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    Carol -

    I try to do my yoga daily and it seems to help with stiffness. The first few days I started I was really sore, so I did it every other day until the soreness went away. Then I started doing it everyday.

    Just be sure to pick a tape or video that is for beginners and is very gentle stretching. If you can't do a certain pose, don't force yourself or feel bad. Just keep trying and it will get better as your muscles get more used to it.

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    around the time I figured out I was being abused by my ex husband. It was a sort of therapy. At the time, I had lost quite a bit of weight (Adkin's diet) and was undiagnosed with CFIDS, Fibro, etc. The yoga was therapeutic in many different ways.

    It was the first time in my life that I was almost completely pain free, the TMJ went away totally, and I was much more able to deal with stress.

    Yoga helps loosen up tight muscles, working the lactic acid and stress out of them. (which I feel was the cause of the TMJ) It puts the body back into alignment. It helps with scoliosis and other back issues. It helps move the lymph fluid out of the nodes so that it does not get stagnant due to the bending, twisting, relaxing and contracting of the muscles. It makes you sleep better and have more energy. It gets you in touch with your body so you can relax the mind, preparing you for meditation.

    If possible, I would suggest finding a beginners class. You can explain your physical issues with the instructor so they can suggest alternate poses for you to do if needed. They can also suggest poses that would be most helpful for your illnesses.

    I practiced a Sivanada style of yoga, but yet you can experience a pretty good workout from it as well. It's one of the gentle styles. A couple of good books on this style are The Sivanada Companion to Yoga, and Yoga Mind and Body. The company Gaiam produces many good tapes and DVD's on yoga, although its a bit different style, Iyengar (sp?) I believe, but another good one for those looking for a gentle practice.

    I loved the practice so much and progressed to an advanced student that I pursued a teaching certification in it. Unfortunately, a serious injury has caused me to give the practice up but I am contemplating the process of rehabilitating my body back to where it was before. The TMJ is coming back, the scoliosis is acting up again, various pains have re-appeared and I really miss the feeling of space, ease and relaxation in my body. I feel like my body has shrunk and tightened up everywhere like a dried up old

    THE MOST IMPORTANT rule about doing any yoga is, if it hurts, STOP! You are only supposed to feel a gentle tension, no intense burning or pain. Hold it there for a few seconds, take a few breaths to relax the muscles then go a SMIDGE farther and hold. This is how you progress. Go at your own pace, don't worry that you cannot bend into a pretzel like the people on the videos. Most of them weren't able to do the poses exactly as they show in the videos when they first started either. It takes time and practice to get to the point they are. It will come. I went from a being person that could almost touch the floor with my fingertips doing a forward bend to someone that could put flat palms on the floor and for another pose, one foot behind my head.

    Practice while watching tv, practice while doing the dishes, practice before going to bed, practice in the morning. (it's easier to start with an evening practice though, the muscles in your body aren't as stiff.) One great sequence to do every day is the Sun Salutation. It flexes most of the major muscles in the body so if you are pushed for time, a few rounds of the sun salutation will suffice.

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    is that it works for you jam! Most stretching moves comes from yoga poses anyway. It doesn't have to be a seriously worked out program in order for it to work, and you found what works for you.

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