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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by sara261, Aug 29, 2005.

  1. sara261

    sara261 New Member

    does it work/help
    have cfs suffer from hot feet and pains in both legs especially below knee sometimes difficult to move
    currently not taking anything as doctor thinks cfs is all in the mind
    any ideas??
  2. vloga

    vloga New Member

    Hi Sara.

    I've had it for over 15 years; have tried most things. It depends on how you're feeling. Yoga will open up the energy lines and help get rid of toxins. I found it helped how I felt, helped me to sleep, livened me up. The pay-back though was that I wanted to sleep for up to 2 days afterwards. Sometimes the pain was worse. If you're not working, it will probably help you enormously. If you do work, try and get a class where you don't have to work the next day (eg Friday night or Saturday.

    What it will do is make you feel better about yourself, which can't be bad!

    Sorry to hear you have an unhelpful GP. Print off the latest genetic research & take it to him. If that doesn't work, write to the Royal London Homeopathic Hospital, Great Ormond St, London (tel 0207 391 8833). They take referrals via GPs or hospitals, but will also take patients direct if they can't get their GP support. They've helped me enormously, and have a lot of CFS/ME/CFIDS patients on their list. They can also assess you, which may help with your GP.

    All the best

  3. Adl123

    Adl123 New Member

    Dear Sara,
    I've heard that Yoga can really help. Personally, I found the kickback pain too much for me. Also, I can't get down on the floor, or anything like that.

    There is a video available called "Yoga for the Rest of Us". It shows a class pf primarily older people, with limited movement abilities. If this fits you, you might try it. It also shows how to do poses using chairs.

    What I find helplful are gentle streches, lifting free weights, and Chi Gung, (the Five Organ Healing routine). I don't do anythng for along period of time - maybe 5 minutes or so, every other day.

    Good luck,
  4. davebhoy

    davebhoy New Member

    if you are in london there are a few classes every week that are really good. there's also a yoga for health foundation, i think its callede that, in bedfordshire that offers week-long courses that are really good as a start or even if you already do it.

    fiona agombar (sp?) is really good on yoga for m.e. she has written a book which is excellent. i am not sure of the title but can find out if you want.

    anglela stevens in antoher person who is very good on yoga for m.e. she has a website that i am sure you'll find if you google, where she sells tapes and stuff. if you email her she is pretty good at gettgin back to you and really friendly and helpful

    you have to be careful with yoga and m.e. it can be very taxing if you are not careful, i have overdone it a few times and had relapses as a result. it doesnt feel like you are doing much but it can be pretty strenuous. if you are thinking of starting i would really recommend going to a class specifically for m.e. - many yoga teachers say they understand that you need to take things easy but they dont really get it. failing that the two ladies i mentioned are a very good place to start.

    it does help - it wont necessarily solve specific problems quickly but if you stay at it it really is good.

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