers it word or word.

    The rules against discussing politics or religion is really a rule against arguing or trying to influence people for or against something. I will often rail against the govt. in general but not one party or politician. I'm actually an Independent. In the early days of the board (yes, once we had only one board) some people were trying to turn it into a religious board for people of their belief. That's why ProHealth provided more boards, including this one and the Worship board. Even on the Worship board, it is against the rules to argue, be disrespectful of others' beliefs, or try to be exclusive. It is fine to discuss things like how words in other languages, even religious terms, came to be and what they mean. It's interesting and educational. I wonder if the term, shaman, is from the same root word. Thanks for your good thoughts for my Mom.

    Jole, your camping trip sounds wonderful. We used to camp in CO mtns. and it was so peaceful and restful to be out in nature. I wish the same for you. I can only imagine how difficult it must be to watch your sister deal with the symptoms of her illness. I'm thinking just having you there for her means the world to her. I think the scrapbook is the perfect thing to do. I keep you both in my prayers. Thanks for your good wishes regarding the injections. I get my next one on Mon. Since I've had no SS symptoms, I can only assume the last one did work. It was just to hard to tell with the fall.

    I also had an active social life before I got too sick to work. All my co-workers were single, like me. Several had boats and we partied hardy. I partied with my older neighbors too but got too sick even for that. As I mentioned above, I'm usually too tired for cocktail parties at 4:00 in the afternoon. That's when I'm winding down and I can't drink like I used to. Good thing I like being alone. Only online friends I want are right here.

    My younger daughter, who is also in her mid-40's, has a good friend her age who has an infection in the muscles surrounding her heart. Thank God they found it in time. I am wondering whether Marie didn't have an infection around her heart which caused the eventual heart attack. I got sympathy cards sent to my kids and her husband yesterday. It's so hard to pick out cards with just the right message. My younger daughter also found out her old rescue dog's throat is partially paralyzed and it will eventually get worse. Vet thinks he will die of pneumonia. He had a hard life before she found him and I'm just thankful his last years are filled with love. Still, my heart breaks for her. She loves animals so much.

    Again, I think we'd all be just as happy if we could get rid of July after the 4th. The older one gets, the more sorrow one goes through. The silver lining is that we learn that sorrows are a part of life and we treasure our blessings. My prayers go out to all in pain, physical, spiritual and emotional. I believe that love is all that survives our physical lives so we need to spread the love as much as possible.

    Love, Mikie

  17. Ranigar

    Ranigar Member

    I was ready for my mom to pass I'm afraid.I worked out all the anger over her drinking before she passed.I loved her and know she loved me but alcohol became such a drama filled crisis daily that it was a relief to have it end.

    BIL 55yr. b-day party is tomorrow and it's at 6 so I can probably do it.Hope the humidity and heat aren't to bad or I'll just melt!

    Jole sorry to hear about sisters declining health that is so sad.I bet she will love your gift.

    Huz and I are bored stiff with each other and daily life.It was bound to happen with the nonstop circus of our life.It's not like we have nothing to do we just don't want to do anything more.We've nothing to talk about or the energy to do it.Oh this is what retirement is,I get it lol.The retired neighbor down the street had his wife retire this yr. he told my hus that she needed to find a job.Hope it doesn't get to that point with us.

    Good luck Mikie on Mon.

  18. spacee

    spacee Member

    No arguing amongst ourselves. I love everybody here and would not to
    upset anyone. And just incase I do, I am already sorry. Ok?

    I feel peaceful with all us. That's such a good feeling.

    Pam and Huz bored with retirement. I have to smile). Pretty soon you
    will be on your way to Florida and a whole new life to talk about, adjust to.
    Will you have a swimming pool? Twin and huz spend a lot of time at a
    pool where their townhouse is. One child said to another "Those ppl (twin
    and huz) come every day!) Does pass the time.

    Leah, I'm glad you got your hair washed! That does feel like an enormous
    accomplishment! I didn't want to, but I washed mine last nite cause of the
    dentist appt today.

    It went fine. Really didn't need to go. Receptionist thought it was the thing
    to do :) But I did get to explain my 'brain damage' and that I would be
    wearing a headset (for a firing range) when I have my teeth cleaned.
    It was like Pam's DD's neurologist. The dentist 'listened and even wrote
    down that I have a neuro/immune illness. I will say one difference between
    him and my pcp is a 10 min visit over a 5 min. So, it was a good, though
    not necessary, visit.

    Leah your things you are grateful for are indeed important. We all should be
    grateful and I will be more grateful too! Though at times, agree, it seems it
    could wait til tomorrow! One thing I wish is that I could eat more desserts.
    Well, THat isn't going to happen, now is it?

    Saw a HUge lavender Crepe Myrtle tree. I mean it was the size of a good size
    oak tree (not a real old oak tree). It was beautiful.

    We are still dealing with the Post Office. Need them tested for ADD. Huz is
    trying to send DS an important tax letter but it keeps being sent back to us.
    Ok,now DS has opened a post office box and that will have a new address
    and hopefully will not come back here. Hopefully.

    It's off to slumber, we hope!!

    Love to all!!

  19. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Just lost my long post. Too tired to redo it. Will check in later on.

    My love to everyone.

    Love, Mikie
  20. Ranigar

    Ranigar Member

    We throw a life line to each other over and over through the yrs.The secret to a long relationship I think if both are committed to doing that.Thank-you for the encouraging thoughts.I'm noticing this change in our life and use a little humor at the things I'm noticing.Huz did say he feels a little useless now which is why he's a bit quiet and down at times.Understandable and will take time and adjustment.

    I said just this morning I wish someone would come through the house this weekend.No traffic means no potential buyers.The phone rang and a showing tonight!Now I had to ask to bring Lily to the B-day party because I have no dog sitter.I apologized for being one of those people.BIL girlfriend said it was perfectly alright she would give her dog company.Uh no Lily will huddle in my lap and not look at her dog because Lil thinks she's a cat.Oh well.

    Leah I am never thinking well and always say ridiculous things.You guys have put up with me all these yrs. so far.
    Got a haircut today.It lasted 7wks this time and that is a first.Waiting for color another two wks. because I don't need it.Stylist was surprised.I am thrilled.Was going to let it grow to a longer length this time but let her chop it off short.To hot.

    Offered to go to DS house tomorrow and play with GS in their pool.His mom is working and son can't get the lawn mowed so we can cool off in the pool while he gets his chores done.

    Remember huz boss with the wife that wanted an invite to our home?Well she hasn't given up.They told huz at breakfast today that they need to come over and see our floor tile pattern because they our looking at buying a new house that needs new flooring.I asked huz where we will seat them in our empty house.Them in front room on sofa and us in family room with our two chairs and we could shout back and forth.He suggested grilling and I reminded him we have no patio furniture to sit on either.I gave up and said let them come and we'll go out for a brunch.They are looking at a 5 bedroom because since retirement they are on top of each other in their retirement two bedroom.Makes no sense to me he is older then huz.

    Sister in Fl. texted me today that BIL elderly parents may need to move in with them soon.I told her that could get real cozy if we sell and move down in RV on their side lot.His mother was worried about assisted living and BIL invited them.That's sad they are such a sweet couple.

    Stay cool everyone