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    I have a huge problem that I am trying to clean up. I have dozens of plastic storage boxes that apparently weren't water proof... Now I have papers, stuffed animals and tons of fabric items that is covered in black mold.

    Yesterday, I spent the day separating the papers so they could dry. Some of them are important papers that I have to save. Others I don't need but wanted to make sure. I was covered in black stuff and smelly water from the paper. When I was finished, I realized I should have probably been protected. I posted on the FM board asking what I could do after to fact to protect myself.

    Next time I am in the mess, I will wear a mask and plastic gloves.

    My question is.... is there any way to salvage the molded cloth items? I'm willing to toss the stuff animals but I would like to clean up the napkins, place mats, clothes, etc? We're not talking about the pink mold from leaving a wet rag in clothes basket but black, slimmy, smelly mold that is probably harmful to my health? Is there any product on the market that I can use? Is 'color safe' bleach as effective as regular Clorox?

    Any hints or suggestions is greatly appreciated!

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    IMHO and experience, the best thing is to pitch everything possible, make copies of what you can or get official copies where possible... UV light/sunlight will kill it, but length of time exposure may differ as to mold etc.

    If it can maybe be heated in an oven without damage, that may be a possibility with some things that are more dense as long as they're not flammable... I doubt 'color-safe' bleach would do the job... have a feeling you'd end up with permanent stains anyway, happened to me when I tried to salvage fabric.

    So sad, I know! However, you don't want to be just be taking/spreading all the mold spores, visible or not, wherever.

    Sure hope you don't end up with any health repercussions!

    all the best,

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  3. jole

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    I know you probably won't want to hear my reply either, but I would toss everything, and not even take it back into the house. Black mold can cause such terrible health issues that are very long-lasting, and you really don't need any more problems to face.

    My FM issues started with mold exposure, and if I only knew then what I know now, perhaps all these years of suffering could have been avoided. I'm sorry you are losing some items (keepsakes?), but nothing is worth compromising your health further. ****Jole****

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