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    Now go read the posts on the other one first. Or second. You choose.

    Ok, my trip to the library with the kids was short but I was able to see
    'Audio Books"!! You , kids, have been telling me to go there but no. I had
    not made it there.

    Now, what kind of machine do you listen to them with? Obviously I didn't get
    a chance for a good look. Just saw the sign "audiobooks". May take more

    All for now!

    Big Hugs!!

  2. Mikie

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    Linda, I enjoyed the mustache joke and I did get it. As Rock knows, puns and other word jokes are my favorite. I'm not just paying LIP service. Yuk! Yuk!

    I really don't get much done. Yesterday, I did manage to clean up the kitchen and run the dishwasher. I have to unload the clean dishes. While Andy was here, my dishwasher started acting up. It's fairly new and I figured he was pushing the lighted button. Well, last time I ran it, nothing got clean. I then figured out we had a power outage and it probably never finished. Yesterday, it stopped in the middle of the wash cycle. I just started over and it ran fine. I think it's possessed.

    Not only did my last injection no work, I'm in a flare with aches, pains and SS symptoms. I may call the doc, depending on how I feel later. I don't understand how this could happen. I got up at 3:00 this morning with a blinding headache. I took two acetaminophen tablets and went back to sleep. Still have it so took two more tablets. I was going to enjoy my coffee out on the balcony but someone in the hood had a moving or delivery truck out front idling. It was a diesel and the noise was driving me mad. I need peace in the mornings.

    This may be a sick day for me. I did want to run to Bealls and Stein Mart but it will depend on how I feel. My salivary glands are aching and causing even my teeth to hurt. Whine, whine, whine!

    Love to everyone.

  3. Ranigar

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    You are having a bad time of it Mikie.First the virus that delayed your injection and no improvement since.Hang in there lady.

    Liked your pun Linda.You all have a way with words.

    Going to zip out to grocery store,well maybe zip is to strong a word more like amble.Maybe some sanding when I get back.Huz is really impressing me with his energy.Tackling all kinds of chores to get the house ready for the market.Trying to keep up my end when energy levels allow it.

  4. spacee

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    Mikie, I sure hope you feel better soon. And I especially hope the next
    shot works! Personally, I think a questions to the tune of "do you have
    to stay home and rest when you really want to go out and do some errands"
    should be included in health forms. Just my opinion.

    Pam, nothing like a deadline to stir up some adrenaline in this healthy ppl.
    Sanding? Doesn't sound so easy. Remember...Pace!

    I guess, Pam, that you have heard about the palmetto bug situation we have
    in Florida. My DIL discovered a family of them living in the shower head she
    was using. YIKES! Our bug lady is suppose to come every three months but
    it has been more than 4. I've got to call.

    Leah, you are the superior of your family. My FIL used to say all the time
    that he was "the supervisor". And that you could not get anything done
    without one. I hope your 'doer' (your huz) understands that part of the
    relationship :)

    Ruby throated hummingbird is red on the neck, right? We used to see them
    in Alabama but not in our neck of the woods down here. I think they are here
    but don't come to visit at our place.

    Hope your flowers do well. Ours a hanging on. The drought is wilting them
    like crazy and we are on water restrictions (one day a week) right now.

    The accountants at the accounting firm where huz works made an accounting
    error. They figured his taxes before they took out the TAX money (this was
    done by the manager before giving Huz his W2. Our health insurance is
    an insane amount. $17000 for 2 ppl. So that made our taxes higher. It is
    going to be refiled.

    We have serious concerns as to whether or not Huz's partners will pass the
    peer review this summer. Huz will. But there is a strongly likelihood the
    other's won't. And how that will affect the business will be interesting.
    Life always changes! Stay tuned.

    Hope all sleep well. I didn't make it up til 11:30am. I hope tomorrow is

    Love to all,

  5. rockgor

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    The jasmine is in bloom again. Cheap aromatherapy. Just go stick your
    head in the bush. This is illustrated by the proverb that tells us that a head
    in the bush is worth two at the perfume counter.

    Wonder if they still make Evening in Paris. It was big stuff when I was a
    kid. Came in an exotic purple bottle.

    Loved the mustache joke, Linda. And I am not just paying lip service. I
    'spect there are multiple machines that play audio books. I got some
    a while back from the library that were cassette tapes. Later I got some
    on CDs from the Smithsonian. I didn't like those though. They were
    old radio programs. You had to listen to the whole thing at one time.

    Pam, did you get all your zipping done? You see the article on computer
    news a few days back? All about getting your house ready to sell. A lot
    of people posting in response said the ideas were absurd. Who wants
    to rent a storage shed to store excess stuff in? Or spend thousands to to fix
    up the place?

