Yippee ... Another flare ... need support

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by MandaJ, Feb 10, 2009.

  1. MandaJ

    MandaJ New Member

    I haven't had a flare since August and now I can feel I'm headed into a huge one and I just feel like curling up and dying. The pain is so bad I can barely stand it.

    I feel like giving up.
  2. MandaJ

    MandaJ New Member

    I went for a trigger point massage today and am going to get my trigger point injections on Friday. I hate hitting this wall of pain, fatigue and general depression.

    I'm beginning to see some patterns in my pain so hopefully I can learn what does and does not trigger these flare ups. Or maybe its a waste of time, I don't know.

    I'm so new to this disease that nothing seems to make sense to me anymore.
  3. loto

    loto Member

    So sorry you're feeling bad. I, too, have been feeling pretty bad for the past couple of weeks. This morning I woke up and both arms and hands are so achy, I can't hardly stand it. I pushed myself to come to work because of the huge workload I have. Thankfully, staying busy keeps my mind off of it, until I have to pull and carry files, and of course pick small things up. Anyway, I'm here to give you support!!!!! Everyone on here gave me support when I needed it last week, and I'm so grateful still. So, you're not alone, and don't give up!!!!! Just tell yourself it will get better!!!!!!!
  4. MandaJ

    MandaJ New Member

    Today came the dizziness, ringing in the ears and pain in my hands and arms. Is there ever a time when you don't feel hopeless in this fight? Cause I haven't found that time yet...
  5. ravenelleb

    ravenelleb New Member

    I am so sory to hear that you are in so much pain. I was diagnosed in Feb 2008 . I've had one severe flare up and now am in another. Largely due to the stress of work!.. I just keep telling myself that it will go away... Try and keep positive. I keep a journal every day. Keep positive things in it-- not just the bad. It will get better. I'm on 100 mg Lyrica 3x day and Vicoden 10/350 PRN. My friends are great.. Keep only your best people around you and pase yourself ..Then you need to rest and before you know it it will be over.. Maybe not tomorrow but it will stop. Keep the faith... Barbara

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