You All have saved my life on this

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    Hi All,
    My name is cindy liteflames , I'v been on this Board for mth's give addvise when i can help
    WHAT ,I wan"t say is , I guss I would be considerd a leerker!!!!! I'm not ,Don't remember how I found this Board ,And it has given me such a Better Filling abought my self,,
    the post abought us being Hero's ( I loved it, somtimes ,when my Head get's crazy w/ often happen's
    I have to step away ,from the Board , Can"t even deal w/ Myself !!!!! TO Mad Wolf & wife I thinks you"r married???
    You -r- so Devoted to helping us ,As we help each other ,I Must say ,THANK GOD For you, I hope you all understand ,I Know you do , some time"s I just can't handle reading ,,,abought All the pain that go"s w/ this DD
    But I pray for us All every night
    God bless.. once i figure how to put my pitcher in I will, So thear"s a face behind my writing
    love cindy
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    Glad to see you post and don't feel bad about those "foggy" times as you are in good company, we all seem to be familiar with that. Those times that you are having trouble dealing with yourself have you ever visited the chit-chat board? If not please do, there is alot of funny things to laugh at and a whole different forum. Sometimes we just need a break from all the heavy stuff that goes with these illnesses. Thank you too for your contributions . Glad you are one of us! Have a great day!

    love, Rebel
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    Glad to hear we have helped you, and know that you have helped us too.
    We are like a tapestry around here, each one of us contribuates to the over all pattern to make the whole.

    Post whenever you can, we all appreciate one another.
    Will be looking forward to seeing your picture too.

    Take care..............

    Shalom, Shirl

    PS. I just read your profile, I see your husband has a 1985 Camero, that must be beautiful in purple, my favorite color!
    My son has an 1985 Camero too, his is the factory red (or is that orange???). He loves it.

    I love Classic cars, my favorite would be the Thunderbirds, I have owned four of them!
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    LITEFLAMES New Member

    Thankyou , for righting back, yes i have went a couple of times to the chat room, I did join in it was Grate!!!!!!!
    the other times i couldn"t Sleep & no one else was on ,
    But I'm so thankfull, It's thear,
    also abought my hubby"s camero , It"s Tubed Out
    We cruz in summer ,I have a 79 Trans Am, Mustang Laser Red ,(But Purple is my favorite color also, I had a thunderbird yr's ago ,LOVED IT < THANKYOU Lady's for responding,Ijust got new family photo's in ,I'LL
    have my husband help me get one on
    Also i have 4 kids 9, 10 ,15 ,21 the 9 &10 yr old are still home of corse Sooo It's hard to get on the chit chat when thear around ,hubby works 10pm to 7am, SO When he's home ,like all children ,,,Must have my undivided focus,,,
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    The board is so valuable to all of us because it convinces us that if we're nuts, there's a LOT of nuts out there with us! Loved your post..Jo Ellen