You Have A Hope And A Future

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    You Have A Hope And A Future

    "'For I know the plans I have for you,' declares
    the LORD, `plans to prosper you and not to
    harm you, plans to give you hope and a future'"
    (Jeremiah 29:11, NIV).

    When Amy Carmichael was a child, she asked God
    to change her brown eyes to blue. Every morning,
    she would get up from her bed and run to the
    mirror to see if He had performed this miracle.
    Every morning, brown eyes peered back at her.

    Years later, Amy Carmichael went to India as a
    missionary in spite of the fact that she suffered
    from neuralgia and was often bed-ridden with it.
    She ran an orphanage. It was filled with little
    girls Amy had rescued from the local temples. Men
    who didn't want their daughters could take them
    to the temple where they were raised to be
    prostitutes whose earnings went to the Hindu
    priests. Amy would darken her skin, put on
    traditional Indian clothes, and pass into the
    temples unnoticed. She would steal the babies
    away and take them home with her.

    One day as she was sneaking out of a temple with
    a baby in her arms, God spoke to her. "This is
    why I didn't give you blue eyes," He said. Now
    Amy understood why God had said no to her childhood
    prayer. If her eyes had been blue, she would not
    have been able to pass for an Indian woman and
    enter the temples and countless little girls
    would have led dismal lives.

    Friends, we may be praying for things of far
    greater consequence than the colour of our eyes,
    but God's reasons for saying no to some of our
    requests are the same as those for saying no to
    Amy's. He has a plan that must be carried out. We
    may not know all that it entails in this life,
    but we will certainly understand it in the next.

    So as we pray, let's remember that, if God says
    no to any of our requests, He has good reasons. We
    just need to trust Him, knowing that He has a
    perfect plan.


    Mary Lou Cornish lives in Canada and takes delight
    in knowing that God's plan for her is so much better
    than any plans she could ever make for herself.
    God bless you,