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  1. STML

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    Hi everyone, how are u all? After a couple of days of being fed up, i decided to buy fiona agombar's 'beat fatigue with yoga' - (shes a previous m.e. suffere) book and get a cd on beginners yoga poses.obviously you can't acheive what healthy others do but if your'e struggle or do struggle coping day in with the physical and mental stress of m.e. the breathing in the poses really does chill u and help, i was such a cynic but converted

    i'm just learning one/two poses at beginning and practicing them over, can't do the complicated yet (bending over moving head around wouldn't advise- i'm about stage 30 on that cfs rating health wise), wouldn't advise, as dreadied nausea kicks in ,

    anyway not for all but don't dismiss like i did i feel like i've come down off the stress plane

    take care evryone STMLx
  2. Fudge43

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    STMLx .. glad to hear more positive input for simple yoga .. it really does help .. keeps me almost upright and going a bit further each day ! : )
  3. BethM

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    yoga, yes! you are wise to start slowly. I recently started a class after a very long absence from yoga, didn't stop to THINK at all, ended up flaring because I simply did too much and pushed too hard. (I have FMS)

    After a talk with the instructor, she is modifying the poses for me, which worked very well at the last class. Still stressful on my body, but in the long run, I believe yoga will help me regain the grace and strength I once had.

    I may set up one or two private sessions with my instructor, to help me set up a home practice, too.

    Yoga just makes sense to me, physically, spiritually, psychologically. If you can find a class to join, being around 'yoga minded people' is healing, too.


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