"Yes, It's God!"

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    "Yes, It's God!"

    "Hello. Yes, it's God
    And our talk is way past due.
    You didn't follow my Commandments,
    Even though I've asked you to.

    I've asked that you love one another,
    Even sacrificed my Son
    To die for your transgressions
    And to pardon everyone.

    I'm here to say, "I'm disappointed.
    You curse and fight, and steal.
    Then, you kill each other, in my name,
    And you know that's not my will.

    You have chosen not to follow
    The Book Of Life, I left for you.
    Instead, your souls have become hollow
    And your hearts are hardened, too.

    So, please repent, ye sinners,
    While you still have some time!
    By My grace, I'll still forgive you
    And claim your broken souls for mine.

    Someday soon, I'll send My Son
    Down, upon the clouds above,
    To gather all my children home;
    All those filled with perfect love."

    Many Blessings

    © 2003 by Vickie Lambdin