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    I am sorry I did not get back to you re: the biopsy. I have yet been given an answer. They promised they (the Doc's office) would have him call today, but told me that it does state that they are still testing some other areas on the sample. I think I am gonna have to become Franny bad butt and go in there to see.
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    ooh, you just reminded me that someone I know was scheduled for tests, I think incl biopsy for today.

    I should call her tomorrow and see how she is. She was experiencing nipple discharge and her mother died of breast cancer at 65. but, according to my research on the net, that is not a huge risk factor due to the age and there are many benign causes of nipple discharge, esp medication and hormonal changes.

    This woman has had to wait quite some time to get into breast clinic due to SARS problem here in hospitals. gosh, a lot of people were delayed treatment of all sorts due to this SARS crisis. I am so glad not to be in the hospital right now. Visitors are still at least somewhat restriced and you really need a friend or family member to come and see you when you are in hosp, esp if anything you need. Can't rely on nurses or staff nowadays. you might just wait for hours.

    Anyways, I hope your stressful wait will be over soon. And I hope results are okay.

    Try to take good care of yourself and ready yourself for a fight if you have to [summon your troops and reinforce? your armaments!]

    Let me/us know.
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    He said it could be a week or more. It was like this the last time they took a chunk from me.
    Thanks for your concern