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    On 10-27-05 I noticed a post about Dr Phil, I posted my reply. Several people posted very worthwhile comments. After reading them, it occurred that we might be able to fight back when TV, Radio, and Newspaper/magazine talk about pain meds as if we were all drugy's! We can and should respond to these affronts; I hope the following idea will be helpful. I know is long but hopefully worth the read.

    On October 27th I posted two times, the first post describes pain medication in its entirety. I learned a few things from everyone; I do not watch Dr Phil or Oprah, although I believe that Oprah has been very helpful to many people on a great variety of topics. The few times I've been subjected to Dr Phil were on programs like Jay Leno's show (I tape it as the time his show airs is too late for me); Dr. Phil turns my stomach, he is disgusting!

    I am sorry that I sent that article to him. After I thought about what everyone said concerning whom to send the article to, a little light came on for me. It really is important to send these worthwhile articles written by the medical profession, to the people who have the most authority and influence. Maybe the show director or station owners should get copies to the show's we would like to attract, cc to the star (Oprah). I would love to have O'Reilly show some interest in pain management. I also think timing is important, for instance, did you know that during the calendar months there are special days for almost any topic; like grandmother day, or breast cancer day or month. All you have to do is find out which months would be appropriate to send articles, different stations pay attention to articles having to do with the subject matter of the month. I took a class on "press releases" and was surprised about the dedicated "special day's. I also think that the article should include our Url for the message thread, it would allow the reader to get a variety of other pain sufferers input. If you put the Url for the message board and leave off the message thread then the reader will not take the time to hunt for the topic; they do not know how the site operates, you must get them to the location that allows them to read your responses. Making it convenient for the editors will demonstrate easily the point we want to make. I also would send the stations a monthly topic, FEATURE ARTICLES & News Releases from Immune Support. COM, that might perk their interest; the more they see us, well, the "squeaky wheel gets the oil"!

    As long as you have your letter written or professional letters like the one I posted, or whatever you might find worthy of a stations time, you might have a list of newspapers and the editor who writes about medical topics handy. If we bombarded these people on monthly bases, I believe we might get some good press and be recognized. It sounds like a lot to do but once you get names and email address as well as snail male addresses and if there were a lot of us that took on this project who knows what might happen. I know first hand (and was very surprised) that we might get some attention. Last spring I wrote an email to an editor the day before an event was going to take place, the editor not only covered my letter in the newspaper but it was on the front page! I wrote him on occasions and he printed my letter. I learned an important lesson; you can make a difference, it just takes a little work up front. Be sure that you edit your letter making sure the spelling is correct and your train of thought is consistent; my husband reads some of my letters and his input made my letter even more powerful.

    I will post this in another place so others might read and become inspired.

    Thanks all for your support.
    Carol Mermaid01
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    FM and did several. There are a few others but right now I can't think of them.

    Dr. Phil would only put someone on or pay attention if he had his staff talk to someone they thought they could intimidate and get them to
    have some sort of guilt trip, break down and say they are addicted when they aren't so he could play Dr. Wonderful and send them to rehab.

    He is very tied to Oprah as he owes her his popularity and name recognition much less his show. If Oprah declared that Cancer is not real he'd say so too. She and he have NO concept of chronic pain, what people go through every day of their lives and never will.

    Letter writing campaigns have been going on since FM/CFS started getting recognized and especially as support groups started popping up online. NO one has yet done a show after YEARS of letters. I think Montel has mentioned these dd's once or twice but he doesn't realize how similar they are to his MS and he is SO tied up in that and trying to get medical
    marijuana legalized that he can't really see the forest for the trees.

    I'm all for writing to anyone you think will maybe listen, I just don't
    want to see anyone too disappointed when they don't. Five years ago they said FM was probably affecting 3 to 5
    million people. Then they said 6 to
    10. Now lately I've seen it as low as
    2 to 4 million and the old 3 to 5. WE
    know that more people are diagnosed daily but the numbers keep getting stated as low.

    For legislators to acknowledge it much would mean more awards for Disability. They can't have THAT when money is so tight! For Oprah to admit it exists and ruins many lives, she'd have to do a 360 degree turn around and she doesn't often admit to being wrong about things. So yes, keep writing but do it knowing that the time just isn't here yet for it to make much of an impact.

