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Discussion in 'Spirituality/Worship' started by Takesha, Aug 19, 2003.

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    How are you doing this morning? Hey guess what? Gail, from Daily Journal wrote last night and this is what she said. "When I hear stories about the ministry reaching others I am feel very blessed. Thank Danny for me too - that is so wonderful! I would be happy to have you share the Daily Journey - I only ask that my name as author and the web site name be included as the messages are copyrighted.
    So at the beginning or end..just say written by Gail publisher of the Daily Journey (or something like that)...I hope this is good news for you this morning! So just post away (only don't add the URL address...grin) Love you my brother
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    So that means I can copy and paste the daily journal.
    Well let me ask another question, should have asked this before. Can I email individuals with the website to their personal email.

    God bless you Takesha.
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    I think the the "deal" is that if we are allowed to post the URL's it could be taken as a promotion, and we need to be nuetral in that area. But if you have someones email address or they want to give you there address go ahead. I have a personal address listed in my profile. I don't use that address very often, and I figure that if it gets a lot of junk mail it's okay, but Mikie and Shirl warn us about posting our email addresses on here, but it isn't forbidden. Post at your own risk I think is the warning.
    Hope to see the daily Journey posts soon...even tho I get them myself.
    Have a great day.