"You Can See God"

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    You have never seen God, my friend? Then you've never
    watched the Dawn silently, swiftly, swallow up the night.

    You've never seen the splendor and beauty radiated in the
    heavens as the Sun bursts forth upon yon horizon.

    You've never sat in the solitude of the early morn and listened
    in rapture, all else forgot, to the melodious warbling of
    the birds.

    You've never stopped to see the dew-kissed rosebud, nor
    marveled at the wonder of it all.

    For Earth mirrors the image of the Almighty Creator as surely,
    as beautifully, and as perfectly as the peaceful, crystal lake
    reflects the towering mountains and stately pines.

    Rise at early morn and be still. You, too, can see God all
    around you.

    --Norma Turner, Sunshine Magazine, June 1964

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    And so true. I was just emailing my father and basically telling him the same thing. God's beautiful creations are all around us, just for us. It's amazing, to see such beauty.

    Thanks for the post.

    Regina :)