yikes what are tiny modules

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  1. homesheba

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    that keep popping up on my body???
    they are teeny little like pieces of skin or something that make me want to get the sizzors or pull them off-
    but they are attached..
    . especially around my breasts area,
    and back of neck.
    i am getting to the point of not wanting to look in mirror any more,
    scared of what i will find new on me!
    i am just turning 52 this august, and i feel like 80....
  2. HurtsToMove

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    and I'm 37, so I don't think it has anything to do with age. They are most likely "skin tags", which are perfectly harmless. I never heard of such a thing in the past until my friend got pregnant and they popped up all over her body. Leads me to believe it's somehow hormone-related.

    Mine are in my neck area for the most part. I only really notice them when I shower. I never cared enough to show them to a doctor.

    Since I'm not an MD, please ask your doctor about them to be sure they are totally benign.
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