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    I sat here waiting to write this post but i couldnot htink of my password was gon . No matter what I did to remember it. I tried to think of it but it come to me to that I could worte. Yes I can think of all the other passowrds that I know.
    This past week has been awful. Mom has had bad case of celluitis in her left elbow. IT started otu being small and now it has grown.
    I didn't know that I coudl get a flare from all the extra running around and just helping my mom wih things she needed to do. I started out with fedling so triedn and fatique. I don't remember ever feeling like I .
    I don' wamt have any desire to move at al. I was given some cymblatya samples. I hate trying new meds as I get teh most ususal reastons. I am normal reacton to the medications i have. I will get a panic attack and i will get naouses and feel like I am going to fe really sick ot my stomache

    I have been so tird that jut moving around wears me out. iam so exhusted that I will be watching TV or even typoing here and before I know it my seye's are shut and I am dozing in another place and time. I am no better to day that I was a week I try to saty awake but before you know it I am out for the count.

    I don't like this feeling of total exhustion, I don'wamt to do ny ting at al, I fall alseep sitting down, I hae never hurt as much as I do now. I just want to be normal and not be hurting all of the time. MY legs , thighs , hops and knees are so pain full.
    I have been so sick , im more pain than than ever before. I am so sick of thei never ending aching , pain, coughing, coughing. The pain is back again , in my knee's and in my back, hips and thighs . This pain nevr ends and I am so sick. I want to scream adnyell as I am in that much pain that I would scream but it would not do. I am tired of it all.
    OH well I can't stnad this any mroe. So I am going to take another pain pill and go to bed,.Thaks for letting me vent and whine.
    Thanks for every thing,
    One last tihng about the Cymbalta I am the one person who who will have any unusal or strange side effet adn I will be the one to have these side effects bad. I am so terrified that I wil get them that I won't take them I m so afarid that they will make me ill. I know that i just bwl adn bawl. I am just tterrified of that if I take them the medicaion will take over and I won't be able to find my way out. Yes I am scared and having the meds that I get lost in my night maresf in them.

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    hi rosemarie
    sorry your feeling so rotten, you have been thru alot past month and probably all catching up! If it weren't for "stored passwords", i would be (and often am) changing them every day--i FINALLY wrote them all down and then i lost my list! (and i use the same one 99% of the time!)

    your cough isn't any better? If you are taking a cough med w/guaifenesin in it, could be making you flare this badly, esp. with all of the added stress of helping out your mom, and recent doctor dilemna.
    prayers for you to feel better--hang in there--L
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    Sorry you are so miserable. You are not alone hun ... sounds typical for all of us with this illness. I am tired of "reclining around" (I haave difficulty sitting and lying down). I did some paperwork sorting and it wore me out. It took me a week (even with TUrbotax) to do my very basic taxes ... and I managed to mess up my son's ssn by 1 number. Luckily it was rejected so I corrected the error and resubmitted. I go to do something and forget what it was. I have to write everything down'

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