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    hi all im from uk im just wondering if any of you have spots in mouth,i have them all the time but when im in a flare they become really sore,I was talking to someone in chat room and they said they could be fever spots but i have not heard of them as any of you.It seems that the USA knows more about this complaint (fibro)than people in UK.I was diagnosed in 1991 but just finished work in January with ill health and it seems to me every time i have a flare there is somthing different everytime now its allover my body including my feet were it goes next ill never know ive got other complaints as well as this including arthritis/and ME.But the best medicine of all is laughter.I attend a support group over here which is very good as you can get to know other people with fibro. Then you know it is not in your head.thank you for looking at my problem kath from yorkshire
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    Hi Kath
    sorry to hear about your spots in mouth. i had sores on my gums the other week after a REALLY bad sore throat. they were on my tongue and gums and i could not eat or speak so i lost weight too.I also have M.E (CFS)and arthritis like you so i know how painful it is.
    I tried allkinds of meds, throat lozenges and lemon and honey, everything but it has to take its course.
    Hope u feel better soon.Maybe someone here will have better ideas of what u can take for those sores.
    take care

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    thanks rena for repling to my post.but i have tried honey and lemon and all meds.last time i got theses spots i was sent to my dentist,that dint help either only £160 worse off for new dentures never wore them. thanks kath from uk