    As more and more of the powers that be families and friends get these dd's, and they will the way it's growing (anything else would be called an epidemic, and would have LONG ago) THEN more will have to stand up and admit what we already know. Until then don't give up but don't be too upset if it doesn't result in a whole lot.
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    I had never taken even an aspirin till I got this DD.I am not a druggy.I do take care when I take my meds.I do not abuse them.There are times when I can tolerate the pain I take less.I do know they are not a cure they are just to give me some sort of relief .So I may be able to function.Not normal but they help.

    Maybe The good old Doc. Phil would be singing a different tune .If there were not so many DRUGGY out there .I no longer watch his show.

    I am sick.I am not a DRUGGY .I have sent him a few letters.

    I don't think one or 2 voices bother them.Thats why I believe your right.

    We who suffer in pain from any DD should not be made to feel bad about trying to get some part of our lives back.

    We who have this DD need to stand up and SHOUT WE ARE SICK.

    Thank you for the post.

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    I would prefer not to be sick.

    I would prefer not to spend any money trying to regain my health.
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    being alittle judgmental towards Dr. Phil? I personally like him, He does good things to help people. As on poster said, the woman was taking WAY MORE then she should! That isn't about pain control anymore. THAT IS addiction.
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    There was a big stir awhile ago in the autism and mental health community about a show he did implying that some kid's behavior was just "bad" and blamed the parents. The child was smearing feces on the wall - not typical brat behavior for a 9 yr old. But, millions of people were sitting in their living rooms going - oh yah those parents are inept and that kid needs to be disciplined. Dr. Phil is an entertainer - a good "doctor" would be more worried about the emotional damage done by the show than commercial endorsements.

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    Personally, I don't care for Dr. Phil (I call him Dr. Pill--lol) or Oprah. Back when Montel's show was on during the afternoon, Wednesdays was the day that Sylvia Browne would be on.

    On one show a woman asked Sylvia why she was hurting all over and did Sylvia know what was wrong. All Sylvia said was you have Fibromyalgia.
    I don't remember if she explained much about it as she was rushing to get to so many questions.

    That is one of the few times I have heard the word on a show, except for the news. Usually when it is mentioned on the news it is a wacky piece.

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    I completely agree with you. But there is one thing that I have been reading on several message boards regarding Dr. Phil. I think Dr. Phil is an excellent Phychologist. No he does not have a perfect life or family, even though at

    times he wants us to think he does (lol), but it would be nice if he discussed something about the " other side " of the subjuct such as with "pain meds". I guess his show just adresses the side that needs phychological help/solving.

    Perhaps Oprah would be the other way to go. My sister saw a story about FM on Oprah 2 or 3 yrs. ago but said it was not very informative and that I probably would have been ticked off to see how little the professionals even knew about it. It was really down-played. Good input, I will write something too.

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    He has said this specifically many times. Usually it has to do w/ kids that truly have a mental disorder requiring medication. He has also spoken up about the Brooke Sheilds, post pardom depression debate and supported her in treating a serious and potentially dangerous condition, and the appropriate use of ad's to treat it.

    I admire his uncanny insight as a psychologist and also his refreshing honesty. He has been very candid on tv and in his books about his own marital debacles. He's in his second marriage, and has never hid that, nor that he was a very troubled teen and a juvenile delinquent from an alcoholic family. He helps troubled kids and families from a place of experience.

    Just another perspective from an obvious fan, who has followed his celebrity closely, every since he got his start on Oprah. He doesn't seem to be anti-drug at all, not a hardliner like Tom Cruise. He's just had some shows to help those that abuse drugs.


    Edit: I admire your passion and believe in what you want to do though. I can understand that Dr. Phil is not everyone's personal cup of tea, but I don't thinks he's antidrug at all.[This Message was Edited on 11/02/2005]
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    From my Australian perspective, the bottom line is that money and money is power, and it is unlikely that Dr. Phil, Oprah, or any Australian presenter would "be allowed" to have total free rein over what topics they covered or how they covered them. This is even more so when the programme has national or international coverage. In my cynical opinion, if a person wants to know how a media presenter will present an issue, follow the money trail back to who -or what- is controlling the purse strings. Too cynical? Perhaps.

