"you call that a flare? THIS is a flare!"

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by phenom, Mar 21, 2003.

  1. phenom

    phenom New Member

    ok ok so i ripped off crocodile dundee - i'm an aussie, couldn't help it.

    until today i had thought that i'd had probably 3 flares (2 prior to dx, 1 after). now i'm thinking those were just bad days, coz i swear THIS is one! if this is what y'all are talking about when you flare - my god!

    in the last week; my pain has tripled, even breathing hurts. my right arm went into spasms for half an hour (my arm looked like i had cerebal palsy or something) and i couldn't stop rocking back and forth (freaked me out). my fog has tripled too - i got lost in my own suburb TWICE! had no idea where i was or how to get where i was going. i travel these streets a few times a day. and today, after about 7 years of touch-typing (no peeking) i forgot where the letter 'C' was on the keyboard. had to go through each one til i found it. and i can't spell either.

    all this has left me so depressed and anxious (not knowing what was happening to me). i went to the doc and she said i could get an MRI done but she didn't think it necessary, prob part of fibro. she also suggested i check myself in to a pysch hospital for a "rest".

    phew - that was a long one - just had to tell someone, coz i'm needing validation that i'm not alone. and that i'm gonna be ok. i can't turn my head offf either - and its not saying very nice things :-/

  2. Bigfoot

    Bigfoot New Member

    A psych hospital?? Come on! I'm so sick of doctors telling us we're going nuts. I'm sure this is a flare you're having. Sounds a lot like mine. So sorry you have to go through this, but hang in there and keep reading this board. It will help. Hope you feel better soon. Dave
  3. turtis

    turtis New Member

    Im new here so humor me and tell me what a freaking herxer is :)

  4. Lendi

    Lendi New Member

    Sounds just like me in a CFS flair. I get lost, too. Acutally, you made me feel a little better to know I'm not the only one who gets lost in familiar territory. Hang in there, rest. It will get better if you do. Hugs, Lendi
  5. phenom

    phenom New Member

    i though a herx was a reaction to a med where you get a bit worse before you start getting better? i'm not on any meds though - so i don't think thats whats going on.

    glad to hear i'm not the only one and that y'all think i'm NOT going crazy.

  6. VickyB

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    I have pain that is so bad that it catches when I take a breath so I know what you are talking about. I have gotten lost when going on simple errands too, this can be frightening. Are you taking anything to help your anxiety??
    When I try to go off of my medication-my anxiety gets really bad so I know I have to stay on them even though I hate taking antidepressants. You are NOT alone!! I know exactly what you are talking about. ((HUGS))
  7. Achy-shaky

    Achy-shaky New Member

    See about getting some meds for anxiety and if it takes going to a shrink that's fine because it will help out if you want to ever file for SS disability. I finally had to accept the fact I needed help for depression when the pain got so bad I was thinking of taking too many pills. If it wasn't for antidepressant I'm on now (Celexa) I'd be going literally nuts with all the worries in my life right now.

    You are not alone - the flare will let up and you will feel better. What helped me the most was accepting and fighting for what is best for me - we are all so different and it will be a slow process so don't expect to get all the answers right away. This message board will help...it has a wealth of info and the best place for support.

    Hugs & Blessings!
  8. pam_d

    pam_d New Member

    The anxiety is always worse for me than the actual flare itself! Over time I am learning to quiet my anxiety and try to see the patterns in these darn flares, so I can work my way through them and not panic too much in the process. I hope you are gradually feeling better. You are definitely not alone!

    Calm Hugs,