You may not have FM but iliopsoas syndrome

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    Hi People

    After 18 months I've only just discoverd what the real cause of all my IBS and FM symptoms are: iliopsoas syndrome which is a chronically shortened muscle in your back that can affect all organ and muscle function in the body.

    I had all the symptoms of fibromyalgia, neck spasms, memory impairment, IBS, back and shoulder pain, hip and leg pain, unstable spine, tinnitus, headches, jaw and diaphragm locking up, trouble sleeping, dry throat etc. But I knew it wasn't all emotional. Go to these web sites to determine if you iliopsoas is implicated in your condition. I've already reduced my symptoms in a few days with simple home stretching and plan to go to a myotherapist for trigger point therapy. I 'm convinced I can get completely clear.

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    for the info. i will check it out on the net. Very interesting, I have a lot of troubles that the Doctors just can't understand so I will take this and research.
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    I really appreciated this thread..I have done some reading on it that you have drawn my attention to it. I was wondering if you could describe the stretching that you do for this..I am very open to trying it.

    Thank you so much..Sherry
  4. Misdiagnosed

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    Hi Sherry

    I don't want to give out false hope, but this has definitely helped loosen up my hip and back. I'll describe the stretch but really recommend you get a book or something (Kit Laughlin's stretching books are very good).

    The best stretch I've found is on the stairs - putting one leg out in front and the other behind (like you're doing the splits on the stairs) Keep feet and hips lined up and it's important not to let the hip you're trying to stretch twist outwards. Keep the torso upright, You can rotate the back leg hip futher inwards to increase the stretch. Try and find it on the Net. I don't feel good getting you to follow my instructions in case you hurt yourself.

  5. stillafreemind

    stillafreemind New Member NOT worry about this old gal hurting herself..I can do more damage to myself with the livestock here!!

    Thank you so much. It was so surprising to see how many symptoms were the same as fm. And since butt cheek pain, groin pain and abdominal pain all kinda run into each other on my right side...I really feel stretching might well help. Thank you so much...and I will not hold you responsible..LOL...BUT if it helps..I WILL give you the credit!...Still