    I have read it's a good idea to have nice aromas in the air. Like bake bread,
    or boil a vanilla bean, or bring the jasmine bush inside.

    Mikie, I'm sorry you are feeling poorly. Hope you're better soon. I never
    heard of a Stein Mart. They sell steins? Used to work near a gift shop.
    One whole window was filled with steins. I always figured a gift shop was
    a terrible business. When folks have to cut down on spending, that will
    be one of the first places.

    A dishwasher intervention sounds like a new approach, Freida. I guess if
    it didn't work the first time, you could just recycle.

    With regard to the gladiola corms, I believe there's a town in Wales by
    that name.

    There was an echidna in Corms,
    Who lived on a diet of worms.
    He tried to assure me
    It wasn't too squirmy.
    But what, I implored, of the germs?

    Should you want to read about the historical Diet of Worms from
    the 16th century, you can find it in Wikipedia.

    Auf wiedersehen
  6. Mikie

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    Well, I figured out that I'm Herxing. That's why I feel so rotten. I don't Herx much anymore and they are now milder than in the old days so I don't always recognize one when I'm having one. I don't know why my symptoms appear when I Herx. Guess my body isn't a multitasker. Not complaining; it used to be a no tasker. All this talk of zipping around has given me some vicarious energy.

    Pam, glad Huz is feeling up to all the work needed to put a house on the market. I love my life and living alone but it's not perfect. I look with a bit of envy at those who have long-term marriages or relationships.

    Leah, speaking of which, yes, I believe the one directing the work is as responsible as the wonderful person doing it. Feel proud. I'm glad you are a bit better.

    Linda, we don't have what I'd call a palmetto bug problem but every now and then, one or two will show up inside. By the time they come in, they are sick and sluggish from the spray we have done outside every three months. We can have them come in to spray but I don't. There were two dead ones in the empty unit when I last checked. The bank has put a lockbox on it so we are hoping this means it will be sold before too long.

    Rock, I remembe Evening In Paris. I'll bet every mother in the 50's got a bottle of it for Mothers Day. Stein Mart is a chain of discount stores, like TJ Maxx, Ross or Marshall's but Stein Mart is smaller. I think some of their merchandise is also a bit more upscale. What I love is that they really reduce their merchandise and then, offer coupons. Also, their merchandise is always au currant so I can count of finding something trendy to look at. I don't do trendy as a rule but some little trendy thing adds spice to life.

    Since I've not felt well, I have become bored with TV and reading. So, I decided to put down my Mom's experience growing up on farms and ranches in NE. I'm using my computer. I begged Mom to write her memories down or tape them but she wouldn't. So, I'm dredging up my own memories of what she told me. Then, I'm writing down my own memories of growing up in the 50's and 60's. It isn't that much different from my own kids' experience but it will be hugely different than Andy's experience today. Maybe he will want to read it someday. I know my own kids will enjoy reading about Mom's memories of growing up on the NE plains.

    I used to tease her and call her, "Flatlander." She was a dyed-in-the-wool Cornhusker and always lorded it over me that NE almost always beat CO when the football teams went up against one aother. I told her CO was still better off even when they lost because the Cornhuskers had to go back to NE! I told her that NE had Astroturf installed in their stadium to keep the cheerleaders from grazing between plays. Sorry, no insult to anyone from NE; it's just a joke. Mom had a great sense of humor.

    I'm going to try to get out to Bealls and Stein Mart today or my coupons expire. Actually, they will expire whether I go or not :) I'm looking for a blue lightweight metalisse quilt for my HUGE bed. They aren't inexpensive nor easy to find. I can't take my old expensive (big mistake) duvet cover. It's white, requires ironing, and wrinkles when it's on the bed. It's also heavy and too much for summer down here in the jungle.

    I need something different from the store. I'm bored with food. Also, I need to get a LOTTO ticket. Yep, I'm one of those who buy tickets. It's the best entertainment deal available. Where else, for one dollar, can you dream about what you would do if you won?

    I ordered krill oil from the store here. It's supposed to be superior to fish oil. There was an excellent article in this month's newsletter about osteoporosis and preventing it without using drugs. I have osteopenia in my hip so don't want to have to take those toxic drugs.

    As always, love, hugs and prayers to everyone.

    Love, Mikie

  7. Ranigar

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    Lots of information here today such interesting topics.I do know about your Palmetto bugs I saw some dead ones when touring model homes a few yrs. ago.Just like our roaches or waterbugs,hate those too.In the water head though?Really?That grosses me out.
    I didn't get around to sanding.Just going to rough up the surface of the stair treads to paint and brighten.Bath cabinets need light sanding for a fresh clear coat.We're trying to do projects to spruce the place up but not major improvements we won't recoup money back from.

