you know when to come into contact with something and then see it everywher

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    My asthma has gotten worse of late waking up at night difficulty breathing, soaked in sweat sucking on my inhalers. Then on friday id thought i get my long boots and opened my wardrobe and bent down and to my sheer horror my shoes and boots were covered in green fluffy mould. It made me feel sick to my stomach. And being a bit of a cleanly freak it was like dying a double death of revulsion because lets face it, its mould, and two the shame of not having noticed it before now. I pulled all my shoes into the bathroom and started cleaning off the most with mould remover and my most twisted facial expression.

    However, later that day i got a torch and shone it behind the wardrobe and there was more green fluffy mould. So in my panic stricken fashion i knocked at my neighbours and as confronted by the ocd lunatic from next door he popped in took a looksee and calmly said the landlord has to deal with it. To sleep in my livingroom for now. Back indoors i dragged my mattress into the front room making the living space look more like a caravan, again clutter is not a good look for me, i reflected on whether it was wise to have knocked at my so onsrlf confessed psychopathic neighbours door snd invited him into take a look at my mould.

    I spent the rest of that evening becoming aquainted with what type of mould i have on the internet. Needless to say on saturday night i texted my best friend this...
    We should have gone out tonight, its a saturday night and afer dpending friday night looking at pictures of mould i am now scrubbing out the draw of my washing machine and the rubber inner. And i fear if we dont meet up and go out sometime soon i am going to be found stopping strangers on the streets to discuss the wonderful cleaning power of
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    You can, at least, wash down the walls to get rid of the surface mold. Still, the landlord will have to fix the cause of it. There has to be a source of water for mold to grow. Even humid conditions will cause it. Good luck. Down here in FL, we have to be vigilant against it.

    Love, Mikie