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    This was a post that I contributed to and the topic was pain medication. following is my post; I thought everyone might want to help make some waves: I read the posts that followed the article that describes pain medication in its entirety. I learned a few things from everyone; I do not watch Dr Phil or Oprah, although I believe that Oprah has been very helpful to many people on a great variety of topics. The few times I've been subjected to Dr Phil was on programs like Jay Leno's show (I tape it as the time his show airs is too late for me); Dr. Phil turns my stomach, he is disgusting!
    I am sorry that I sent that article to him. After I thought about what everyone said concerning whom to send the article to, a little light came on for me. It really is important to send these worthwhile articles written by the medical profession, to the people who have the most authority and influence. Maybe the show director or station owners should get copies to the show's we would like to attract, cc to the star (Oprah). I would love to have O'Reilly show some interest in pain management. I also think timing is important, for instance, did you know that during the calendar months there are special days for almost any topic; like grandmother day, or breast cancer day or month. All you have to do is find out which months would be appropriate because the different stations pay attention to articles having to do with the subject matter of the month. I took a class on "press releases" and was surprised about the special day's. I also think that the article should include our Url for the message thread that would allow the reader to get other peoples input. If you put the Url for the message board and leave off the message thread then the reader will not take the time to hunt for the topic; they don't know how the site operates so you must get them to the spot that allows them to read your responses. I also would send the stations a monthly topic that might perk their interest; the more they see us, well, the "squeaky wheel gets the oil"!

    As long as you have your letter written or professional letters like the one I posted, or whatever you might find worthy of a stations time, you might have a list of newspapers and the editor who writes about medical topics handy. If we bombarded these people on monthly bases, I believe we might get some good press and be recognized. It sounds like a lot to do but once you get names and email address as well as snail male addresses and if there were a lot of us that took on this project who knows what might happen. I know first hand (and was very surprised) that we might get some attention. Last spring I wrote an email to an editor the day before an event was going to take place, the editor not only covered my letter in the newspaper but it was on the front page! I wrote him on occasions and he printed my letter. I learned an important lesson; you can make a difference, it just takes a little work up front. Be sure that you edit your letter making sure the spelling is correct and your train of thought is consistent; my husband reads some of my letters and his input made my letter even more powerful.

    I will post this in another place so others might read and become inspired.

    Thanks all for your support.
    Carol (mermaid01)

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