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    REFERENCE YMCA special swim exercises...fees

    Check with the Y in your area. Many can let you come without paying, as they have a special fund for that.

    Some monies come from Arthritis Assoc. and some of it is donations. Arthritis assoc. also deals with Fibro somewhat and it is recognized by them.

    Every so often this is announced in our classes. No one knows who pays and who does not. It really makes no difference to anyone, they just want people to feel better.

    I know that a person to call at ours works the normal day shift, I have no idea of her Title there. Just call and ask to speak to someone in charge of special funds for the Arthritis class (or whatever the class is called there).Then ask if there is a special fund for folks that can not afford the swim exercise classes.

    It can get a little pricey for anyone on a fixed income and moreso when you have Drs. and meds to cover every month. Ours is the cheapest in the area that I know of and it is $3.00 a class...that can add up. They are more than glad to assist someone at ours. I do not think they ask many questions at all.
    I hope this helps someone...........Susan

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    Thanks for your back up. Arthritis Assoc. does help a lot. But I have been told that some businesses and individuals also contribute. Hardly anyone is using it. They want it to be used. Susan

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