    I didn't see that article Rock but huz and I go back and forth weighing each project to see if it is a smart use of time or money to do it.It's easy to get bogged down wanting to do things only to remember we aren't going to enjoy the results so is it necessary.I definately will be using aromas for the house showings.Jasmine would be my preference even over cookies.

    Mikie I had to look up Metelasse never heard of it.Some gorgeous quilts on EBay.Huz and I have been together since 7th grade and that's pretty rare I know.I would be lost without him but as he and I have talked I would have the life you do dear Mikie.I admire your independence and that is how I will live my life should he pass first.No I need a partner at all costs for me like I see many friends and relatives do.Nothing wrong with it but all by myself does not scare me as it does others.

    Yes Leah directing has become my job too.Used to do it all myself.Directing is much harder and require lots more patience.A lot more imagination too because you have to come up with creative ways to get the jobs done as you'd like.

    I love to watch the hummigbirds and the doves are so cute the way they stay together in a pair.
  8. bct

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    Hooray, Frieda has finally gotten her hummingbirds! May the orioles not be far behind. Orioles don't live where I do, Frieda, nor do catbirds or mockingbirds. I love mockingbirds, and used to have them when I lived in Santa Barbara in S. Calif. But they are really rare here, and all the birders get very excited when they see one. Do you have hermit thrushes? I love their song.

    Mikie, I am sorry for your herx and hoping you feel better quickly. All eyes are upon you as you go through your peptide process. Get better, get better! You are our pioneer, don't you know? I hope you win the lottery.

    Palmetto Bugs I had never heard of before now. So it's just a euphemism for giant stinking cockroaches! Over an inch long! I am impressed. Also known as skunk roach. Hmmm.

    This leads to aromatherapy, as brought up by Rock in regards to jasmine. Richard bought a pot of blooming Freesias that smell so strongly that sometimes they are almost overwhelming, and make me feel a little bit queasy. I guess that proves aromatherapy works, doesn't it? Because it could be just the other way round for someone else, huh?

    Lots of Hugs,

  9. Mikie

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    Yes, this is definitely a Herx. How could I have missed the clues, especially the headache? Today is the purging and it's a good thing I managed to get out and shop before the need for constant trips to the john started. Oy! At Bealls, I found some GV khaki Capri pants (when doesn't an extra pair of khaki Capris come in handy?). My coupon was $10 off $25 spent, a 40 percent discount on a $25 sale. The sign on the pants read $26.99. When I got to the checkout, the pants were actually 55 percent off and ended up being about $20. The clerk and I neither one realized that I didn't have $25 in order to get the $10 off. So she went ahead and took the $10 off manually. I ended up paying $10 for the pants which were originally $44. If I had been thinking straight, I would have realized it and picked up a tee shirt too. I was so out of it when I was out shopping. The sun blinded me and was making me feel sick just walking from Bealls to Stein Mart.

    At Stein Mart, I found a beautiful blue quilt and two matching pillow shams for the bed. They weren't on sale but the price was really good. They are 100 percent cotton and much lighter than the old duvet cover. I've suffered long enough with that old cover. I know suffering is too dramatic to apply to a bed spread but, honestly, it's bugged me for years. It was too expensive and I felt the need to use it. I don't make those kinds of mistakes often and I usually try to live with them but enough is enough. I'm putting the duvet cover in one of those flat sucky bags and putting it away. I don't know what I'll do with it. I ran into a woman who was also looking at the quilts. She had bought an expensive spread for her guest room and some of the guests weren't careful and ruined it. These quilts are not as prone to destruction.

    I would like to have stopped at the grocery store but realized I would be lucky to make it home in one piece. It wasn't just physical; the fog and inability to tolerate the sun were getting worse. So, here I sit not doing much except getting my exercise running to the toilet. Sorry if I offended anyones sensibilities :)

    Pam, you probably remember that back when I was able, I did some work in the condo to update it. I didn't do anything expensive but I don't think one has to in order to achieve an updated look. Back in the day, I was a perfectionist but that went out the window as I realized that I couldn't do everything perfect. Good was good enough. No one sees whether something is perfectly sanded or whether the drywall is perfect. I actually have the skills to do drywall repair which is undetectable but I was working with drywall which was disintegrating as I worked. I just did the best I could and it still came out looking overall great. I would never put a lot of elbow grease into a home I'm selling. I'm sure your place is beautiful.

    As I mentioned, this wasn't my first choice--to live alone. I had no choice in the matter when my marriage ended. I'm better off this way than in a stiffling marriage with a womanizing husband--think Clinton! Once when I was meditating, I wondered why I was still single for so long. I heard a voice say that I had a lot of work to do and I could not have done it in my marriage. I now see the truth in this. I used to date a lot of nice men but no one I wanted to marry. I'd never say never. If the good Lord wants to send me a man, it's OK but I'm fine just as I am. The saddest thing I ever see are people who lose spouses and have no idea how to do the practical things the other used to do. When Barb's husband died, she didn't know how to gas up her car. Bless her heart, she's learning to live alone and doing as much for herself as she can.

