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  1. brisklea

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    I cant help it I have to brag!!! I lost 7lbs in three weeks. I think it must be the high coralcalcium content in the Xooma. I have been struggling with my weight for several years this feels so good! It was just the moral boost I needed this morning. I only weigh myself once a month wish me luckin Sept.:O)
  2. KateMac329

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    Just wanted to say congrats!!!! I am currently trying to shed a few pounds myself. Baby weight! Although I think I am being a little unrealistic. LOL

    I am trying to lose 15 by September 23. LOL Yeah right!

    But if I can at least lose five of that then I will be happy!

    I am very very very happy for you! I know how happy it makes me when I lose just a half of a pound so good job and keep up the good work!!!


  3. brisklea

    brisklea New Member

    I lost my baby weight teice 1st time I went from 96lbs to 136lbs 2nd went from 98lbs to 142lbs then back to 98lbs. about 5yrs ago I just started gaining weight no matter what I did and I found that taebo was a no go after it had helped me before. Now for excercise I do yogalaties by johnathan urla and if I m having a bad day I just stretch. The DVD is pretty gentle and only about 40min. Good Luck and give that baby lots of Mommy time by letting them watch you excercise my son used to LOVE it I guess I can entertain some one :O)

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