Yippy we are moving again

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by rosemarie, Oct 7, 2012.

  1. rosemarie

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    We are moving with in the next coupld of months, my huby got a new job and it is about 34 5 minutes away from where we live now. The job he currently has is over an hours drive away from the small town we live in.

    I hate moving and I dislike that my Dh is the one who finds and seals the deal of where we willl live. I don't have much of an imput. I told him tonight that one of the towns he is thinking of I don't want to move there , I don't want to live there. He said that when we move it wil be closer to our two younger daughters and there families , how ever the town he talked about tonight is just as far away from them as where we live now.

    I am going to keep on reminding him that I want a say in where we live, how many bedrooms and all that stuff, if I don't like it I don't want to move there and I won't be happy, so I am praying that after 32 yrs of marriage he understands that his life will be much better and happier if I am happy.
    I am not looking forward to packing every thing up and moving. We have lived in Smithfield Ut for just over a year and I barley know myt next door neighbors , I don't know their names , I can't remember them even tho I have met them several times. I don't do well with finding new friends and meeting new people. I struggle with attending church as the noise of small children and microhphones, lights ect all make sounds and they are painful for me so I don't attend any meetings and there for don't meet many people.

    Wish me luck and understanding .
  2. neoplus1

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    If anyone in my family says we are moving my response will be "I'll just stay here and live with the new people who move in."
  3. MicheleK

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    Neo, that is hilarious. Made me laugh too. I think you could add, "I'll sit here in my chair while you pack up everything." LOL

    Rosemarie, I'm not sure I read clearly. Did you mean the new job is only 35 minutes away and he is wanting to move for that short of a drive?

    Either way, just the thought of moving must be an exhausting thought, along with feeling unheard on the matter, or unconsidered, whatever the case may be.

    My husband moved us from the east side of town where all my friends and family were, to the west side of town where his job is a number of years ago. Had I been somewhat healthy, I could have adjusted easily. But being housebound and often unable to talk outloud for any length of time, how do you make new friends? I felt it was a selfish decision then, and I still feel that way. However, we have made it work somehow.

    Hugs, Michele
  4. rosemarie

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    My hubby is strange he has been driving over 100 miles a day for the last year, his job was in Ogden and we live in Smithfield UT, which is an hour's drive away from Ogden. Hubby has changed jobs to Brigham City so we are moving so that his drive will be shorter also there is the added benifit of being closer to two of our three daughters and their family's. I wil be closer to 4 of my 7 grandkids.

    Our last move was here to Smithfeld and I am not house bound but close to it. I dont' like attending church as the sounds are so loud that it makes me sick and cuase's me alot more pain.. So I really don't know any one here including my next door neighbors, I have met them but can't remember their names.

    I don't make friends as easy as I once did so it will be hard for me to make them in a new town where I don't know any one. Also I will be moving away from my 85 yr old mom who is not in the best of health. Right now she is in a rehab center and has been for close to two months, but she has improved enough to be able to leave and go home this weekend. I struggle with knowing that she will not drink enough fluids again and that her renal failure can and will come back and she could not pull through this again. I will be 30 minutes farther away from her and as I hold medial power of aterny it will make it harder for me But no one in my famliy is willing to take over this from me and mom wants me to do this for her as I have been taking her to docotors and sitting with her every time she is sick.
    NO matter I will adjust to the move when it happens. It will be difficult for me to make friends,but I will be closer to my daughters and will be able to see them and do things with my girls more often. That is a benifit for me.

    I will work out how to handle my respondsibility to mom with the medical power of attereny. And I will help her as much as I can. But i am not going to stress over it.

    I want my DH to be happy and hopefully changing jobs he will be happier. I will just have to learn how to meet new people and not discuss my chronic pain problems with them.
    I will be ok, I just hate moving all the packing and then putting away again in a new house is a pain. But it will get done. Thanks for all you have said.
    HUGs to all.

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