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Discussion in 'Spirituality/Worship' started by caffey, Feb 21, 2007.

  1. caffey

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    Thanks so much for all the birthday greetings. It really gave me a boost. It truly was a good time had by all. Kitty looks a little out of sorts this morning. I think she got into the snickers cake. ( The cake is chocolate with chocolate icing with peanuts on top and drizzled with caramel. Surprisingly it was not too sweet). So today I am in sugar withdrawal. Man do I feel rough. Better push the water. Pepper and Bandwoman saw on ctv with Lloyd Robertson talking about your wheelchair race. He had never seen anything like that lol. Again it was good to lighten up and forget the world for a day. Blessings on you all. Who's party is next?
  2. bandwoman

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    is in August and I am inviting everyone from the board for my big party. It will be my 25th birthday. That is my story and I'm sticking with it. I tell my younger students that I am 150 years old and they just sort of look at me and feel sorry for me. LOL

    When I play my clarinet I have this retainer type of thing I have played with for many years to protect my inside of my lip after hours of playing. I would wear this thing when I teach and this one student told me several years later that she used to feel sorry for me because she thought I had NO TEETH!

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    Hi Cath

    So glad you enjoyed your Birthday Blessings

    You have a special day the day you were born and God brought you into being, that is a blessed day and I am glad made you

  4. Lms526

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    My birthday is May 26th. I will be 31 this year. I'm way past the point of being excited about another birthday. But who knows? Hopefully it will be a good day.

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    My birthday is May 2 and I praise God and am thankful for every birthday I get. The next one will be a personal milestone for me so I'll be ready for a big party. I'll be 46 years young.

    I hope Kitty is back to normal now after all the!! She probably needs to lay off the wild catnip....:) lol!!

    Have a great day Cath.
    TN Nancy