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    How are you doing with the immune care 64? I am praying for you lady and hope you are tolerating it with out trouble. I just switched from immunec to the immune 64
    myself . I am going to keep the dose low for a while .
    Have you had the flu like symptoms so far ? Hope your headaches are not recurring- .
    keep us posted .

  2. CelticLadee

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    Haven't been around for several days so sorry didn't see your message until now.

    My hubby came down with a cold/flu virus last Mon. by Wed. I joined him. Ugh! I catch everything these days. This has been the only downside to TF so far for me. I didn't use to catch anything and that was nice.

    Anyway... I started 3 caps of IC64 last Thurs. Inspite of having this other sickness my CFIDS symptoms have lessened. If it weren't for this cold I would feel very good. Yesterday I cleaned the office and washed windows! Unbelievable! I grin everytime I find myself doing things I couldn't do before. It is amazing!

    My low grade fevers are gone now ... I think that was the extent of my flu like reaction to it. It is hard to say which aches and pains, etc. came from the cold/flu virus I have now though. My neck and upper back have been aching. May partly be from cleaning too. I'm out of shape.

    Overall I feel well with periods of being energetic. So far no headache. Hoping, hoping, hoping this continues!

    I hope and pray that you have a very good response to IC64 too. It is such an uplift to actually have something make you feel better. You deserve it! We all do!

    You are wise to take it slow. Do not progress taking more caps unless you feel good. When you feel good then progress. If you progress and it is to much than back down again. Be kind to yourself.

    Keep me posted as to how you are doing ok?

  3. spacee

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    Happy to hear that you are both having positive results...my prayers too that it keeps on, keeping on!


  4. CelticLadee

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    Thanks Spacee...

    Yes, it is such a relief... I hope it lasts forever too!
    I haven't felt this good since I got sick a couple years ago. I am very grateful for every moment of well being! I can't believe how good the last 3 weeks have been for me. Even last week when I came down with the cold/flu virus my hubby had I wasn't as miserable... the CFIDS fatigue, etc. didn't get a hold of me as much. It will be interesting to see long term what happens.

    Are you still taking full dose of ImmuneC? It has been what now... 6 months? Are you staying on ImmuneC indefinitely or do you have other plans?


    ANNXYZ New Member

    How long were you on the Immune care before you began to see a little improvement ? I have been on one capsule a day for almost a week . I feel fluish and crummy
    and very tired . I will definitely NOT go to 2 capsules til everything my body adjusts and it gets a little easier .
    Did you feel worse for a while when you started ? I will definitely stick with it and give it lots of time .
    I am envious that some people seem to start feeling better
    fairly soon. are there any clues that tell us if it is likely to work in our own personal case ? Do most people notice a little improvement within a month?
    CL , I am praying for you . I do not want you to have a return of the head pain.
    I sure hope this IC 64 works for me eventually.
  6. spacee

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    I have been taking the IMC for about 8 months. I tried the TF100 for 10 days but it took me about 20 days to get back to feeling by "best". So I won't take it by itself again. (However, I will say that it made me feel as well as Kutapressin did so I am not negative about it..just doesn't do as well as the IMC for me).

    I am not at home right now. I had some labs done about a month ago. I called the doc and I hope that I have copies of the labs waiting for me when I get home and I will post.

    Yes, I do believe after taking it for this long that I will have to take it for life.
    When I left home a couple of weeks ago, I forgot to bring the TF and was without it for a couple of days. I was fine for the 2 but by the next morning I knew I would have had a bad day except the TF had arrived by mail. (I hated to say..."insure it for $400" when I called to have it mailed).

  7. CelticLadee

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    Hi Annxyz,

    I'm sorry you aren't feeling very well. The brochure with ImmuneCare 64 does say you can expect to feel flu like symptoms for a couple of weeks. Have you called the 800 number to talk to a representative? Maybe they have some tips for you.

    My experience has been marred by my getting a cold/flu virus from my hubby. The first week on 1 capsule I could feel a very good reaction. Started feeling more well and had more energy. The second week I began 2 capsules and other than a very slight fatigue and achy for a few hours I felt well and had energy. The whole time I was running a low grade fever however. The third week I started 3 capsules but since by then I had this cold/flu virus it has been hard to determine what symptom is caused from what.

    I still feel the wellness and more energy but it has leveled out. I'm not increasing in them. I have had a lot of back aches and jaw aches this week. Pressure in my ears too but this all may be from this flu. My hubby also has my symptoms except for the back & jaw aches. We both started with a very sore burning throat and then the head cold and tiredness came after a couple of days.

    I wish I knew if these body aches are from the transfer factor & CFIDS or this flu I caught. I'm hoping when I get over this flu I will begin climbing again feeling even more energy and wellness.

    Nevertheless, I am on 3 capsules daily and will continue with them and see how it goes the next few months. No sign of that dreadful headache, thank the Lord! I just cannot bear it, but hopefully looks like I won't have too. smile.

    I hope you will began to feel better soon. I'm sorry to hear that you're not having an easier time of it. I know how much you want to feel better not worse. Please keep in touch and let me know how you do.

    Also call the 800 number if you need some more support. I have heard they are very helpful and they know a lot more than I do. I'm like you ... just trying to figure out how to get better.

    My prayers are with you and I will check back to see how you are doing later.
  8. CelticLadee

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    Sorry I got cut off before I replied to you.
    I wanted to thank you for your response.
    It is very interesting how one TF will make you feel
    sick and another will make you feel well.
    It is hard for me to want to experiment right now and
    try another TF that would be less expensive. I feel so
    tired of being so sick and want to coast on this good
    response to ImmuneCare64 for a couple of months I think.
    It is hard to fork out all this money every month but we
    manage. My hubby is very supportive.
    Yes, I do suppose we will end up taking TF for the rest of
    our lives unless they come up with something better. I'm just so thankful we have this relief now.
    Hope you continue to have better days.