Yet another denial! Don't know what to do anymore.

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Hasbeen, Jan 25, 2003.

  1. Hasbeen

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    I recieved a denial on my reconsideration of my second claim. My first claim is still with an appeals council.
    I'm in all this pain and i'm so fatigued I feel like i'm going to die and they just keep saying you're able to work.
    i don't know what to do anymore. We've already had to file bankruptcy on everything except the house. i wouldn't have a vehicle if it wasn't for my Dad. (Thank you LORD for such wonderful parents) I'm just so tired of having to get money from them. I feel like everything is my fault. i'm a 36 year old HASBEEN. I feel awful because my husband has to go to work and try to make a living for my son and myself and I lay around the house whining. I don't want to hurt anymore. I want to go back to work and be somebody but with the pain and fatigue it would be impossible for me to hold down a job. I know I'm rattling on and feeling sorry for myself but sometimes it feels better to let it out. I'm just disturbed. I worked in a old hot butt factory for 13 long years, suffering much of that time, and SS didn't hesitate one single second in taking my hard earned money but now when I need that money back to help my family, they say NO WAY! Mixed up world. And people that have never even tried to hit a lick at a snake can get check after check after check. YES I'm MAD!
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    I too have been fighting this pityful system forever too. I was denied at the apeals counsel level and just had to re apply myself. Although I had letters from my Doctor and the Voc rehab that was at my hearing stated to the Judge with all of my disabilities included I could not work he still denied me and so didn't the appeals counsel. It is truly flusterating and makes you feel worthless I know. This darn process takes everything from you financially and spiritually but you have to keep going. That is all you can do. When i just re applied the lady was so kind and said well, lets hope they will realize THIS time that your condition is worsening and NOT getting better. You just have to keep pushing yourself and keep praying for this to come through for you as i do. Take one day at a time and don't let guilt kill your spirit and your pride. I am here if you need to talk okay. I truly know how you feel, I am hand in hand with you on this.
    Take care okay.
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    Hi There,
    I was just denied last Friday after 6 mo of waiting. I felt sure I would get it since I had a lot of illness but the main one was severe chronic depression along with osteo arthritis that is narrowing my spine. I thought due to my age which is 56 and had worked for 25 yrs but now I'm in so much pain that the meds I take now, makes me drunk and I can't drive. They send me a letter saying they know I am in pain but throught meds that are controlling this I can work 2 hrs a day. Could you just imagine me driving woozy to work for 2 hrs a day. I called a lawyer with 25 yrs experience, and I'll let him handle it. We have used all our savings since Dr disabled me in 2001. We have to watch every penny. My husband goes to work and I feel so guilty,but thank the Lord he loves me so much that instead of retiring he keeps on working and loves me for myself. He's so patient. I trust in the Lord and every step he's been there and is taking care of us. I know this because when we have had some bad times like paying bill, it seems like money comes from somewhere. Gentle Hugs and Hang in there. This to shall pass. Terri
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    Thinking you are at fault is not good on your emotional well being. You are not at fault because you have FMS. Keep trying, I know it has to be frustrating, but keep the hope alive. I wish you well.

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    You didn.t say if you had a lawyer or not? If not there was a post about a lawyer named Scott Davis, Type his name into the search on this site or into a search engine, he says he wins 90% + time.