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    I wrote a huge thank you to all of you earlier,but I guess I didn't click ont the Post button!I just got off the phone with my Naturopath Dr.,he's getting me in Friday for accupunture. I also have a massage tomorrow.She uses massage,plus stone therapy,plus trigger pt.therapy.Its wonderful.I want to thank all of you for your words of support. I guess its just so hard to deal with the fact that no matter what I do to help the disease,it will never go away totally or be much better than it is now. I just feel like my life has been taken from me.I had my childhood taken and now my adult life sucks because of this disease. Don't get me wrong, I DO have many blessings that Im thankful for,my husband and home,my animals,my sister,and so on, but its getting harder to hang on,this gets REALLY old after 20 years of it.Tired of the feeling good for a short time,to just go back to feeling SO exhausted,weak and short of breath just walking across the room,to name a few of the wonderful affects of CFS/FM. My animals are a mixed blessing 0f sorts- I cant emagine life without them,but taking care of so many is very hard most days. I feel like I was put here to care for as many animals as I can,and with all these health problems, I just cant do what I used to. Also dealing with going threw the worst menopause EVER!!! Thats another hell all its own. I realize many people have much worse problems,but I dont think we should minamalize our own problems because there is worse out there. We all have our own cross to bear.The one person sounded like I wrote her letter- as I also have adhesions,PTSD,shoulder problems,and so on. I just want to enjoy life,I feel like its slipping away so fast,and Im not fofilling mine like I would like to.I cant even work on my art when I feel sick,just to depressed,and cant concentrate. Even reading is to hard. Well, enough griping for one day. Thank you so much everyone!!
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    Bumping - sorry your post was lost here on 11/15. I don't know what happened. I notice many posts on 11/15 were not answered. Sorry again..

    Thank you for the wonderful post. I read your bio - I am also part native american indian, not sure of percentage. My great grandmother was full blood Delaware Indian. I believe also called Lenape.

    Your cabin home looks beautiful!!! What an accomplishment.

    Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving..

    (your artwork looks fabulous - my gosh you are so talented).
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