You can take TOO MUCH Flax.....A word of caution....

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    Dear All,

    Milled Flax seed has helped me much with pain and some with my depression. I also learned that too much of anything can be bad.

    I notice my skin on my face getting real dry and also my hair. I also notice getting real nervous during this time.

    I made a link and cut back on the milled FLAX seed and I am enjoying the benefits that I first got from flax. I wouldn't recommend more then 1 TableSpoon after you have been on Flax for a month or 2 months. Most of your defiency levels that Flax is helping with is properly leveled by then and continuing with too much Flax can cause a reverse in all the good it is suppose to be doing. (including healthy skin, hair and digestion)

    Below is a message from a message board from a person with same problems I had:

    "Or maybe you are taking too much flax seed oil. I have been eating ground flax seed for several months and started getting the rough skin and flaking heels and dry hair. I had read that too much Omega 3 oil causes the same symptoms as too little. I cut the amount by almost a half and in just a few days the symptoms were gone. Ah, yes-Balance."