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    I read the previous post about yoga, but have another question about it. Will yoga also help you lose weight? I've put some pounds on this winter. Almost every winter I put on at least 5 pounds, but this year i've put on at least 10. I don't feel healthy. I mean the FM makes me feel unhealthy, but this added weight to my 5 foot 3, petite body makes me feel very unhealthy, and i've just started my "only 1 sweet treat per day" diet. (i had been pigging out on the sweets, and i know that's what has added to my weight and stomach isssues). So, does yoga stretching also help you lose weight????
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    Thanks! I didn't think it would help, but I guess i was being hopeful!! lol! I'll start the yoga anyway, cause stretching does help!
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    is not going to make you lose weight but its not going to hurt you. But Yoga if done correctly will infact help you to become leaner and stronger. It will turn your fat into lean muscle and make you lose weight by burning A LOT of calories. But to get the best results you have to do vinyasa or some type of more of an aerobic yoga where you are constanly but slowly (flowing) from one stretching position to another.. It can be quite difficult and strenuous at times but there are beginner classes. You get better and more flexible each time you do yoga. I used to be a Yoga junkie (pre sickness)..You could get a beginner dvd if you are up for it. And always remember the trick to losing weight it "energy in must equal energy out".
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    I have had some pretty intense workouts from it. Worked up quite a sweat, especially in the summer months and ended up sore the next day. It's just a matter of pacing and the types of poses you do. The sun salutation is one that will really get the blood pumping.

    Also, stress causes a person to put on weight, yoga acts to remove/counteract the stress, there by allowing you to loose weight that way too.

    The act of flushing toxins from the body is also another way yoga helps in weight loss. The twisting, bending, flexing and relaxing the muscles squeeze the toxins out of the muscles and organs so they can be flushed through the proper channels of elimination, breath, sweat, urination and excretion.

    Lastly, when your body starts feeling better, you start feeling good about yourself and have a tendency to start taking better care of yourself. If you smoke, you think about quitting, if your diet is less than desirable, you start eating better. The result is a healthier lifestyle in many different forms, which can include weight loss.
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