Yesterday I was desperate today I am Thankful.

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    I would like to thank all those who read yesterdays post when I was feeling desperate and down. As I mentioned yesterday I was working in a stressful energetic retail dept store filling shelves and I just couldnt cope with it anymore. I would like to thank those who responded to me with their kind words and thoughts.
    I rang my employer yesterday and officially resigned and he wouldnt take my resignation...told me to leave it for a few weeks and ring him when I felt better..but who knows when that will be.
    I am now told he is willing to put my back on as a casual basis when I want to work which is good to know that I am appreciated as a worker and he doesnt want to lose me.
    In the mean time I got a phone call from an old employer yesterday out of the blue offering me 2 days a week which is only 6 hours a week.......doing what I use to do working in a maternity hospital taking the newborn photographs. I accepted as I could probably handle that hopefully.
    I realised if nothing else out of what this disease has brought to my life that prayer makes the biggest difference.
    I use to work both jobs together and this brought me undone.
    I wish more than anything that this CFS would just disappear but I guess I did it to myself with years of looking after everyone elses needs but my own.
    So on conclusion I would like to thank everyone for their support and most of all I would like to thank GOD!

    God bless you all.