Yesterday is gone/ Never want to go thru that again

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Reg1, Jan 7, 2003.

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    Yesterday, was the worst day i have felt i can remember in entire life. I woke up feeling as if i was a totally different person. Of course there was the pain and fatigue, but this other thing was different. I felt like everything had closed in around me, no escape, angry to the point, whereas i just wanted out. I treated my husband like dirt, cried most of the day. I was wondering, if this was something trigerring in my brain. I mean i was literally afraid of myself. Anyone ever had this experience before? and how do you handle it? I pray it never happens again. I have decided to go back into therapy. Well, today is much better, i feel like myself again mentally. I appriate your replies. Thanks Reg
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    I have been there before. I try to follow a routine that includes taking my meds and supplements on a daily basis, mild exercise a couple times a week when able, watching my sugar intake, drinking plenty of water, ect. These all help me somewhat and my companion is a very positive influence in my life. The exercise helps my mood but I have to be careful because my muscles don't always respond well. One time I decided to go off my Wellbutrin (cold turkey) and I had a horrible reaction. I guess I thought I didn't need it anymore because I didn't feel depressed. What I didn't know was that it also works to help ease the pain. The pain doesn't help my mood any so I really do need the Wellbutrin. Sometimes I begin feeling so sorry for myself and then I see someone who is confined to a wheelchair or on oxygen. It is then that I realize things could be much worse. I hope and pray that someday they will find a cure for us but until that time I try to hold on. Something that lifts me up is the song "I Believe". It is the song Jerry Lewis sings on his MD telethons. That song carries me a long way. I hope I have helped you in some manner.

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    Oh Reg...boy do I my post about being touched. I've been there, done that.
    Some days when i open my eyes I try to close them again really quick, hiping it's just a dream. Then the stabbing pain brings me back to reality.
    Since I am not working every day seems to be the same...get up, take meds, rest. Try to do "something" rest. take more does get monotonus (sp)...
    But, since I spend alot of time at the hospital & dr offices Ido see so many in much wors shape than I.....
    Bad days...oh yeah...I gave my gun away....but it could ALWAYS be worse.
    You are walking, talking, and breathing. That's doing pretty good! LOL

    Warm fuzzies