    Barry, our jasmine hedge around the pool is in bloom and the aroma is so heady that it takes my breath away. Freesia does the same for me. I think Heaven must smell like that. On another note, yes, palmetto bugs are just a euphemism for stinking cockroaches. The difference down here is that I've never seen them swarm in great numbers like the common cockroaches. I know they do because in San Diego, down by the water, they crunch under your feet when you walk at night. A huge one got on a tourist bus I was on and started flying around. It darn near caused a panic on the bus. It was the biggest one I've seen. AACK!!!

    Thanks for the kind good wishes for my Herxing. Now that I recognize what it is, I know it will soon be gone. The headache breaks when the purging starts. That, in itself, is a God send. My mouth isn't as dry today. Herxing can only be a good thing in that pathogens have been killed and are on their one-way trip to the toilet. That virus I had probably opened the door for something to try to reactivate. My body is changing so much that I keep having to get used to the new me.

    This is a great group with such a variety of interests. It's always interesting to come here to find out what is happening with everyone. Love to all.

    Love, Mikie

  10. spacee

    spacee Member

    We all have a story. That was good advice, Mikie. We have the house
    sprayed, as I probably mentioned. And the few that we saw getting in
    were about "on their way out" (on their backs). So the chemicals sprayed
    around the house had been working. And, yes, the place they were found was

    I figured conservatively that I killed thousands of them while living on
    Okinawa. I was there 9 months and killed 20 a day. Eek. No, the place
    wasn't sprayed.

    Saw my brother and his family today. I swear he is about as vain about
    his hair as the senator from NC on trial. Not that brother would ever pay
    a huge amount for a hair cut. He always comments on it. Neat to see
    the nieces and nephew growing up.

    Much ado about your bedspread, Mikie! We got our metalaisse (or whatever
    the name is) out for the kids being here. Knew they would need something
    cool to sleep under. It's been a sturdy one. Huz only likes red bedspreads.
    The Bordello look. haha. Actually, it's his favorite tie color.

    Mikie (Is this whole email to you????) you might would enjoy buying at least
    one Apple stock. It was at $96 a few years ago. Is at $600ish now and is
    expected to go to $1000. Huz is allowed to buy a tiny bit every year. It's his
    toy to play with (looking at the stock market on his cell phone). Would
    certainly have been nice to have really invested...but a toy is better than

    Something is wrong here with the Crepe Myrtles. They haven't bloomed.
    They should have. Huz says it might be the drought. Usually they are
    so spectacular in their fushia color. Makes the town so cheery. Miss them.

    I have a new pain. First it was one elbow, pretty sharp. Then it left. Then
    it was the other elbow, then left. Last nite it was the left wrist, elbow and
    shoulder. If it had been my dominate arm, I would have thought I played
    too many checkers games but it isn't. So it is a mystery.

    Oh, while eating lunch with my brother and his family, I asked for a show
    of hands of everyone who had a memory of our OLDER brother choking them.
    Three of us raised our hands. Neice, brother and me. That is probably why
    we are not going to be able to give him 'free' to a good home. Unless he
    has stopped that now that he is 65.

    He has a good side that would give the shirt off his back and the not so good
    side that would choke you....but not too hard. Kind of like when a pet might
    bite but not break the surface just to try to tell you "no". Not exactly like
    that, but you get it, I guess.

    Maybe it's time to say good nite.

    Good nite, Gracie,


  11. jole

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    Mikie, I think about my mom a lot too. All wonderful memories, except the last. I stayed with her the last few months (she had bone cancer), and I was extremely sick at the time. My cognition was horrible at the time, and now, out of the blue, there are times I'll suddenly think of something I should have done to make her more comfortable. But that's just me......can't get over having a guilt complex about

    I think one of my DDs is coming today to visit. If the wind doesn't blow, my plan is to get out the lawn chairs and sit out under the tree and visit. Soooo much more enjoyable to be outdoors with someone else! Pam, you're very fortunate to have a meal furnished! Or the day even remembered by your hubby for that matter. Mine usually doesn't remember such mundane things.

    Roaches....ugggg. When we were first married, our first house was over run with them! Up the walls, cabinets, everywhere. We had no choice but to get the inside sprayed.......they were even inside the phone!!! Thankfully, I've never seen one since, but am very paranoid about anything that even slightly resembles one since then. Ours were not the big ones you have in the South though (which means we have more, just smaller).

