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    Okee dokee, let me start tell you about my rash on my thigh... It is a red plaque of sorts that is approx 4cm wide by 1.5cm long.. It has never itched, have had it for four years does end up becoming thicker at times but I never notice a "shedding" off.. I have had a biopsy in december with only "lymphatic infiltrate" seen. No RBCs/WBCs noted.. My June's biopsy is the same with the infiltrate and an added quote from pathologist of "reaction is probably reactive but without a definitive etiology." I am scheduled to have but one more biopsy in September against my better judgement (tired of it all).
    My question is do you guys have ANY ideas or hints as to what in the heck this is??? I asked about Jessners (because I did have a rash 10 years ago on my face that looked like a malar rash but was offed as rosacea) and they said no..
    Thank you!!!
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    Tinea Corporis. Trichophyton sp is usually the cause. It is pink-to-red papulosquamous annular plaques that have raised boarders, expand peripherally and tend to clear centrally. It is a lesion that responds to anti-fungal creams, lotions, or gels with imidazole, ciclopirox, naftifine, or terbinafine rubbed on twice a day. This is often misdiagnosed for many other things, including rosea. Resistant tinea corporis can be treated with Trichophyton rubrum. Also, it could be a type of yeast infection, (candidiasis) Did you have a culture done of it? Does this help? Goodday
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    Have had all antifungals tried. steroid cream also... none even changed it a little except steroidal cream did burn a little after the first week of use...
    Pathologist states they have tested for everything.. And yes the dermatologist is the one who did the biopsy..
    Argh, I do get soo tired of being poked and pried all the time..
    Thanks so much for all your help..