You can get 'the fatigue' Second Hand

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    Yesterday I heard of a woman who came down with debilitating FATIGUE... Chronic Fatigue after an ariplane ride from Fairbanks, Alaska to IL. She had a horrible cough and enlarged, sore throat. and HORRIBLE FATIGUE. Diagnosed in Dec, 1995 ... & is very fortunate to be alive. From what she shared, I strongly suspect that she was exposed 'second hand' by the person she was sitting next to. They can be expelling this chemical in their breath ... and it can get into the eyes of someone else. She did confirm that her eyes burned & hurt horribly at that time, too.

    Another woman shared with me that she lost her sense of taste and smell after an airplane ride from Hawaii to Fairbanks. Some years later she could tell that she was eating something sweet, but not whether or not it was chocolate.

    A man shared with me about horrible fatigue (stay in bed fatigue) ... after a lengthy couple of days at the dentist's office.

    Gulf war vets will tell you that their spouses & children born before they were deployed to Kuwait ... upon their return home ... these came down with 'the syndrome' too.

    By the way, gulf war vets are no more harmed than the general population, per a nurse at Walter Reed Army Medical Center ... except for ALS. Since I suspect 2-butoxyethanol as the cause of the syndrome ... I suspect ALS is the most exposure to this chemical compared to all the other things on the autoimmune list. I think that the difference is that they were exposed to a lot of this type of chemical ... and what happened to them was not so much something different ... but the effects are sped up & more obvious ... but not different than the general population.

    Did you know that Diabetes and ALS & Chronic Fatigue are suspected to be autoimmune issues?


    What could black urine mean?

    MSDS info on 2-butoxyethanol:

    Diagnostic helps ...

    Overexposure 'looks like' the flu

    2-butoxyethanol is a complex type of alcohol.
    I think some day they will develop a breatholizor for it,
    to prevent what happened to you ... from happening to others

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