    Oh my gosh! Did you see the article about the pills from China with the dead baby fetus's ground up? Suppose to cure diseases...and keep aging at bay. I wonder why we buy anything from that country, and wish we didn't have to. Reading labels is wonderful, but sometimes there are no replacements to be found!!

    Turned on my Oldies CD again a few days ago....the fun is always short-lived! I can't help dancing to that body outweighs my, and one song will totally do me in the next day. Some people are smart enough to learn. But it's great to feel young and healthy again once in awhile!!

    Barry/Leah, I'm wanting to get a CD with bird sounds. We have so many birds this spring, and I'm paying more attention it seems. Some sound so beautiful, and most of them I know, but I've heard some new ones and can't see the birds clear enough to make them out. Guess I need a little set of binoculars. The blackbirds (and grackles) are so annoying I could do without them, but guess they make me appreciate the others more.

    Pam, you sound 'way too busy! It's great though that you and hubby can do so much of the work yourselves. My hubby is great at mechanic work, but not good at all in the house. He tries, but only after I do a lot of "supervising" If I had the energy, I would love to do it. Years ago I refinished furniture, and loved doing that.

    Rock, are you sure you're not an author of some book we don't know about? Because I know you could have easily written one on any topic of your choice. I know you have something published in the attorney arena, but feel you're holding out on us ! :) If not, it's never too late, my friend!

    Not much sleep again last night. Pain meds don't seem to be working any more, and acetometaphin, etc. is like taking an M&M but not as tasty. Think I'll go back to bed for awhile before daughter arrives and decide on what to make for lunch. Something really quick 'n easy I'm betting. Hugs to all.....Jole
  12. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    We all have mothers who are here physically or in spirit. My Mom died on July 11th, ten years ago this coming summer. I will be doing something and paying absolutely no attention to anything in particular and, suddenly, my attention is drawn to the clock and it's 7:11. It happens mornings and evenings. This morning, Mom said "Hi" to me at 7:11.

    Jole, I think we always have guilt when anyone dies. It's just normal. I was very sick when Mom died and was trying to take care of her as best I could but there were just limits to what I could do. I also felt guilt but I now realize that the love we share trumps everything. Just hold on to the good memories. You're a loving daughter. Sometimes, when I play oldies, I get up and dance like a mad woman trying to defy my body's limits. Hope your pain pills start to give you some relief. I agree that we should not buy anything from China which might harm us. That includes most everything. How many people and animals have to die or be harmed before our safety is more important than profits?

    Leah, our true significance doesn't depend on how much we can do. It is our spirit which counts. When you share your love and empathy with others, it is more important than any tasks, which pale in comparison. I am mocked almost every day by the mockingbirds which live here year round. One sits on top of the streetlight and serenades us with his new repetoire of sounds. It is lovely. One thing I like about both my FL Family and my Online Family is how much everyone loves the outdoors and the wild critters. I enjoy your posts on nature.

    Linda, our blooming trees don't seem as pretty this year. The blooms aren't as profuse and they don't seem to be lasting. We had to cut down two live oaks as the roots were ruining foundations, paving and the tennis courts. So, we need to plant two more trees. They don't have to be oaks so I hope we will plant bloomers. At my age, I've stopped investing in anything variable. Actually, one IRA I'm still holding invests in variable funds but it has a guarantee of doubling if I hold it another four years, regardless of what's accumulated. Back just before the stock market crashed, my investment broker and I decided I had gotten to the age that I couldn't recover from a big crash because I don't have the time left for a long-term recovery. Risk is for the young and/or those wealthy enough to take the chances. That leaves me out on two levels. When I had money in variables, I was always a nervous wreck. Thanks for the tip, though.

    I'm still purging but I know it's getting better. I'm pooped, pun intended :) What I need to do is take a shower and get something done around here. I can't believe I went shopping when I felt so horrible yesterday. I think I was out of my mind. Still, I got my bargains and a much-needed new quilt. The mental stress it will alleve is worth the trip and bucks spent. Also, I'm in one of those rare times when I don't need anything except groceries. It's a relief to have what I need and not be under pressure to find something.

    My kids will call me today. It will be good to hear from them as we aren't big phoners. Despite that, we are very close and loving. They are at that stage when they are losing their minds just trying to work and have any kind of personal life. I remember how that was. It's exhausting, especially since both girls have FMS and, it appears, one has Lyme. One daughter is mothering her six year old and working on a viable invention. The other is head nurse for an out-patient clinic for addicts and those with mental challenges. It's draining work but she loves it. She is an RN from a nursng school but is taking her classes online for her B.S., and eventually, her M.S., in nursing. I'm sure if I died today, they would feel guilt but there is no reason. I know how much I am loved and how much I love them. That's the way it is with Moms. Happy Mothers Day, everyone.