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    Mr dr phil is a bulling jackass, Oprah isnt much better. and if
    wasnt for the 1,000,000 of house wifes watching both of them they would be gone. Trust me any thing Dr. Phil says has no effect on your or any Real Doctor, becuse they are at work treating people not bulling them. I would put dr phil's advise right below Howard Strens advise, or jerry springer.

    the fact the montel is pushing to get medical marijuana legalized. is becuse he is ill and he's found that it helps him
    greatly . He has chosen a road less traveled. Risking his fame and show to tell his realy feeling about this hot topic.
    He has used his Fame to try to do some good .
    any one who has FM should check out
    Wo/Men's Alliance for Medical Marijuana.
    I've read storys about DEA taking a sick man out of the hospital bed for the crime of smoking medical marijuana.
    I wont try to change your minds about MM.
    look up how hemp became outlawed "The Marijuana Tax Act of 1937" and yes it was about money .

    My last thing I have to say about marijuana when I was in high school I was told that if you smoked it boys breast would produce milk and leak.
    How many ppl need a liver transplant from drinking ?

    The best thing to do to so called Dr Phil is turn him off.
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    I understand that 9 times out of ten letters and attempts to get publicity for FM and other immune d can be very arduous. It isn't very motivating when we never get replies; keep trying. My mission is to encourage lots of us to write letters and keep writing. Even if we send the same letter over again! I can't let myself feel that my efforts are for not; but then I've been accused of being tenacious! There are many places to write to. There are many people that care and sometime or other there will be one of those people with power on the receiving end of our letters.
    Don't give up, is there a better way to get our message out? I googled "List Of National proclamation days" I found a few area's that list's all the heath days; on those days the media goes begging for health news/subjects to write about. I believe at those times it is possible get some attention! We do have to pick our times and writing a letter does not have to be a big deal. Keep your letter and use it again. I know that when I write and save the letter, later I will go back and improve it and use it again and again. It took me two times to post this information before I got anyone to read it and reply. Persistence does pay off.
    I'm sure you have been disappointed in the results you got after putting in a lot of work, and pouring your heart out. Do not be dissuaded from trying repeatedly.
    We are at war for FM & CFS; plan your campaign!
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    Wow, Dr Phil and Oprah was a real "Hot Button"! I had to go back and read what I wrote just to see if I missed the point of my message by overemphasize the two stars. I was trying very hard to encourage people to write to different media and send our letters during a health proclamation day. All media (you've been there and understand what the media is looking for) has a list of topics they want to highlight. There are many opportunities for us to get our message out because the topic we would fit into could be set up as a National Day, Month, or week. In the case of National Breast Cancer Awareness Month (October), we have a whole month to contribute material (National Breast Cancer was an example). I meant my post to cover opportunties for us to make our case for FM/CFS.
    The replies to my post surprised me in that most posted about Dr Phil & Oprah. I used them as an example only. It is funny how we read something and miss the point, I do that myself. I wonder if I should entitle my post differntly leaving off the two stars!
    I read your bio, we have some things in common although you made your money working as a writer I contributed a monthly article in two magazines. I got a big education in a variety of area's within your business. Thank God for editors, my articles didn't leave my office before at least two people read it, then it went to the editor. The editor would rewrite some of my information and then make it "Pop" by highlighting sentences and adding pictures. I had 3 different articles that made the front cover (I forget what they call that). After a few years my material got old and I stopped writing, they still release my articles and send me a check. I leaned a lot about your business took a class an "Press releases", and was able to improve on my style; as they say, practice makes perfect. That is why I am trying to encourage our fellow FM/CFS to write letters. I guess I didn't make my point very well.
    I'm sorry for this public note to you but I don't think I can send you a personal email. I live on a lake in Idaho and have many of the passions you have. Have you tried your hand at Kayaking? It is a great upper body excersize and very rewarding in many other ways. We have flying squirrels, and the fall and winter I have a buck visit each night to feed off my bird tray feeder, this fall we are seeing two small deer now; my husband said "how can anyone shoot those sweet things"! I agree. For the first time this summer I had 24 baby turkey's and 2 mom's stop by twice a day for a meal. I could go on, but I think you must enjoy some of the same things, living on a lake.
    I saw someone include an URL, I'm not sure we are suppose to do that but I will take the chance, this URL is an example of a search I did on National day's; I found this site by Googling
    Please everyone, don't think about the Dr Phil's & the Oprah's, one person posted follow the money, good advise, look at the editors of newspapers (health related editors), magazine, TV, go to the government pages, you will see many opportunities to pour out your heart. Use the same letter and expound on it, make it as easy on yourself as you can. In Outlook make a list of contacts and put your contacts into an FM Distributor list, then all you have to do is click one time and the letter will go out to everyone on your list. Follow that up with the same letter snail mail it to each of your contacts by making labels you can use easily. Come on, we can do it. It might take our mind off the pain! Right….
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    I'm sorry that I missed that one. It's my very humble opinion that the only way that we're able to make a difference is when we speak out in large numbers.

