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    FEBRUARY 3. It appears that the attempt to vaccinate health-care workers across the US with the smallpox brew is meeting opposition. Stories on this appeared in the press and faded away.

    Meanwhile, I have a report from an emergency-room doc in Arizona. At his hospital, an effort to recruit a small team of front-line responders for a potential smallpox “outbreak” has garnered ZERO volunteers. How come? Well, those responders would have to take the shot themselves. When health workers refuse the vaccine, you know you’re in trouble.

    The Arizona [state] Hospital and Health Care Association is circulating a memo which says that, for every million people who get the shot, 1000 will experience serious adverse reactions, and out of that group, between 14 and 52 people will face a threat to life.

    They’re still vastly underplaying the danger. In any million people, you’re going to find VERY large numbers who are already immune suppressed and, therefore, extremely vulnerable to the vaccine.

    The lies keep coming.

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    Hi Sharon:
    I'm an RN and have gone against the main stream for many years about this subject. I quit taking flu vaccines after one of our doctors got paralyzed after his shot and was in ICU for a while. Gradually, the paralysis went away. But that was enough for me.
    I feel we are getting over-vaccined in this country, especially our children. I just read that by the time they are grown they have had 32 vaccines as children.
    I know I'm probably one of the few who feels this way, esp being in health care. The doctors and nurses at our hospital have all decided to take the small pox vaccine and are going public with this decision. I wonder if it is an administration ploy on the public, as I worked there andknow for a fact that all vaccinations are voluntary, except in ICU.
    Just some thoughts on this issue.