Yoga for CFIDS/FMS people?

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    I have been looking for a way to prayerfully exercise for some years, and have failed at everything I tried because of my weakness, pain, and bad knees. Last week I found out about a chiropractor in my area that teaches all levels of yoga, even yoga for the disabled. I went to one class (one on one) and I think that maybe I can do this. My question is: has anyone done yoga and how have you fared? I have heard that some people have broken bones and torn ligaments doing yoga. . I plan to be careful, but I have gotten so many good ideas from you all, that I thought I would ask. Thanks, Terry
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    and I find them to be extremely helpful. I think the key to a good experience is finding the right teacher. Mine asks each new person about any and all medical problems/conditions and then keeps those in mind when we are doing the poses. She walks around the room constantly, correcting our postures so we don't hurt ourselves. She also emphasizes that we are not competing with each other and to be careful not to overdo it. After each class, I feel very relaxed, yet somehow more energetic as well. I also enjoy the social interaction, as I don't get much of that these days. So, anyway, I say, give it a try!

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    You are so right. Yoga is all about finding a teacher that understands our limitations. Someone who is knowledgeable about not pushing us, but helping us find a way to give us increased flexibility and core strength. For 3 years I have practiced yoga and have found that my body is capable of so much more than I ever thought. Having FMS is not fun, but getting a high from yoga and learning all the exercises I really can do has done wonders for my self-esteem and core body strength. I am a much happier person and have found an inner peace from yoga that I never knew existed. Gentle yoga, allows me to understand all the physical things I can do and the ability to learn more in every class. Try it.
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    I took my first class before I was symtomatic...I am an off and on summer I spend my exercise time in a pool! But, now that summer is just about done here in the midwest...I will be back on the floor doing my poses again. The longer I stay at it..the more I can do , and the better I feel I did (after being sure I would keep up with it) invest in a mat, a strap, and bricks. They really help me do poses that I am too sore to do on my own. The equipment helps keep things aligned better. If you can find a beginners class, particularly with someone who works with arthritus and FMS people, that would be best. But some of the beginner hatha yoga classes are centered around the idea that older less able people are taking them. I was lucky as that was what my instructer focused on. There were only 2 young people in the class..the rest were all over couple in their 70's! I think it would be great to give it a try.
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    I have gotten away from it lately due to events in my life. I had a teacher that said she understood my condition, I would trust her and injured myself twice. I went to someone else who did gentler poses. I just lay there when they start the poses that hurt. I would force myself to go and I would actually be rid of pain when I left. It is on my to-do list to start going again. I need group support or I won't keep it up.
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    Even though I have to be one of the most unflexible people around, I found YOGA to be amazing. The key is to explain your condition to the teacher so they are aware and will help you. Do everything in moderation and don't overstretch and you will prevail!

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    I have a 'beginners' yoga video and for the most part, I do well using it. If I am sore after doing it, I usually find it is gone by the next day. If my back acts up, I wait 24 hours before doing it again, and try to ease up with what I think caused the pain

    I have a video of gentle stretching exercises and I like it also. after each of them, I feel more relaxed as well as proud of myself! It doesn't take much, these days! LOL


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    Good advice/comments above, would only add t be sure to engage your mind first. It is not important you reach the extent of each posture, but to use the correct technique even if you only achieve 1/4 of the pose. In the beginning of each move, engage your mind and "scan" your muscles, when starting to go into the posture, continue to monitor you muscles and learn from them. Yoga is never forced when done properly. The folks who hurt themselves are attempting to look like the instructor or picture in the book at all cost. It takes years, sometimes never, to achieve the "perfect" stance. That should not be your goal. Enjoy the journey. Fondly, June