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    ...been and will continue to be in my prayers in the days ahead. I know each of us will be blessed as the will of Our Father dictates. Most of all, I pray for peace in all of our lives.
    God has so richly blessed me these past few weeks. My well just continues to be filled. I have no idea how any of us survive and most seem to grow and thrive... As I get up each morning, I remember so many nights that I hurtled down the highway with Jim asleep in the sleeper as I drove. The nights can be so black and so scary, but I knew I could see my way to where the end of the head-lights shone and I trusted the lights would shine just ahead of me through the darkness. And they always did. I trust that Heavenly Father's love will shine just ahead of us as we walk through the unknown days ahead. Mortality is fragil, but Love is eternal. Hugs and Love, Rose
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    Here you are! I have been thinking of you today and continue to pray that you can feel the extended hands and hearts of your friends.When Walt had brain surgey,there were lots of people praying for him, me and the kids. I felt like he was carrying me around in his hands. The burden was lighter and I felt the love of others so I would imagine you too are feeling only the peace that the Lord can give. Mortal life is short and fragile... your are right.. each day should be lived to the fullest and thanked on bended knees.
    Eternity is forever living in love. So glad to be your friend. I went through an MRI today and can relate to the darkness of the tube. It was scary and I felt anxious and wanted out. Then we tried going back in. The difference was there was someone at the end of the table rubbing my feet and legs. I couldn't see the nurse, but knowing she was there and not feeling alone as you can in one of those tubes, felt a more secure feeling. I became more relaxed and had to focus on things that brought me comfort. Interesting just the second time to put me in the tube, the Tech suggested I have a moment of pray before going back in. The point is how the approach was make and having a quick prayer and feeling someone who was constant at my feet and legs reminded we are not alone and when I feel this darkness.. it's time to pray! LOL -Shutterbug-
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    What a great testimony you have for the Lord and your faith through this difficult time. I will continue to uplift you in my prayers.
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    What a heart of love you have! I am so happy to see you post, and I enjoy what you write about your Jim, what wonderful memories you have to draw on. The Father's Hand is on you Rose. I pray continually for His strength to sustain you, and I see that prayer is being answered.

    Bless you lady, you have a wonderful sweet spirit.

    Shalom! Shirl
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    Bless you dear Rose!

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    Thank you for sharing your journey. Your light shines for those of us as we go along with you. Love Lil'