    Love, Mikie

  13. Ranigar

    Ranigar Member

    Your post was so true Mikie about mother's and guilt.No need for it as we know we're loved as we love our children.
    My kids called this morning and I was thrilled that my grandson from Georgia called.I'm always afraid of interrupting their jobs and free time plus not much of a phone person so him calling meant a lot.He assured me he knows he's thought of and loved despite the distance.

    Well Jole I would love to say huz is so thoughtful but no he forgot to mention Mother's Day until he heard it in Church.He has such issues that must stem from his nightmare of a mother that he ignores the day.Says I'm not his mother.He'll ask what I want so grudgingly that I am just determined to get chicken brought in so I don't have to cook.Not a special day for me.When my mom was alive 10yrs. ago we had cookouts and fun times but my kids are spread out to far now.Father's Day is totally different.He sits in his throne and asks for food and gifts.Just one of his quirks can't fight it.

    I like music and dancing too.Have to remind myself to not get carried away it's to painful.

    Doing yard work today.Pulled out some bushes and raking out the yard to plant grass in the bare spots.Wiped out by noon and big surprise I overdid it.

  14. spacee

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    Yeah, Mikie, that came to my mind much later that you have a broker. This
    was just something fun for Huz to watch. I would be way too nervous if I
    thought we needed it to live on. CPA's can have their Series 7 insurance
    license. He seems to enjoy taking the tests and does well on
    his age! No one else in the firm does.

    My body is morphing on me again. Woke up at 8 am and could not go
    back to sleep. Highly unusual for me. Meant I slept like it was the dead
    of nite from 11:30-3:30. I wouldn't care but on does have to make appts
    now and then. I have added a couple of supplements for inflammation,
    wonder if that is what is doing it.

    Tylenol had to pull all it's products in our little area. And a lot in other
    areas too. It was bad for them. Cause now our stores don't want to stock
    their product. And Huz loves their Tylenol PM (Though I know there are
    different ways of "making" it :)

    So Tylenol has a new product. It is the heat packs like the ones that were
    discontinued (not Thermacare or is it cure?) These don't wrap around the
    hips. I, for one, and thrilled to see them since they seem to work best
    for me if going on a trip. (lower back issue).

    Nothing says Happy Mother's Day like a text.:) With boys, I'm just glad they
    thought of me. Heck, one son's b-day is tomorrow and I had forgotten til
    his wife said they were decorating for it. Whew!!

    I wish I could think of something humorous but I guess I am still shaving it.

    Tomorrow is back to the But it's at the mobile home park and
    the ppl are so friendly so it will take my mind off what we are doing :)

    Hugs to all the Online Family and Happy May 14th (tomorrow) :)

  15. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Honestly, I don't know where the time is going, like it's on a French fast train. I would actually like to slow things down. It's not like I have anything in particular to do; it's just that here we are in the middle of May already and I don't know how we got here. It's like when you drive and can't remember the streets you drove on to get where you are. I know that when I feel as lousy as I've felt for a while, my cognitive abilities are nonexistant and I'm just not aware.

    Both girls called me last evening. I was on the phone with one so had to call the other one back. I got Andy when I called. He enjoyed talking with me so we chatted for a while. He sounds so grown up. J tells me that he scored very, very high on both language skills and the science/math parts of the tests at school. He has a bit of ADHD and gets bored, especially when the class has to wait on the kids who struggle more. So, sometimes, he is distracted and no one was too sure how he would do. He was doing practice problems while he was here and had no trouble with them. Guess we have a STEMMIE in progress.

    I slept under my new quilt and it was soooooo wonderful. I don't know what took me so long to get a new quilt. Guilt, I guess (Ha! Quilt guilt). I'm going to wash the old cover and put it away. No more guilt. I should have done it ages ago. Not only is it so comfortable, it looks great on the bed. It doesn't wrinkle. I like an informal look so just fold it at the bottom. I'm still a bit tired today but think the Herx is mostly gone.

    Last evening, we got a gully washer; that's what we call a big rainstorm out West :) We really needed it. I was running the washer and had the TV on so didn't realize how hard it was coming down. I went into the bathroom and heard it on the fan vent on the roof. I went out and Barb was out looking at it too. I fixed two frozen Pina Colads and sat out on the balcony and celebrated finally getting a rain worth mentioning. I came in and watched the "Survivor" finale. I saw the reuion show and that Kim won (no big surprise) but fell asleep before it was over.

