Yoga tapes needed to reduce stress for teen

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by HollyannC, Apr 19, 2007.

  1. HollyannC

    HollyannC New Member

    This is my first day on these boards. My 14 year old son was confirmed Fibromyalgia last week by a pediatric rheumatologist. Although we kind of expected it, it's a blow to say the least.

    He is somewhat high anxiety and when he has a lot going on, he needs to learn how to calm down. We have seen a counselor and unfortunately, so far, he has dismissed the idea of imagery, deep breathing, etc.

    We tried yoga last year and he liked it, but I'd like a DVD to do at home. Does anyone know of a good yoga DVD to relieve stress?

    Any other ideas?

    Thanks so much for any thoughts.

  2. LouiseK

    LouiseK New Member

    Gaiam Brand has good ones. Also Sounds True Brand -- he might enjoy Rodney Yee's Yoga Videos (he's made a billion of them) since he is a young guy -- maybe more interesting than looking at a "mom" sort of person doing yoga.

    Chi Kung which is an ancient Chinese discipline encompassing movement as well as other things would
    also be worth looking at for him. I researched the videos and found that Qigong Beginning Practice with Francesco and Daisy Lee-Garripoli is supposed to be great. It's one CD of moves and one explaining everything about Chi Qong. You might tell him that ChiQong is where all the martial arts came from -- Tai Chi and the rest.

    It might be worth searching for a video with a teenage or young adult instructor too. Just a thought.

    He will get the breathing exercises he needs through the yoga or chi Gong.

    Best wishes.
  3. HollyannC

    HollyannC New Member

    Thanks Louise,
    Those are all good ideas! I'll start searching for them. Fortunately my son is not one to be embarassed by going to Yoga class (as long as his friends don't see him), but having a man or another teen teach it is a super idea.

  4. LouiseK

    LouiseK New Member

    a slow Half mile walk with your son everyday would get him breathing and relaxed and a little exercise. Of course the conversation would have to stay light . . .real light (something I always fail at with my daughter)meaning not about him. Politics or movies, you know.

    Anyway, that's what I would do. Also, the yoga which is a life skill as far as I'm concerned rather than just an exercise. I just feel bad about what he's going through. My daughter has fibro and a low-grade CFS and she is only 20.
  5. rockyjs

    rockyjs Member

    I love my Y-Dan DVD taught by Chris Wong who is a certified fitness trainer (very buff, looks like a martial arts instructor!). It was the only exercise program I was able to tolerate after West Nile encephalitis and the resulting neuropathy and fibromyalgia.

    If you do a search you can find a couple of sources on the Internet. Here's a brief description.


    The function and the nature of Y-DAN, as a part of another ancient system known as Qigong, is based on the key component of Traditional Chinese Medicine called "Chi," which means the body's energy flow.

    Blood circulation, vitality, and overall energy are all enhanced with good Chi. When Chi flows well throughout the body disease never takes root.

    Having said that, one of the best ways to improve Chi is through a proper and safe, physical movement of the blood. That's exactly what Y-DAN is all about!

    Often compared to T'ai-Chi, another form of Chinese gentle exercise, Y-DAN, however, has a few different features. It is considerably:

    *safer, with no potential for injury

    *less complex, with lower levels of internal work and intense breathing

    *simpler, focused on straightforward physical movements of various joints and muscles

    *easier to learn and grasp, with only 19 movements (as opposed to 108 Taoist T'ai-Chi movements).

    As a matter of fact, Y-DAN used to be called the "100 Days Exercise," meaning that you could learn the entire exercise and experience its benefits within 100 days.
  6. HollyannC

    HollyannC New Member

    We did start practicing to walk the 1/2 PF Chang marathon in January. So far we are just walking 1/2 hour briskly on his good days and not at all on his off days. The Rheumatologist said walking and swimming were the best exercise for him to do and that he needs to build up his abs because it will help his back. That is a good suggestion to keep the conversation light. We are looking for a counselor to help him to reduce his anxiety and stress. I feel bad for your daughter. I know this takes a toll psychologically too - especially on the young ones who are still figuring out who they are.

    Also, I'll look up that DVD. It sounds great!


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