Yesterday almost pain free, today, not so much

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Greenbean7, Jul 26, 2006.

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    Yesterday I was bragging about not having to take any pain meds. Well, not really bragging, just trying to share my joy!

    Then I had sick dogs all night, got about an hour of sleep total, and today is a killer. Had to get down and scrub several places on the carpet, let's just say they weren't throwing up (why can't these things ever happen on the bare floor?), this morning and got out of bed just in time to keep my DH from feeding the dog that is sick!

    So, between no sleep, scrubbing the rug, and the smell of both what the dog left and the Resolve, I am hurting today. Probably should be glad this all happened after a good day or I would not have made it through without having to clean up dog blood!!

    DH cleaned up the first one because when the golden, Rey, woke him up he assumed it was Rey that had to go out. (By-the-way my DH sleeps in the raw and he says you feel really vulnerable standing naked in the back yard with a dog on a string! I asked him if he was rethinking those security lights!!). When he came back in, Aster, the lab, had messed on the rug. When he came back to bed he was muttering that he had taken out the wrong dog!

    It's really a good thing that Rey wakes us up when Aster is in distress. Otherwise this would have happened in the bedroom!

    So today I am not spreading joy after what we had spreading last night! Glad I had med from when this happened last fall, for the dog, not me!! She got a dose last night, another one at noon today, and will have a third before bed time. She will probably sleep in the crate tonight (she wasn't crate trained as a pup, didn't see one til she was nearly 7, but is still good about going in).

    My DH will be really surprised when I come home with cabbage!!

    Hope everyone else had a much better night!


    Stop and smell the puppies, ok, maybe this isn't the best day to use this signature!
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  2. carebelle

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    resolve makes me really sick. Maybe use just water and then someone posted today that cabbage takes up stains.Try it let us know.

    I hope ya feel better

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