    Pam, I know I can't generalize about all men but it seems to me that many just aren't into honoring others as they expect to be honored. My ex wasn't really close to his mother but when the kids were little, we did make a big deal out of Mothers Day and included his mother and mine. He once gave me the, "You're not my mother," business. I told him that I wasn't but that I was the mother of his children. He never said it again. I hope you aren't in pain. I know how hard it is to refrain from overdoing it when it comes to yardwork, which I actually enjoy. We have gardeners here but they don't do a good job of trimming so I'm always doing that and planting extra things around our bldg. Pain, pain, go away; let me garden another day. Andy is in GA too, my little Georgia peach!

    Linda, when I sold insurance, I could sell annuities but none which were variable as I didn't have my Series 7 license. The one I had to annuitize when I got sick with SS is indexed to the S&P. If I'd been able to keep working as I had planned, I'd get hundreds more per month when I annuitized it. The S&P is about 300 points more than it was then. Oh well, "it might have been." I just feel lucky I had it to fall back on so I could retire. I was on my last leg physically when I finally faced the reality of my health. Excedrin pulled all their products not long ago. I just bougtht the Target brand of acetaminophen and it works great. Excedrin had caffeine but I didn't get the one with aspirin. Now, I can take my generic pills with a cup of coffee and/or some chocolate and get the same results. I'm glad because the house brand is sooooo much cheaper.

    Well, gang, I think I had better jump into the shower and go to the grocery store. I want to clean out the fridge and get my trash down before it rains again this afternoon. Sending up prayers for everyone for health, wealth, no pain and frisky days.

    Love, Mikie
  16. jole

    jole Member

    Leah, hope you're a bit better soon! I know asking for just a 'bit' isn't much, but ya gotta start somewhere, and it never seems to improve in leaps and bounds, does it? The worst thing for me when it's so bad I can't get out of bed is the depression caused by all the pain. Some days it's just sooo hard to stay positive and feel any self-worth. So I'm telling're special, and I don't know what we did without you here with us!! You make us smile, and your positive attitude on the boards keeps us all motivated to try harder. Take care of yourself now, and hope to have you back with us very soon!!

    Gully washer, yes, that's what we 'country folk' still call heavy, hard Had to chuckle when you said that, Mikie. We kinda like them also, 'cause they fill the cattle ponds. Not always so kind to the farm ground though.

    My DD gave me a beautiful hydrangia yesterday. Hoping hubby gets the hole dug today so I can get it planted before I kill it. (Did I already say that?) One day of visitors seems to leave my mind on the blitz the next day.

    May--graduations, weddings--can't do the crowds anymore, yet hubby enjoys socializing some. When it comes to the grandkids, we try to at least make the receptions afterward for awhile. I head outdoors when the people start to bother me, and do okay for a bit...then will wait in the car. Sometimes it doesn't seem like the effort to get dressed, but they at least know I'm there. I know it's good to get out around people, but is the frustration/anxiety/pain worth it? Doesn't feel like it, but the next day when I'm in bed at least I have something a bit different to think about.

    Forgot to get something out of the freezer for lunch again today. My hubby gets so tired of me doing that. He works hard and needs to eat! I forget to cook.......or don't feel up to it. Any suggestions? try to do several meals at a time and freeze them, but doesn't always work out.

    Nothing new here...hope you all have a good day, and Leah, wishing you a bright spot!! Hugs...
  17. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Leah, thanks for checking in. I hope you're feeling better soon. There is always a group dynamic in friends' circles, families, at work, etc. The dynamic here is so good you can feel it. We all understand one another's problems and we hope and pray that everyone does well. Everyone here is highly valued and everyone contributes to our group dynamic. Your contributions are always great. Feel better.

    Jole, I hope you get just the right amt. of rain. We have aquafiers so we are always happy to let God fill them up for us. I got the cutest floral arrangement. I may have mentioned this but I'm not at my best cognitively. It's a little white dog made of carnations in a basket of other flowers. He even has a little bone-shaped tag. Yesterday morning when I came out, his face was sagging on one side. I guess the nose flower didn't get into the foam and it had wilted. I had to laugh at how funny he looked. I took the wilted flower out and moved things around and it looks as good as new. I agree about the depression when illness and exhaustion put us out of commission for prolonged periods. Since the shots, I haven't had much in the way of long periods of feeling sick, but lately, I have. While I'm not bedridden, I can do very little before I have to lie down. My mind is only working on one cylinder (I used to be a V-8 :) I hope you are feeling better too.

