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  1. Scarlett65

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    So yesterday my husband has a day off work and he wants me to ride the 42 miles to the airport where he works and wait while he goes to an hour long meeting. So great we needed some time together.

    I was a bundle of nerves very anxious and every time he changed lanes I was feeling worse. Once he went to get in the car pool lane and another car did too and I let out a muffled low scream. Hubby was so upset with me not realizing I was in a full blown panic attack slams the brakes and tells me to drive. By this time I am totally confused and he realizes things arent going well for me.
    I was sobbing like a baby, couldnt breathe well, and the closer we got to the airport the more tense I was. I remember my legs felt like rocks they were so hard to touch when we arrived. He kept saying "breathe baby breathe" .

    We arrive at the airport and there sits a Starbucks oh thank God for this Starbucks. I ordered a cup of their calm tea and found a seat where I could watch people pass by for entertainment.

    This "Calm" tea really calms. I thought I would fall asleep sitting there I was so relaxed. Got my cell phone out of my purse I was so concerned I wouldnt hear it or answer it quick enough when he got out of the meeting.

    Hubby purchased a box of 24 teabags of Calm and we drove home. I was like a limp rag I was so relaxed so if you need something on hand that wont drug you too much and cause all sorts of other ailments please try this stuff. I am amazed and no I get nothing for writing this.

    Im really posting this to tell you about my panic attack. Anyone else have these to the point that you are unable to drive and actually unable to even ride too?
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    Yup. I have had them that bad. Not since starting Cymbalta. I also take xanax for them.

    Albertson's sells Calm tea by Tazo (same as Starbucks) for a lot less. At least here. As we have no Starbucks in our town (HORROR) I was glad to findthem at our Albertson's a year or 2 ago.

    I keep some of my tea bags in my purse all the time. If I am drinking a tea that isn't in a sealed pouch I put it in a clean Altoid's type container. This makes travelling easier, cheaper, and reassures me.

    Glad your hubby got the box of tea foryou.

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    Has been posting about the calm tea. I am trying to get it here. The only thing that concerns me is the liquorice in it in case it raises BP, but it seems to calm everyone.

    I hope I can get some. Starbucks is opening here in a couple of weeks.

    I get very panicky in traffic too and so does my DH, (LOL) we have driven across the USA moving house three times though! We put a sign in the back window saying"Travelling with handicapped child, please be patient" which was true, as my autistic son ghets het up in trfafic too.

    What a family!!!

    Love Anne C
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    I get panic attacks, too, but luckily have Klonopin which really helps. It also has a long half life, so stays in the system until the next dose. I only take it if needed, but do take one at bedtime for nighttime seizures that was diagnosed with one of those home EEG portables. It took two days to get the glue out of my hair.

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    Thanks so much for your replies.
    I was on Klonopin for my restless leg problem but too many side effects for me.
    I start therapy with a new psychologist next week for the depression and the panic attacks so really looking forward to that. I wish I could just understand why I get this anxious because Im not thinking negatively when it happens its so strange and I try the breathing deep and closing my eyes and whatever else I can think of to keep my mind off it.