You can kill a body

Discussion in 'Spirituality/Worship' started by chinassa, Oct 16, 2002.

  1. chinassa

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    BUT you can't kill a soul.My prayer is they get the washington dc area killer soon.Those he has taken this life from,he can never take their soul.Never.
    Im praying this world would be more unselfish during this time and forever more.God Bless the entire world.
  2. Cactuslil

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    I've been down some the last couple of weeks and am perusing what has been going on. I'm not familiar w/your name but I've been coming to the IS.Forums for going on 3-years now. I too worry about what I call the suburb.

    We truly must be prayful over the situation of man. While it is true a soul is in whatever state it is when death occurs and surely random snipers, bombers on planes carrying unsuspecting non-military personnel lay down their mortal life and the soul is what the soul has grown to be for that person.

    Scripture says "...fear not he who can kill the body but rather he that can kill the soul..."

    I have a 10 year old son I home school; I know even being homeschooled his soul is in danger from that which is evil; even watching the sniper and many sorrowful things happening in the middle east, such can desensitize until the soul is killed.

    It is my prayer that something, an answer, a compromise, whatever, or our children of today will truly be living in horror...and we know what fear can do to the soul. The good news is that Heavenly Father does not want to lose a single soul and I pray we will hear His call and know how to follow and help. Love CactusLil'