    I went to the store and bought the worst-for-me food but it's all I want right now. Something inside me jonses for junk food when I'm Herxing. That's my store and I'm stickin' by it. Have done little else today but I did get on the phone and took care of a long-standing problem with Comcast. Too long to go into but the bldg. has been having internet service cut out. After one service call, it wasn't resolved. When I called back to inquire about the monitor on the outside line, I got some kind of guy from hell who obviously was using his position to abuse customers. I just got the bill and there was a $50 charge for the service call, dated not on the day the tech came but on the day I talked to the sicko C/S guy. Evidently Comcast had been monitoring the lines and found some things so they are sending out a maintenance tech to fix the problem outside. They transferred me to billing and they are removing the charge. I hate dealing with stressful things like that but just decided to get it done. I'm so glad I did. Comcast has always been good before this. They need to get rid of that guy. Everyone's out f work and this is the best they can do?

    OK, through venting. Neighbor just came by with a huge homemade brownie for me and Barb. Also some really neat gardening gloves she had won (a six pack of them). What a nice little surprise! Things are going well here in the hood so, all in all, I can't complain now that the Comcast bill is taken care of.

    As always, sending my thoughts, hugs and prayers everyone's way.

    Love, Mikie
  18. Ranigar

    Ranigar Member

    Hope you feel better soon Leah.It's nice of you to check in anyway.

    Yeah Mikie I said the mother of your children thing.He's good to me all the other days so I can let him slide.

    Today was more yard work.Putting soil down,putting seed down and then straw.Planted herbs and veg. plants,planted bushes in the front.All this with huz of course.Yes I will pay I am scared to death.

    Huz can not do all this by himself.We have lived here a long time and put a lot in this home.We want as much as we can possibly get when it goes on the market.A truck load of mulch is coming tomorrow so we'll be working on that for several days.DS said he would help Wed. when he's off.

    I know what I'm doing so I'll try not to whine when I crash.Just don't feel I have a choice.I can't see a way to pace myself or I would.

  19. spacee

    spacee Member

    Leah (HUGSSS).

    Jole and the lunches. Hmmm Frozen HungryMan Dinners. Probably not. That
    was Hmmm (as in thinking) not Yummm (as in tasty) :)

    Yep, Mikie, you did crash hard when you got sick. Yours is quite a story.
    Boy, one pina colada and I would be out..darn it.

    However, someone posted that elavil makes one crave sweets and I take
    10mg of that (not much) but I do wonder when something seems to appeal
    to me if it's the elavil talking. Cause right now I would like a key lime pie :)

    Pam, concerned about you and the yard work. Can imagine how you feel
    about getting what your house it worth.

    Yes, the being in bed so many years makes me hate bedtime. Then the
    struggle to wake up. Not good. But agree with you Mikie that the sheets
    and 'bedclothes" sure help make it feel better. I stumbled on things that
    are super comfy for a couple of the bed. But the beds d/stairs are a different
    tale. Slightly itchy to my sensitive skin.

    Funny how I am never quite sure about coverings. This one that I just knew
    I wasn't going to like. Quite thin for a blanket. Yep, love it.

    My DIL decided to go to the "Beauty School" for highlights. Took 3 hours
    just for highlights (no low lights). She got home, decided she hated it
    back to the school for 3 more hours. Funny thing, it's my son's bday, she
    has their only car and he has the 5 and 3 yo in the little apt.

    Son got an apple crisp by dil for breakfast. They have 3 May birthdays so
    opted on that instead of cake. Really it's 3 brays in 2 weeks.

    I bought some of the 'travel' size containers for the trip to Charlotte Fri. I
    hope the TSA appreciates it :). I take 8 rx's. I wish I had a letter from
    my doc to that effect. If the security ppl ask, I guess I will show them the
    list I keep in my wallet for "medical emergencies".

    For those of you who are keeping up with my ongoing fake eyelash issue.
    The last ones which were put on my left eyelid....all fell off. The right, only
    half fell off. Guess I rubbed my eye in my sleep.

    AND for the ongoing mail situation. State Farm and Wells Fargo were not
    able to follow my simple instructions for change of address. State Farm
    is determined to believe that the car belongs to my older son and that he
    lives in Alabama. Last chance. Next time, its the manager.

    I love you peeps so much (Rock and Barry and even Lurkers too)
    Hoping for better days ahead.

  20. Ranigar

    Ranigar Member

    I must have missed that.What a picture that makes of you waking up in the morning with some missing.

    We got the first draft of the house plans sent email.Changes were made and sent back.She warned us it would take several back and forths to get the final plans the way we want.I told huz I just wished the roofline would at least have been right so it looks like the house we want.

    Spring and summer are my best time for energy level and mood.Some it's Fall and winter I read.When I have some energy I use it even overdoing.When my body says no more I have no choice but to listen.Some of my symptoms have eased over the yrs. for instance electrical shocks down my legs.Feet still cramp when on my feet to long but I can deal with that.All of us have the same illness but worse or better at times.I'm trying to do what I can,as we all do and make it through the bad times.There is still the fear that I will pay big time so I hope this is the way to go about living with this illness.No manual.