Yikes! Hurricane Irene

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by Mikie, Aug 21, 2011.

  1. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    The cone of uncertainty had her headed straight up the state of FL but now, the computer models have her further east, along the Atlantic coastline. I live on the Gulf side but if it hits that close, we will definitely get some effects over here. I'm not worried as I rode out Hurricane Charley but I'd rather have no hurricane at all.

    I really feel for all the people living in the island nations to the south of us. They get hit almost every time.

    Love, Mikie
  2. Sacajawea2

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    Well, I hope you stay safe...hurricaines have always scared me. The one in 2008 from Texas caused some damage to my home in Ohio...and that was just from wind.

    How do you handle the weather in Florida? I am just beginning to consider moving to SW Florida in a year or two but I just can't imagine the extra heat w/ humidity and hurricaines. But it's no picnic here either and I'd love to live near an ocean.

  3. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    I appreciate your concern and good wishes. I've lived here 14 years now and am a hurricane veteran, especially since Charley. I try to always be prepared. We didn't have much warning with Charley that it would be a direct hit here. It was supposed to come ashore up in Tampa. Still, I had things ready and rode it out in the small master bath. I have batteries, candles, water, food, all my documents in a safebox and a little radio which doesn't need batteries. You crank it by hand. The biggest pain is having to drag all my furniture inside from the lanai and secure anything outside which could blow around. The Snowbirds leave their welcome mats out and one has a wreath on her door. This is so it doesn't look as though no one is there. This year, we have lemon and lime trees in big pots and they should be brought inside if there are high winds.

    The hurricane season is from June first through November. The waters usually aren't warm enough to sustain the tropical depressions which can form into storms, and then hurricanes, until August. The worst hurricanes are usually in August and September. One year, we had storms and hurricanes all the way til Christmas.

    It takes about a year to acclimate to living in South Florida. Every year, it takes me about a month to acclimate to the heat. Just as people up North don't go out in the frigid cold in the winter, we don't go out in the heat of the day. We stay inside in our A/C. I will do anything outside in the morning hours. It isn't as hot here as it is in Atlanta where my daughter and her family live. The air up there is still. Down here, we almost always have breezes as we are surrounded on three sides by water. With all the rain we get in the summer, it is beautiful. Everything is so green. Until the afternoon rainstorms, the skies are blue with tall, billowing clouds. It's like everything is in Technicolor! It's not that it's hotter down here than other places; it's that it is hotter longer down here. The weather doesn't cool down til around Halloween. By then, we are really ready for it.

    Snowbirds have the best of both worlds but it is a lot of work going back and forth and keeping up two homes, not to mention the expense. As my neighbors age, they are finding it harder and harder to do.

    Thanks again and may God keep you all out of harm's way.

    Love, Mikie

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