    Some time back I sent Oprah quite a bit of neatly compiled information, explaining what can happen if Effexor is inappropriately prescribed to people and how it is being used for so many things these days besides depression by doctors that don't realize the damage that it can do.

    I was kind of hurt, but it came as no real surprise that I never heard back from anyone on behalf of her show or her magazine. Sometimes I wonder if their reluctance to deal with some of these topics has to do with a fear of offending their advertisers or potential advertisers, in my case Wyeth-Ayerst or any other advertiser of antidepressants, for that matter (hence the good press for ADs).

    Still, there doesn't seem to be a good reason to not address the issue of the growing number of people that have FMS or CFS. I have a hard time believing that the mere fact that national recognition of the disease means that more people could be allowed to be is enough to deter these talk show hosts from allowing it air time.

    Nope, I'm not sure of the reason why it is ignored, but I don't think that is it. If there were a well-known celebrity that was willing to admit that they struggled with these problems combined with an large public relations onslaught, I'll bet we could make some serious headway. It may take more than one try, but when enough people speak out, sooner or later people listen.

    Please let me know what I can do to help.

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    Naturebaby, I've noticed that there are many high achievers that have FM/CFS. I especially gravitate towards women owned business. Funny you should mention old boats and your plans to move into your cottage and work on boats. Do you have a wooden boat? If you do then you and I are more connected than we thought. We have a 1936 22' triple Garwood, a 1961 Chris Craft and a couple other smaller boats. My husband does most of the work on our boats. My business is Marine related, if you are interested visit We can communicate personally after you visit my site. If you do own a wooden boat, you may belong to the Antique Classic Boat Society. It is a nationwide antique boat club. Lots of fun; and great people.

    I will go online and find dates that would allow any letter writers to take advantage of the time line; it is a great idea. Getting involved in a letter writing campaign would be too hard at this time. I am in pain much of the time and found that adding more demands on my time makes it harder for me, and my business suffers. I'm sure most of us understand pacing ourselves. Sharing things with one another is something I love to do. I always appreciate the many ideas that come from this group.

    I look forward sharing some fun times involving nature and old boats and yes, antiques. I collect dishes; Franciscan –Apple pattern, Roseville-water Lilly, pinecone patterns. Since we moved from a large home into our little cabin, I have had to make some hard choices; it will be your turn to do that someday! I had to get ride of stuff, no room for stuff : )
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    I collect old Franciscan Apple also!
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    I personally hold no strong opinions towards Dr Phil or Oprah, as their shows air while I was working, so I rarely caught an episode.

    But I do think that for the necessary media attention to be paid to any illness, including FM/CFIDS, a celebrity must publicly announce they(or a close loved one) have been diagnosed with it. I am not wishing this on anyone, but if someone like Julia Roberts claimed she had chronic fatigue...everyone would believe it was real and it'd be on the cover of Us Weekly next to where to buy Kabbalah bracelets.
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    I enjoy using my apple dishes everyday. I was very close to winning a grill plate on Ebay this week. They are hard to come by. They are hard to find at good prices too! My mother had those dishes so there is a little Sentimental feelings that goes with them.

    You must have great taste ;)
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    Last year, my best friend was diagnosed with breast cancer - and the amount of support she received, emotional, medical, social, financial, cosmetic samples, counselling services, transport vounchers, public meals, etc. was so overwhelming that I was jealous. She made a full recovery, as it was only a very small lump and there is no way I would want to contract cander. However, at the same time our local ME/CFS support association had to close because we could not obtain a grant to pay a part time office manager and we could no longer run it by ourselves with part time volunteers. I reckon the best way to obtain publicity and support for ME/CFS is to make it SEXY. The major problem is how do we turn such a destroying condition into something sexy? But if we could..........

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