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    You have been throught the mill-as my Grandma used to say. My Doctor wants me to have a colonoscopy-I am kind of chicken. My blood pressure was a little high-last time in the dr. office. I think it is better now. I also take Xanax and other meds. I would just as soon have them if I could. What was in your cocktail? I don't want to be put under-just twilight sleep. I'm sorry, you had to have that polyp removed-but it's a blessing to have it out. can't believe you had that other test done a few days prior-WOW!! Take it easy-you'll be back before you know it and just let it "rip""!! You have given me courage! Peace,Mastersinger
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    It's a very fast acting sedative and you will awaken feeling rested. This is nothing like a general anesthesia for a more serious procedure. The prep and the farts are the worst part :) My polyps were pre-cancerous, so I'm glad I did it. It probably saved my life. Same with PAP smear. I had a pre-cancerous lesion removed from my cervix. We need to remember to keep up with our preventive care no matter how much we all have learned to hate doctores and procedures. If I had to face cancer on top of what I'm already dealing with, I'm not sure I would make it.

    Love, Mikie
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    Having had two generations before me pass away from colon cancer, my Dr. had been telling me for years to get a colonoscopy. Finally in Dec. I had mine and all is well. The worse part for me was drinking the gallon jug of cocktail prior to going to the hospital for the procedure. Also, I was told to go ahead and take my meds for the morning. My drinking started at 6 a.m. and I was to be done by noon. Mine was a powder mixture and had to be diluted in water. Well, I was done drinking in time to make it to the hospital but not done with the bathroom!!! I was a little late and they were waiting on me!!!! I was put into a twilight sleep via IV and it was over with in a half hour. I was on my way home 45 min. after it was done. Amazing and I don't remember a thing except for the taste of the drink. Others have said that they took several pills and then a drink at the hospital. I guess there are several ways to prep for it, depends on the Dr. and whether you have a colonoscopy or just the sigmoidoscopy, which only looks at the lower end of the bowl. At least that is what I was told. I figured with my genes, I better get the whole things examined. I have seven surviving siblings (one died from a rare form of bone cancer) and all but 2 of us have been checked. I would hightly recommend having it done as it is not at all painful. Especially considering the daily pain we endure anyway.
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    The "bowel prep" as they refer to it the night before is the worst part!!!

    I had my procedure with just a Demerol IV. Normally my gastro guy gives a Demerol/Valium cocktail, but I have a paradoxical reaction to Valium IV (does the opposite--tried to have some minor nose surgery with one years ago---not pretty!! Had to switch to general anesthesia) Anyway, even with just Demerol, it was fine! Because you are all woozy, you lose all concept of time. My procedure had no complications & actually took about 15-20 minutes-----but it seemed like only 5 minutes to me!

    The best part is instant results; they can tell you if you are fine right away, or remove polyps or other problems, etc.----in other words, you aren't waiting days or weeks for answers like so many tests.

    Good luck, give yourself plenty of recovery time. You'll do fine!